Tv Review: Rick And Morty Season 5 Episodes 9 and 10

Rick And Morty Season 5 Episodes 9 and 10 indexIn the previous two reviews of episodes from season five I’ve complained that there’s something a little off about the show, and with a series that breaks the fourth wall and has as much meta humour as this does it has started to feel worryingly repetitive. Unfortunately that’s been the case in pretty much every other episode this season, there’s been funny moments but most of the time there’s lots of violence and complicated plotting but very few jokes which really work.

It has become almost impossible to care for either Rick or Morty this season as well, Rick’s of course always been a sociopath but the way they’ve toyed with the audience’s emotions has become tiresome, hinting that there’s a decent human being somewhere underneath all of the ranting, only to then suggest there isn’t, or maybe there sort of is but eh, who knows. Meanwhile Morty has whined his tiny arse off far too often, become psychopathic himself and then not so, and the rest of the family are treated in a similar manner as their character’s change depending on whoever’s writing them this week.

Supposedly by the end of the ninth episode Rick’s finally become empathetic, the crows he has teamed up to annoy Morty with have taught him that the relationship he has with Morty is abusive, and so he leaves to try and become a better human being while obviously manipulative sad music plays yet a-bloody-gain. The problem is that given everything I wrote above it was hard to believe it’d stick, that Rick would never return, that he would become a better person, especially given the fact that the show has been commissioned up until season ten.

At least the crow storyline had the odd mildly amusing bit, with the super smart crows pulling Rick up on his shittiness eliciting a smile. But the plotline with Morty discovering a guy who Rick discarded in the past was rubbish and ended in a predictable manner, and only Jerry joining in on the duo’s destruction of Rick’s stuff and then accidentally turning himself in to a puddle was vaguely funny, the rest of the storyline was borderline annoying, and then it crossed that border right at the end right in to outright irritating territory.

Of course in the season finale they pressed the reset button in under eight minutes, and though there was lots of references to things not returning to normal, of course it did with the crows storyline jettisoned and a canon based episode featuring Evil Morty was the order of the day once again. There was another plot twist involving Rick being responsible for all of the Morty’s ever created, but it’s yet another thing which will surely be ignored or largely forgotten about, and won’t change the series in any meaningful way.

If it was still as funny as it used to be I might not be bothered by the annoying plot idiocy and use of reset button after reset button, but the worst thing is that it only occasionally makes me smile, and laughing out loud didn’t take place once over the course of the two episodes, and I swear I wanted it to. Worst of all was that for the first time I was actively bored by the ending, while the post credits bit was patronising and I can only imagine someone under the age of six finding the advice of interest, and these two episodes were so poor that I won’t be watching the show again unless word of mouth suggests they’ve realised how shit this season was and have made enormous changes.

Episode 9 – ★★
Episode 10 – ★

Alex Finch.

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  1. I was pretty underwhelmed this season, and I feel it’s been sliding since season 4. I really think the change in writers has taken a significant toll. Overall I didn’t enjoy season 5, it was light on the laughs and the episodes were bloated and rushed. I didn’t feel the love in the episodes, and the final 2 episodes hit home that I don’t believe i’ll return for another season.

    It feels Rick has been somewhat neutered to make things more interesting but it’s not been done in a way i buy, that is a personal perspective.


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