Our Favourite Films: Eega (Aka The Fly)

eega indexThere’s many a film which has a really fun concept but which then fails to deliver upon it, and when I heard that Eega was all about a man who is reincarnated as a fly who wishes to take revenge upon the criminal who killed him I presumed that’d be the case yet again. But pleasingly the opposite applies, it takes a ridiculous idea and weaves cinematic gold out of it, and it’s a wild ride which never stops being entertaining for a second.

Nani (played by an actor only known as Nani himself) was stalking Bindu (Samantha Akkineni) for nigh on two years before she decided she liked him, but unfortunately was murdered that very night simply because dodgy property tycoon Sudeep (Kiccha Sudeepa) also fancies her and was jealous. It’s not long before Nani’s reincarnated as a fly however, and doing his best to cause Sudeep to lose his mind by essentially irritating him to death.

From the moment Nani is back in fly form this is absurd, captivating madness, almost up there with Crank 2 when it comes to the insanity of the movie, it doesn’t quite have that film’s pace but it’s impressively inventive as what from hereon in I’ll refer to as Nani-Fly bugs the shit out of Sudeep and causes him an enormous amount of pain and misery, including a car crash that almost kills him while he’s nearly burnt to death when he leaves a lit cigarette in an ashtray.

It’s one of those films that ups its game over and over again, Nani-Fly even bursts in to song about what a fucking awesome fly he is at one point and it’s impossible to disagree with him, there’s an amazing fly based training montage, and a quite frankly huge amount of mental action scenes. Even more delightful is the way that Nani-Fly and Bindu manage to communicate, and soon both are working in tandem to get revenge.

I haven’t even mentioned some of the crazier elements, by the end the film is completely doolally and that just made me love it more. Directors S.S. Rajamouli and J.V.V. Sathyanarayana have crafted a deliriously daft movie but in a very knowing way, and this is one of the most fun films that I’ve seen in years, with the two hours twenty minutes running time just flying by.


Alex Finch.
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