About The Site

Comedy To Watch was launched in August 2018 as we wanted to create a site where people could write about all of the comedy across the world right now (which is an awful lot given this era of Peak Tv, the fact that the stand up scene is bursting with an enormous amount of talented comedians, and online comedy is more impressive than ever) whereas most comedy sites are country specific.

Site Credits:

Editor: Alex Finch
Contributors: Tim Harding, Alan Ritch, Chris Denton, Daniel McKeon, William North, Keith Orlowski.

About Us:

Alex Finch – Alex edited the online magazine Garbled Communications for seven years and has also worked in television, with credits including the first two series of Big Brother, but please don’t hold that against him. He performed stand up for a few years from 2011 to 2014 until osteoarthritis prevented him from doing so, and has just finished writing his first novel.

Chris Denton – Chris is the writer of the award winning British comic Massacre For Boys, and has also written for other comics too, along with being one of the men behind the popular podcast A Very British Horror.

Alan Ritch – Alan is a bearded fella from the United State of Pennsylvania. He enjoys comic books, kitten butts, and blasting his vinyl records. When he’s not taking comfort in those things, he can be found either researching, proofreading, or writing awesome content for lucky clients.

William North – William is a huge fan of stand up and a passionate comedy fan in general. Little else is known about him but we know for sure that he’s yet to kill a man. Yet.

Daniel McKeon – Daniel is an Ipswich based writer and stand up comedian, and is extremely talented on both fronts.