One And Not Done: King Star King

king star king indexA good while back I reviewed J.J. Villard’s Trap Universe pilot and lamented the fact that it hadn’t been given a full series, but then last year Adult Swim did give him his own show, J.J. Villard’s Fairy Tales, and it was ultra-violent, angry shouty-ness that really wasn’t very good at all. So due to that I had no idea how I’d respond to this, the first of seven episodes that were produced, but as it was written by Tommy Blacha (The Eric Andre Show, Mostly For Millennials) and Eric Kaplan (Futurama, Malcolm In The Middle, The Big Bang Theory) I had high hopes.

Such hopes were dashed quickly and cruelly though, as this is more akin to J.J. Villard’s Fairy Tales than any of the other shows mentioned above. Indeed it even features Snow White, though this isn’t a Snow White that you’ll recognise from any other film or series as she’s a blonde with insanely enormous breasts who we meet all but naked in the bath with foam covering her private parts, and her sort of singing “Sexually pure, free of guilt, free of taint, unfiddled with, skin like milk”, all of which is ugly, lazy sexism, and completely unironic.

That goes for the rest of the episode, as hero King Star King sees Snow White completely naked, evil bastard the Spring Bunny tells White’s father, and King Star King has his mind erased and is banished to the Crudzone which is “A place filled with diseased women, terrible food and some monsters”, because this show’s attitude towards women is repellent from start to finish. It’s not long before King Star King gets his memory back though, Snow White is sexually assaulted by the Spring Bunny, and there’s lots of extreme violence that is explicit but also oddly boring.

It contains a variety of oddball characters like a weird wizard called Poozer, and if you’re over eight and find that funny then I’d be quite concerned, while King Star King’s “Flying Robot Bear” is named Gurbles and that’s painfully unfunny too. The show also has lots of over the top animation, eyes lurch all over the place, blood and guts splatter everywhere, and there’s a dose of psychedelic madness every so often, but none of it’s original, it’s a show which completely lacks subtlety and it feels like what a stoned teen would come up with when trying to imitate other Adult Swim shows, and that’s not a good thing. Throughout it’s a case of “And then this wacky thing happened, and then this disgusting thing happened, and then this wacky thing happened” and so on and so on and boy does it get boring quickly.

Worst of all is that the sexism is unironic and tedious, with many a shot of Snow White’s breasts or posterior on screen for a needlessly long time, and it feels like the masturbation fantasies of a seriously unwell individual. As mentioned above six other episodes were made after this pilot but there’s no way I’ll be watching another second of this tedious nonsense, and all rather sadly it appears that Trap Universe was a one off then, and the only good thing Villard’s ever made.

Alex Finch.
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