Coming Attractions: Tv and Film News From 22/01/2021

coming attractions 22012021Latest Update: This week we’ve news on a new sitcom from SNL’s Nasim Pedrad, an online sitcom about comedy venue The Bill Murray, Paul King directing the Wonka origin tale movie, a cast addition to Young Rock, Liam Neeson possibly starring in a The Naked Gun reboot, Stewart Lee’s King Rocker documentary, and much more.

American Dad – Season 16 will premiere April 19 at 10 p.m.

Boss Level – A trailer for this ultra violent Groundhog Day type action comedy is here:

Bridgerton – Unsurprisingly given how much of a hit it has been, the show will be coming back for a second season.

Chad – A new tbs comedy, it stars “Saturday Night Live alum Nasim Pedrad as a high school freshman boy on a mission to become popular, all the while enduring his mom’s new dating life and reconciling with his Persian identity. ” Chad will premiere April 6 at 10:30 p.m., and a little more info and a trailer are here:

Hapless – This sitcom from Leon The Pig Farmer director Gary Sinyor was released last year on Amazon as The Jewish Enquirer, but has now been given a new title and will be available on 5’s streaming service My5. “It stars Tim Downie – whose credits include Paddington and Upstart Crow – as a journalist for the UK’s fourth most successful Jewish newspaper, as he tries to find rubbish stories to please his narrow-minded editor. Comedy stalwarts Geoffrey McGivern and Lucy Montgomery play his father and sister, with stand-up Josh Howie as his best friend.”

I Run Hot – Eliot Glazer and Colton Haynes are to star in a pilot for Peacock. “It follows the unlikely friendship between Eliot (Eliot Glazer), a gay curmudgeon who never quite fit in with the community, and Colton (Haynes), a famous #instagay who can’t help but exemplify it. Eliot will write and executive produce the show in addition to starring, with Haynes co-executive producing as well as starring. “Broad City” co-creator and star Ilana Glazer is attached as an executive producer and will also direct.”

King Rocker – Stewart Lee’s documentary about musician Robert Lloyd debuts on Sky Arts at 9pm on February 6th. “Comedian Stewart Lee and director Michael Cumming (Brass Eye, Toast of London), investigate a missing piece of punk history: Robert Lloyd, best known for fronting cult Birmingham bands The Prefects and The Nightingales, has survived under the radar for over four decades. But how, if at all, does Robert want to be remembered? The anti-rockumentary King Rocker weaves the story of Birmingham’s undervalued underdog autodidact into that of the city’s forgotten public sculpture of King Kong, eschewing the celebrity interview and archive-raid approach for a free-associating bricolage of Indian food, bewildered chefs, vegetable gardening, prescription medicines, pop stardom and pop art.” A trailer for it can be seen here:

The Mitchells vs. the Machines – This animated feature from Phil Lord and Chris Miller is now set to debut on Netflix. “The film follows an everyday family’s struggle to relate while technology rises up around the world”, and more info and a trailer is here:

The Naked Gun – Seth MacFarlane is trying to get a reboot of the much loved Leslie Nielsen film series going, and wants Liam Neeson to star in it.

The Ranganation – Romesh Ranganathan’s series is to return for its third series next month.”Covid forced the comedian to shoot the second series from his garage in May and June last year, but the new run will be based in a studio. However his focus group of 20 outspoken members of the public, collectively dibbed The Ranganation, and two celebrity guests will contribute remotely. Ranganathan said: ‘Working with The Ranganation is always a highlight for me so I’m looking forward to being virtually reunited with them all and unpicking the week’s events together. We are also back in the studio, which is partly because we have figured out a way to do it safely but mainly because my marriage wouldn’t have survived doing the show from my house again.’”

Saved By The Bell – Has been renewed for a second season.

Save The Bill Murray– Is a brand new mockumentary sitcom, which starts on Friday 29th January. “Filmed at The Bill Murray comedy club during lockdown, this inventive series follows the tale of a comedy club, and the comedians who live and work there, trying to survive when they can no longer put on live comedy. Each 15 minute episode stars a headline act in their quest to save The Bill Murray. The stars featured in series one are James Acaster, Maria Bamford, Adam Buxton, Nina Conti, Jamali Maddox, Arthur Smith and Tim Key. The series also features Angel Comedy regulars Sunil Patel, Helen Bauer, Mark Silcox, Lynn Ruth Millar, Lucila San Martin, James O’D, Ray Badran, Cally Beaton, Yuriko Kotani, John Meagher, Arielle Souma, Charlie George and Barry Ferns. The seven 15 minute episodes, written and directed by Barry Ferns and Simon Weekes, will be available fortnightly exclusively to The Bill Murray’s Patreon members. The series is Angel Comedy’s way of saying “Thank you” for the for the continuing support that literally kept the club from bankruptcy in March 2020 and will keep it going in the uncertain times of closed doors and non-profit making socially distanced shows. Angel Comedy Patreon membership starts at just £3 a month. Writer/co-director Barry Ferns said: “These episodes were extraordinarily made with no budget, just hopes and belief – which is exactly how the comedy industry is getting through lockdown as a whole. Having crowd funded our very own venue, the team at The Bill Murray are no strangers to achieving the seemingly impossible and we have no intention of being taken down by something as trifling as a global pandemic. ‘Save the Bill Murray’ is our reaction to lockdown – a way for our artists to stay creative and generate some laughter and hope during our most difficult time”. /

They Ready – Tiffany Haddish’s show will return for Season 2 on Feb. 2. “The Emmy-nominated stand-up comedy series features comedians personally chosen by Haddish performing a 15 to 20-minute sets and reminiscing over their time in the business with Haddish. This season will feature Dean Edwards, Kimberly Clark, Tony Woods, Barbara Carlyle, Godfrey and Erin Jackson.”

Wonka – A WIlly Wonka origin film is in the works, normally we’d be cynical about this kind of thing but it’s to be directed by Paddington’s Paul King, and co-written by Simon Farnaby, so we’re cautiously optimistic.

Year Of The Rabbit – Despite ordering a second series Channel 4 have now decided not to make another batch of episodes, leaving co-producer IFC looking for a new partner.

Young Rock – Lexie Duncan is the latest cast member to join the cast of this series about the younger years of Dwayne Johnson. She’s been cast as “A high-school sweetheart for the superstar during his teens, where she will play opposite Bradley Constant (the 15-year-old version of Johnson). She’s set to play Karen, a popular, charismatic, high-school girl with dreams of attending Barbizon beauty school. Constant’s character catches her eye, and they begin dating in the idyllic town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.”

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