Stand Up Special Review: Kevin Hart – Zero Fucks Given

kevin hart zero indexKevin Hart’s new stand up special showcases his complete transition into a grumpy old man comedian, or rather he’s now a grumpy old man who just so happens to be a comedian. I don’t mean this negatively either, it’s endearing, sort of like watching your dad do stand up and while this new special isn’t his best or funniest work, it’s some of his most raw delivery I’ve seen from him so far.

The way Hart talks about his new stage in life is still very much his style of humour, but there are certain times when it’s accompanied by a level of honesty that almost doesn’t seem like he’s even trying to be funny. He starts everything off talking about how he doesn’t like to leave his house for several reasons, the first reason was COVID-19, with a decent bit where he reveals that he himself tested positive for the virus referring to it as “the VID”. Not knowing how he and his family could come into contacted the virus, Kevin hart humorously regales his audience with stories of “dirty foot Pam” and spending $20,000 on masks and the such, really showing how much panic and suspicion they were dealing with during that time.

All in all this part of his set produced a few chuckles here and there, but overall the COVID-19 subject has already been covered by Twitter by this point. Hart then flawlessly transitions to his next bit where he touches on not wanting to leave his house again, this time the reason being people. Lamenting that being famous is now ruined because of today’s generation’s need to video everything, this prompted a story about a woman recording him in his car while trying to eat a cheeseburger and him hurrying to social media to issue an apology. This ties into his run-in with “cancel-culture” a few years ago.

This part of Hart’s set might come off as him being bitter, but his concerns are pretty legit, and he conveys them in a way that he can use to poke fun at himself, which he often does in this special. Kevin then starts on one of his favourite topics; his family. From this point forward, Hart catches us up on how life for his has been as a husband and father after 40. These are not things we haven’t heard from him before, in fact, these are some of the same things he’s told us about before, but now Kevin has reached a point in his life where he doesn’t want to do anything except be home. He sees the world differently than he used to and his comedy had to change with it.

After everything is said and done, this special wasn’t one of Hart’s best works, but it was his most honest. Throughout this special, Kevin mentions that we have watched his kids grow up vicariously through his various other comedy specials, while that is true, we’ve also watched him grow as well. At the end of the day, my hopes for or his future releases are high, as Kevin’s new view on life has a lot of potential.

Jerell Davis.

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