Coming Attractions: Tv and Film News From 16/04/2021

coming attractions 16042021Latest Update: This week we’ve news on the second series of This Time With Alan Partridge, sci-fi sitcom The New Thirties, new British Superhero comedy Extraordinary, Demi Lovato making a pilot for NBC, the next series of Liam Williams’ Ladhood, the return of Mythic Quest, and much more.

Barry – Some details about the third season can be found here:

Call My Agent – Is returning for a fifth season, and a movie may be in the works too. “Call My Agent! revolves around the personal and professional lives of a tight-knit but sometimes dysfunctional team of charismatic Parisian talent agents. Called “Dix Pour Cent” (10 percent) in France, the show debuted in 2015 on France 2, a France Televisions channel, and became a global sensation when it was picked up by Netflix. Netflix, which streamed all four seasons of the show, is in very early talks to board the film and/or season 5.”

Cold Feet – May return as a number of specials. “Creator Mike Bullen had teased the possibility of further episodes when the ninth series of the ITV comedy drama finished last year, but suggested the show was on a protracted hiatus, saying “we’ve explored to our satisfaction the issues confronting the characters at this stage of their lives. “We want to give them all a little time to move on… to put clear water between the stories we’ve told thus far and the issues they’ll be exploring when they are empty-nesters staring down the barrel of grandparenthood.”

Community – Yvette Nicole Brown has suggested that the much desired movie may still take place.

Extraordinary – Is a new Disney+ comedy series made in the UK from writer Emma Moran which “follows Jen, a young, self-aware woman who lives in a world where everyone has a superpower – except her. Part of Disney’s new Star Original brand, the comedy is about being young and finding your feet in a confusing world, when all you’ll ever be is “ordinary”. Moran describes her script as “somewhere between a sitcom and an existential crisis. “This is young, female and fresh” she said. “It’s a story about real life and real identity crises – it just happens to be set in a world where superpowers exist. This show is uniquely British but with universal themes: everyone can relate to the feeling that we don’t quite measure up.””

Hungry – Demi Lovato is making this pilot for NBC “about friends in a food issues group who “look for love, success, and the perfect thing in the fridge that’s going to make it all better.””

Ladhood – Work on the second series has begun. “Picking up where the first series left off, the new series follows young Liam and his best mates Ralph, Addy and Craggy as they experience GCSE results, driving tests, break ups and their first big night out in town, making their way through all the highs and lows of teenage life in the Leeds suburb of Garforth in the early noughties. As in the first series, the lads’ adventures run parallel to scenes from the life of present-day Liam as he reflects on his teenage years and tries hard not to make the same mistakes again. Oscar Kennedy, Samuel Bottomley, Aqib Khan, Shaun Thomas all reprise their roles for the new episodes”.

Life & Beth – Michael Cera has joined the cast of Amy Schumer’s new show about “a successful woman forced to confront her past in order to figure out her future: In Life & Beth, Beth’s life looks pretty great on paper. Impressive to everyone she grew up with. She makes a good living as a wine distributor. She’s in a long term relationship with an attractive, successful guy and lives in Manhattan. When a sudden incident forces Beth to engage with her past, her life changes forever. Through flashbacks to her teen self, Beth starts to learn how she became who she is and who she wants to become. We’ll go on her journey towards building a more authentic life. Learning to express herself and living in an intentional way. A trip down memory lane is a strong source of trauma, comedy and moving forward.”

