Coming Attractions: Tv and Film News From 05/03/2021

coming attractions 05032021Latest Update: This week we’ve news on the return of Party Down, Maria Bamford and Richard Kind joining the cast of Everything’s Gonna Be Okay, HBO Max’s Made For Love, a new book from Steve N Allen, a new anthology series from the makers of GLOW, Ally Sheedy making a sitcom, and much much more.

Beep – Is a new BBC pilot that is due to air soon on BBC Scotland and then later on in the month on BBC2. “Beep is set in the private room of a hospital in Glasgow, as a dysfunctional, working-class family visit their father, Tommy, on his wedding anniversary, despite him lying comatose after a car accident. Siobhan Redmond (The High Life, The Smoking Room) stars as Liz, Tommy’s wife, determined to still celebrate the occasion, with Paul Higgins (The Thick Of It) playing hospital priest Father Sydney. The 30-minute pilot, which was shot in November in and around Glasgow and premieres on BBC Scotland on Friday 12th March, is written by Bryce Hart, whose credits include BBC mockumentaries Scot Squad, Tourist Trap and Soft Border Patrol, and the forthcoming UK remake of hit French comedy Call My Agent!”

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay – The second season will debut on April 8th, and Richard Kind and Maria Bamford are to appear as recurring guest stars. “After the series premiere, new episodes will air on Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. From creator, writer, and star Josh Thomas, the second season of the half-hour comedy series will follow the Moss family trying their best to move forward after a heartbreaking trip to New York. Kind will play Toby, Drea’s (Lillian Carrier) slightly odd, mostly oblivious but lovable father. He’s a hopeless romantic and eternally supportive of his autistic daughter. Bamford will play Suze, Drea’s enthusiastic, emotionally vulnerable and hands-on mother. She’s completely charmed by fun-loving Nicholas (Thomas) and delights in sharing wine and treats with her new pal.”

Finding Alice – This ITV comedy drama has been given a second series. “ITV says: “The series, currently still available for viewers to catch up via the ITV Hub, focuses upon Alice’s honest, raw, blackly comic journey of grief, love and life after the death of her husband Harry. Following his accidental sudden death, Alice finds herself in the midst of storm of secrets, debt, suspicion and criminality which she has been forced to confront in order to survive.””

Guessable – Is returning for a second series of twelve episodes.

Home Economics – Topher Grace’s new abc sitcom is about “a trio of siblings who are in different financial situations: Tom (Grace) is living a middle-class life, his younger brother Connor (Jimmy Tatro) is extremely rich, and his sister Sarah (Caitlin McGee) is barely holding on.” and a trailer is here:

How to be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings – Is a pilot from Sarah Cooper that “follows three women at different stages in their careers at a male-dominated company who help each other navigate modern gender politics in their professional and personal lives”.

Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back – Is to return for a third series.

Lasted Another Year Despite A Pandemic: Highlights From A Rough 12 Months – Is a book by Mash Report star Steve N Allen “recording the events of 2020 – everyone’s “favourite” year – as they happened. Lasted Another Year Despite A Pandemic is Steve’s journal highlighting how the year affected him, including the death of a parent, the struggles of being kept away from someone with dementia and the impact of a lockdown on a career. As with every year, 2020 had its highs and lows and then more lows on top of those lows – but throughout it all there were still reasons to laugh. As Steve says in the book, “all we could do was to keep our fingers crossed that the vaccines worked. Fingers crossed, but also washed for 20 seconds while singing Happy Birthday.” Compiled from the newspaper columns he writes, Lasted Another Year Despite A Pandemic is a collection of topical comedy from Steve’s unique viewpoint, covering some moments you might remember and some you might rather forget.”

