Now That’s What I Call Much Better: Quackiavelli

now much better quackiavelliNEVER heard of Quackiavelli? Hmmm…that’s funny!  Or I sure as heck intend this droll new Webcomic Series – created by yours truly, to be!

Because starting next column, I’ll be using this column to share the droll Life and Times of Quackiavelli the mild-mannered drake!

Mated with Rebella by name and a born-rebel by nature, and befriended (only when the going is good!) by a mercifully inimitable rake aka Randi Rooster, the largely well-intentioned Quacko actually believes that he can save his barnyard world of Central Farmone bewildering catastrophe at a time!

So, look out for the series’ debut next week! And do let me know if you’re enjoying it as much as I intend to!QUACK_ COVER PAGE - by D. Payne, JUN 2021D. J. PAYNE, Dialogue Doctor – Denise is a banter dialogue specialist whose favourite thing to do is help other writers take their scripts from funny to Funtastic.
© Copyright 2021. D J. Payne.  All Rights to this Material fully Reserved by Author D. J. Payne.

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