Film Review: Poor Greg Drowning

poor greg drowning indexA very low budget indie comedy, Poor Greg Drowning sees Greg (Graham Sibley) struggling to get over his past relationship while he needs to find a new room mate as he now can’t afford to pay the bills on his own. Advised by his best friend Paul (Jeremy Luke) that whatever he does he shouldn’t rent out the spare room to a woman, that’s of course the very first thing that he does, with Peyton (Marguerite Gioia Insolia) moving in and Greg falling in love with her.

It’s the kind of comedy where the dialogue is quite extreme, right at the beginning Greg tells the story of how when he proposed to his girlfriend she reveals that the relationship is over as she’s met someone new, and it feels a little forced, a little theatrical, and almost Tarantino-esque as it’s desperately trying to make an impression but is described in a way that you would never hear in real life. When Greg hangs out with Paul they have a lot of quite toxic conversations as well, like when they discuss a woman with “different sized titties”, and it’s not amusing in the slightest and even at times quite painful to view, and makes both characters hard to like.

The comedy also relies on a fair few cutaways, with some of them being a little on the cheap side, for example when Greg boasts about how his writing is going great it cuts to his laptop and an empty screen, and if anyone in the audience didn’t see that coming than I can only presume that this is the very first film or tv series that they’ve ever seen. The plot line is fairly predictable, what with the way Greg falls for his roommate within seconds of meeting her, the bits where they’re supposedly falling for each other are plain boring, and worst of all is something that happens at the end of the film, I won’t reveal it but it’s a contrivance that I thought was absurdly ridiculous and made me think the whole movie was an absolute waste of time.

That’s not to say that there aren’t any funny moments, there’s a couple of decent scenes where Greg speaks to a therapist and the dialogue between the two of them is amusing and Peyton comes out with a few funny comments, but there’s not a single moment which made me laugh out loud and at best I only found myself occasionally smirking. The acting is quite varied as well, often of the kind that you’d see in a production at a sixty seater theatre, it’s not awful but bar the two leads it’s only slightly better than am-dram. This wouldn’t be an issue if the script was tighter or funnier but it’s not, and even though the film is only 77 minutes long it feels like it’s about double that, and given what happens in the final five minutes it’s a film that I wouldn’t even recommend to my worst enemy, and he’s committed many a crime against humanity.


Alex Finch.
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