Made For Love – This new HBO Max dark comedy “follows Hazel Green (Milioti), a thirty-something woman on the run after 10 years in a suffocating marriage to Byron Gogol (Magnussen), a controlling tech billionaire. Soon she discovers that her husband has implanted a monitoring device—the Made for Love chip—in her brain, allowing him to track her, watch her, and know her ‘emotional data’ as she tries to regain her independence.” The chip allows Byron to watch every move Hazel makes, as she escapes to stay with her widower dad Herbert (Ray Romano) and his, uh, “synthetic partner,” Diane. Yes, the plot is absolutely off-the-wall and feels like if the 2020 remake of The Invisible Man was somehow comedic. But it’s also perfectly of a piece with Romano dryly intoning “your love’s got me looking so crazy right now” over images of Hazel on the run from Byron—who, by the way, is absolutely terrifying.”
More info and a trailer is here:

The Moodys – The trailer for the second season of this US adaptation of the original Australian comedy is here:

No Activity – The fourth season will premiere April 8. “The series, co-developed, executive produced and written by Patrick Brammall and Trent O’Donnell, follows Special Agent Nick Cullen (Brammall) who, after realizing his dream of joining the FBI, is quick to discover it isn’t all he hoped it would be. When he’s assigned to a seemingly dull observation detail, he uncovers a potential career case in the form of an emerging cult. Meanwhile, Cullen’s path continues to cross with former partner Judd Tolbeck (Tim Meadows), who is also adjusting to life with a new partner of his own. Joe Keery, Sunita Mani, Jason Mantzoukas, Bob Odenkirk and Amy Sedaris return and will be joined by guest stars including Louie Anderson, Kevin Bacon, Jillian Bell, D’Arcy Carden, Rob Delaney, Elle Fanning, Will Forte, Kimberly Hébert Gregory, Udo Kier, Lamorne Morris, Oscar Nuñez, Hannah Simone, June Squibb and Samara Weaving.”

The Nowhere Inn – A movie written by Portlandia star Carrie Brownstein and starring herself and Annie Clark aka St. Vincent, “The movie is about the two of them trying to make a documentary about St. Vincent, but—as Deadline describes it—they “quickly discover unpredictable forces lurking within subject and filmmaker that threaten to derail the friendship, the project, and the duo’s creative lives.” Deadline also specifically notes that it’s a “metafictional account,” in case the idea of two artists making a movie about themselves making a movie about themselves wasn’t a tip-off. The actual movie, The Nowhere Inn, will be the feature debut of Portlandia’s Bill Benz, who may or may not exist in the movie-within-a-movie. It’s unclear.”

Party Down – Is going to be revived for a six episode mini-series. “Before the cast of Party Down became well-known television and movie actors and award winners, they were all wearing the same pink bowties as part of a less than competent team of Los Angeles cater-waiters while chasing their dreams of stardom on the STARZ series,” said Christina Davis, President of Original Programming for Starz in the press release. “Fans have been waiting more than 10 years for this revival to happen and we’re thrilled to be in development with Rob, Paul, Dan and John at the helm.” Creator Rob Thomas added, “At the end of 2019, the Party Down cast and producers were all reunited at a retrospective for the show hosted by Vulture. We had such a good time that we wanted to find a way to get the team back together again. The cast is so busy these days that finding a window where we can do it may require trigonometry, but we’re determined to make it happen.” No word yet on when the revival will premiere but hey, maybe 2021 won’t be so bad after all!”

RISK! – The next livestream is on Friday, March 12 at 9:30pm EST / 6:30pm PST. Kevin Allison (MTV’s The State) will be hosting incredible true stories from Lisa Cantrell, Jon Kinnally, Chetter Galloway and Dana Norris. Tickets are on sale now for just $15, or FREE to any of their Patreon members $25/month and above.

Roar – Is a new anthology series from GLOW creators Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch. It will star Nicole Kidman, Cynthia Erivo, Merrit Wever, and Alison Brie. The anthology is described as a series of darkly comic feminist fables. It is based on Cecilia Ahern’s book of short stories of the same name. Apple has ordered eight half-hour episodes.”

