Review: Kevin James Doyle – The Thirty Year Old Virgin

kevin james doyle thirty year old virgin indexKevin James Doyle grew up in a rather religious household, and so sex before marriage was definitely off the table and he wasn’t even able to say pee, with tinkle the allowable word. Which is partially why he was still a virgin at thirty, and it’s also why he’s got a pretty unique take on life, all of which contributes to making this a very, very funny eighty minute comedy special.

Beginning with stories about his upbringing and his mother and father’s beliefs that were forced upon him, Doyle’s material is impressively strong from the get go thanks to his unusual family life. His careful use of language means that when he’s tackling risqué subjects (like his fear that he may have got his own mother pregnant after masturbating in the shower) it’s hilarious because of the way he describes it, and though masturbation’s a tired subject Doyle brings a fresh take to it.

Doyle also talks about how he came to New York to become an actor, and his love for Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and how Hoffman’s best movie is of course Along Came Polly. Such a thing might seem like madness, and of course it is, but Doyle makes a very funny case for it, and the ensuing story about the times he later bumped in to Seymour Hoffman just gets funnier and funnier as it goes along.

The main thrust of the special is the story of his dating his fiancé, and later how he lost his virginity with another woman, and though sex and dating are also well worn topics Doyle’s storytelling skills are so impressive, and his honest so searing, that it’s an extremely funny tale from start to finish, even though you may find yourself wincing occasionally as not everything went the way he had hoped.

There’s the occasional weaker moment, as is the case with 99% of stand up specials, and a routine about a Belgian man’s view of American women probably could have been cut without any harm, but otherwise this is an enormously enjoyable special. Doyle peppers his stories with some very strong callbacks, and because he’s very open about his flaws and the times things have gone wrong you’ll find yourself laughing hard throughout the show.


Alex Finch.
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