Motorhoming With Merton & Webster – Paul Merton and his wife Suki Webster are to host this Channel 5 show. “As well as touring the UK later this year, the couple will be reviewing the latest models and gadgets. They will also meet motorhome fans who will share their secrets such as how to make your caravan warmer, which loo is the comfiest, how to choose the best spot in a caravan park… and how to park it.”…

Mr Inbetween – Its third season will be its last. “In the third season of “Mr Inbetween,” Ray will deal with the loss of Bruce, figure out how to care for his aging father Bill (Kenny Graham), and be faced with his daughter Brittany (Chika Yasumura) possibly discovering who he really is. Ray is now working freelance and feeling isolated after severing ties with former boss and confidant Freddy (Damon Herriman), but with business booming, a new connection with kingpin Rafael (Jeremy Sims) compounds Ray’s problems. The season will also see him connect with new colleague Zoe (Emily Barclay), though “unexpected tragedy” will have Ray questioning his career and his ethics. According to the network’s description of the upcoming storyline: “Fellow underworld figures dub Ray ‘The Magician’ for his uncanny ability to make things disappear. As his family crumbles, emotions rage and violence escalates, the blood on his hands may finally cause the magic wand to slip.””

Mythic Quest – Details about series 2 have been revealed. “Following the success of the Raven’s Banquet video game, the new season sees that most of the team has returned to the office to help launch an epic new expansion. However, Ian (Rob McElhenney) and newly promoted co-creative director Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao) struggle with the game’s direction. In the meantime, the rest of the team is figuring out issues of their own. C.W. (F. Murray Abraham) reconciles unresolved issues from his past; the testers (Ashly Burch and Imani Hakim) test not just video games, but an office romance, and David grapples with losing yet another woman in his life when Jo (Jessie Ennis) leaves him to assist Brad (Danny Pudi). Getting along with your co-workers after all, as the trailer asserts, is a full-time job”. More info and a trailer are here:

Never Ever Have I – Will return in July for it’s second season, and more info and some pictures are here: and a little more info is here:

The New Thirties – Is a forthcoming sci-fi comedy which “begins with Alberto, who has just turned 30, living on Formentera, without a care in the world. One night, however, he spies a strange light in the sky and immediately loses consciousness. The next day, he wakes up to discover that he’s 40 years old, married to Laia, his best childhood friend, and has children and a job. “An eight-part half hour, it will be directed by Paco Caballero, who helmed episodes of dysfunctional family saga “Welcome to the Family” on which Navarro served as head writer as Filmax seeks to bring on key members of its creative team to help Freixas lead in creative terms its energetic expansion as a drama series producer”.

OK Boomer – Will Sasso, Tim Chiou, Zoe Manarel and Carter Chee have joined the cast of this new HBO Max pilot. “The show, which also stars Patti LuPone, Erinn Hayes and Devere Rogers, follows self-centered “boomer” Barbara (LuPone) as she moves into her daughter Sarah’s house and forms an unlikely bond with her progressive granddaughter.”

Shrill – Another trailer for the third season is here:

Someone Out There – Another NBC pilot in the works, this is “Based on the format “Pequenas Coincidencias” created by Javier Veiga, the show is a romantic comedy about two set-in-their-ways adults who are challenged by very unexpected strangers to become the best versions of themselves in order to find love and possibly each other.”

This Time With Alan Partridge – Begins on BBC1 on April 30th at 9.30pm. “The BBC has previously said that in season two Steve Coogan’s alter-ego is ‘now established as the show’s co-presenter’, adding that the new episodes will ‘follow Alan on air and off as he tries to cling on to his position, in the face of behind-the-scenes upheaval and [his] fears that his relevance is dwindling’.” /

Vibes & Stuff – Is a new film from Benidorm star and Bloods creator Nathan Bryon. “The writer and actor, who created Bloods, the forthcoming Sky One paramedic sitcom, with its star Samson Kayo, has penned a romantic comedy with his regular collaborator Tom Melia. Currently shooting in London, the film is produced by BBC Films, the BFI and Fox Searchlight. With the working title Vibes & Stuff, Enterprice’s Vivian Oparah and David Jonsson (Industry) star in the uplifting rom-com set in Brixton and Peckham, about meeting the right person at the worst possible time.”

Younger – A spin-off might be in the works, with show creator Darren Star speaking about it here:

Ziwe – This variety show begins on May 9th, and a trailer is here:

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