The Simpsons – Has been renewed for two more seasons, meaning that unless something horrifying happens to the cast there’ll be 757 episodes by the end of it’s thirty fourth season.

Single Drunk Female – Is a new Freeform series that will star Sofia Black-D’Elia and Ally Sheedy in the lead roles. “In the show, after a spectacularly embarrassing public breakdown, irreverent alcoholic Samantha Fink (Black-D’Elia) is forced to move back home with her “Smother” (Sheedy) to sober up and avoid jail time. But when her childhood BFF (Sasha Compère) reveals surprising news, Samantha starts to learn there is a fine line between party girl and walking disaster. The series also stars Rebecca Henderson, Lily Mae Harrington, and Garrick Bernard. Henderson will portray Olivia, a brilliant melancholic lesbian who works as one of The Greeters at AA. Smart as a whip with an acerbic wit, Olivia is a highly regarded, Peabody award-winning PBS journalist known for her program “Off the Docs.” Harrington will play Felicia, Samantha’s fun and fearless drinking companion who is always counting down the days until Samantha is out of rehab so they can meet up at their favorite local bar. Bernard will portray James, an isolating, high-functioning drunk who works in the tech industry. Whereas Samantha is on a downward spiral, James is merely experiencing a very slow and tedious decline.”

Taskmaster – Series 11 will start on March 18th on Channel 4 at 9pm.

Ted Lasso – Sarah Niles has joined the cast and “will play Sharon, a sports psychologist who has been brought in to work with AFC Richmond. The second season of the popular series is currently in production, with Apple having ordered a third season already.”

Untitled Alec Baldwin / Kelsey Grammer Sitcom – Alec Mapa has signed on as the third lead in this forthcoming sitcom. “The untitled series revolves around three men who were roommates in their twenties until their warring egos drove them apart. Now, the trio are reuniting decades later for one more run at the lives they’ve always wanted. Mapa will star as Andre, the third roommate from the old days in New York. A gay man with a highly empathetic nature, he is often called upon to keep the peace between Channing (Baldwin) and London (Grammer), while also attempting to find a romantic and professional success that have so far eluded him.”

Untitled Mark Gross Sitcom – The Man With A Plan producer is to produce a multi-cam pilot for CBS. “It is based on the life of professional bowler Tom Smallwood. In the series, after being laid off from the assembly line at the GM factory, a seemingly ordinary man makes the extraordinary decision to provide for his family by following his dream of becoming a professional bowler.”

Werewolves Within – Is based on a Ubisoft console game and “stars Sam Richardson (who was also a producer), Michael Chernus, Michaela Watkins, Cheyenne Jackson, Milana Vayntrub, and Harvey Guillén, any of whom could be a potential werewolf causing mayhem in their small town.“Werewolves Within is essentially about a divided town that [gets] snowed in at the local lodge,” director Josh Ruben, who also directed Scare Me, told EW. “The forest ranger, played by Sam Richardson, and the local postal worker, Milana Vayntrub, try to keep the peace while also figuring out what the hell is lurking in the shadows, terrorizing this town.””

The Woman In The House – Kristin Bell is to star in this eight episode Netflix dark comedy. “It comes from Will Ferrell’s production company Gloria Sanchez Productions. It was created by Rachel Ramras, Hugh Davidson and Larry Dorf, the creators of TV Land comedy Nobodies. The trio will serve as co-showrunners. The eight-episode series is centered around Anna, a heartbroken, for whom, every day is the same. She sits with her wine, staring out the window, watching life go by without her. But when a handsome neighbor moves in across the street, Anna starts to see a light at the end of the tunnel. That is until she witnesses a gruesome murder… Or did she?”

The Wonder Years -The first casting news has been announced, with Saycon Sengbloh starring “as family matriarch Lillian Williams. Sharp as a tack, Lillian is confident, kind, perceptive and has a good sense of humor. She knows exactly the right thing to say to convince you of anything. As a mother, wife and full-time accountant, she’s organized, efficient and hard-working, but she always puts family first.”

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