Coming Attractions: Tv News From 06/11/2020

coming attractions 06112020Latest Update: This week we’ve news on how the producers of Superstore are dealing with America Ferrera leaving the show,  Sophie Turner starring in an animated sitcom about Prince George, the return of Birds Of A Feather without one of it’s cast members, Loren “Bob’s Burgers” Bouchard’s new animated comedy, and more.

Birds Of A Feather – There’s more proof that 2020 is the worst ever year as this show is returning for a Christmas special, but without Pauline Quirk as she’s busy concentrating on her acting schools apparently. “Her character Sharon will be written out of the episode with the script explaining that she’s stuck on a Covid-blighted cruise ship. Linda Robson and Lesley Joseph reprise their roles as Tracey Stubbs and Dorien Green with guest star Les Dennis as Dorien’s new flame Graeme, Comic Curtis Walker will be making a cameo appearance.”

Borderline – Is a new sitcom in the works where “After goody two-shoes Steve falls for reckless Maria, their whirlwind romance is cut short when she gets deported. Now they must decide whether to bail on the potential love of their lives or take a leap of faith and get married”, it’s from one of the writers of The Good Place too, so might be worth checking out.

Connecting… – This NBC sitcom has proven so unpopular that it’s been pulled from the schedules, and the remaining episodes will air online.

The Great North – A trailer for Loren Bouchard’s new animated sitcom with Nick Offerman and Jenny Slate is below. “The new animated comedy stars Nick Offerman as Beef Tobin, a single father of four kids, Wolf (Will Forte), Ham (Paul Rust), Moon (Aparna Nancherla) and sole daughter Judy (Jenny Slate). The family also includes Wolf’s fiancee, Honeybee (The Daily Show’s Dulcé Sloan), who joins the Tobin family in The Land Of The Midnight Sun. Without a mother in the picture, Judy will seek guidance from her boss Alyson (Megan Mullally) and her imaginary friend Alanis Morissette, who will voice herself.”

Lagging – Is a new forthcoming CBBC comedy series “described as an “exciting new comedy series”, which focuses on “gaming, friendship and growing up”. The show, being made in-house by the BBC, is written by Dan Berlinka. He has previously worked on a number of kid-focused comedy shows, including Shaun The Sheep, Dennis & Gnasher, Dani’s Castle and My Phone Genie. Most recently he co-created British teen thriller The A List. The channel explains: “Sol, Moi, Cedric and Leah are a group of 11 year-old gamers – best friends in real life and online. When gaming, their huge personality differences are an asset, as they face quests and conquer worlds as a team. But as four very different friends, surviving the challenging missions of real life is a much more difficult game.”

Love Life – The Good Place’s William Jackson Harper is joining the second series of this HBO Max rom-com starring Anna Kendrick. “Per Variety, Harper has signed on to star in the second season of the series, where he’ll play a New Yorker recovering from a long-term relationship that ended up not being with “the woman he thought was going to be his person.”

Mister Winner – Spencer Jones’ BBC sitcom has been cancelled.

Murder They Hope – Sian Gibson and Johnny Vegas are to make three more murder mysteries for Gold. “In Murder They Hope, the pair reprise their roles as Gemma and Terry from the Agatha Christie-inspired whodunits Murder on the Blackpool Express, Death On The Tyne and Dial M For Middlesbrough. For the three hour-long episodes – again written by comedian Jason Cook – their characters have quit the coach tour business to set up as private detectives. Episode one revolves around a mysterious red-eyed rabbit figurine sold at a car boot sale, the second features a poisoned pastry scandal as two rival baking families turn up the heat on a long-standing feud, and the third returns to coach tours as they help police in a county-wide hunt for a bus-based serial killer.”

The Prince – Sophie Turner has joined the cast of this animated satire of the Royal family from “Family Guy” producer, writer and actor Gary Janetti. “The satire focuses on seven-year-old Prince George, who is voiced by Janetti, and his antics as the first-born child of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. Turner will voice George’s sister, Princess Charlotte. Janetti announced the news on Instagram Saturday by sharing a Halloween-themed sneak peek of the show. “Meet Charlotte – Sophie Turner,” Janetti wrote in the video’s caption. In the clip, George attempts to coordinate his siblings’ Halloween costumes, only to realize that they have picked out their own outfits for the occasion. “The Prince” also stars Orlando Bloom as Prince Harry, Condola Rashad as Meghan Markle, Lucy Punch as Kate Middleton, Tom Hollander as Prince Philip and Prince Charles, Alan Cumming as George’s butler Owen, Frances de la Tour as Queen Elizabeth and Iwan Rheon as Prince William.”

Superstore – The producers have been discussing the future of the show, now that America Ferrera’s left it. “”Going forward, the “Superstore” audience won’t see how Amy is faring out in her new job, but instead the show will focus entirely on how everyone else at Cloud 9 is handling her absence. The most accurate way to describe it, Green says, is as “an adjustment for everyone.” Cheyenne (Nichole Bloom) will be “stepping up and getting a little more responsibility” in Amy’s absence, Green adds. Dina (Lauren Ash) “can’t believe that Glenn is back serving as manager” but also is deeply focused on “looking for a new friend to connect with to replace Amy, and leaning on some of her old relationships,” as she started to in “California Part 2.” Mateo (Nico Santos), Green continues, will be testing out “what he might be able to get away with having Glenn as his immediate boss and seeing the power that he might be able to yield as Glenn’s assistant,” but that will get complicated since he is working under another name because of how Amy helped him stay on at the store, despite his undocumented status. When you’re facing deportation, that’s always going to be at least in the background. You might not see him dealing with it in every episode, but he is regularly having to meet or Zoom with his deportation officer and is awaiting this hearing that may have been delayed by the pandemic,” Green explains. And as for Jonah, it will be all about “figuring out what the rest of his life will be,” says Miller.”

This Country – The US remake of the show is officially going ahead, with Fox ordering 14 half-hour episodes.

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