Tv Review: Rick And Morty Season 5 Episode 1

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The problem with any show that burns through storylines at the speed that Rick and Morty does, all the while being ridiculously meta and happy to break the fourth wall on many an occasion, while also wanting to have occasional moments of depth and for us to really care for these characters, is that it’s going to start getting repetitious pretty damn quickly. And that does seem to be the case now, there were hints of it during the fourth season and that’s annoyingly the situation once again with the fifth season opener.

It’s a series I admire and which often makes me laugh, but if it’s ever going to go down as a comedy classic it may be time to start thinking of an end game, though that’s sadly clearly not going to be the case as it has been renewed up until season ten. Which is of course a stupid, stupid idea and hit shows have gone off the boil and become unpopular many a time in a lot less than the five years it’ll almost certainly take at the very least to get to that point.

This episode echoed my frustrations with the show that I had last season as it once again contained a massively complicated plot as thanks to Morty crash landing in the sea, Rick’s nemesis Mr Nimbus (show co-creator Dan Harmon) may cause the downfall of humanity. Mr Nimbus is an ultra horny Aquaman type King of the Ocean, who rather than controlling fish inexplicably appears to control the police, and there’s the odd funny moment but most of the time the sex gags felt trite and rather weak, and both Jerry and Beth being attracted to him led to an unfunny pay off and the episode would have been better without their inclusion.

Morty had the best storyline as he finally got a date with Jessica but his interactions with a society where time flowed far faster than it does on Earth meant he wasn’t able to spend as much time with her as he wanted too, and this plot meant they could send up both fantasy and sci-fi tropes, but even then it felt like it was old ground, the kind of thing Rick and Morty had mocked before and it only led to me occasionally smiling rather than laughing. Everything tied together by the end, with them even trying to add some depth to Rick before instantly satirising the idea, but it felt like the show was trying to have its cake and eat it and that’s nothing new either.

If the show hadn’t been so brilliant during its first two seasons, or I’d never seen an episode of it before than this review would have been far more positive. I wouldn’t even be complaining (a huge amount, at least) if the jokes had been strong, but they weren’t, it was a case of trying to include a huge amount of plot and sending up such idiocy without it really being that amusing. Mr Nimbus felt forced too, another attempt at creating a character that might become a fan favourite but won’t for me as there was so little to him bar his arrogance, and all of the above combined led to an episode which was by no means awful but which was a long way away from being great too.


Alex Finch.
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