One And Done: Don’t Die Alone

dont die alone one and doneGiven that this is from Todd Rohal, the director of the two Hunky Boys Go Ding-Dong shorts, and was produced by PFFR, it’ll probably come as no surprise to regular readers that I loved this pilot that was made for Adult Swim, it’s another slice of weird, deranged but beautifully funny madness, which is unpredictable and beyond odd and all the better for it.

Starring Steve Little as Father Drucker, it starts off in a fairly sane manner as he’s preparing a sod load of food for a pot luck party, and receives a call from Agnes (Tipper Newton) who is checking in to see how he’s doing on the food front, Drucker is a little enamoured with Agnes and asks her out, but sadly she says no. All of which was no preparation for what came next, as then the town’s Mayor (Dane Rhodes) turns up and demands that Drucker marry his son Dwart (Jacob Wysocki) to Lizzie (Patti Harrison), and given the shotgun he’s facing Drucker has no choice in the matter.

Said wedding is of course a truly insane one, Dwart is a weird little fucker and then some who gets off on the fact that Lizzie is a multiple mass murderer, and Lizzie is even more demented as she’s written her vows on human skin and put together a little song that she forces Drucker to sing with her, one which leads to a demon possessing the Holy Bible. There’s one little problem though, said Demon isn’t interested in Lizzie as she hoped he’d be, but wants to snog poor old Father Drucker instead.

Blood, gore, giant mutant birds and decapitation follow in this fantastically ridiculous affair, it feels like a combination of Sam Raimi, David Cronenberg and Tim Burton at their most crazed, and times that by about ten. For a pilot it’s impressive as to just how speedily and efficiently it introduces all of the characters, and the often grotesque performances are beautifully funny.

It’s packed full of extremely memorable imagery and ideas, has an infectious sense of lunacy that is bizarrely endearing, and the dialogue is of the exceedingly quotable variety. It ends on a cliffhanger too, which means I will forever be rather miffed that this wasn’t given a series as I’d loved to have seen the directions it would have taken, and the pilot is so good that I’m convinced whatever madness we were subjected to would have been of the hilarious kind.


Alex Finch.
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You can watch the pilot on Vimeo here.

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