Coming Attractions: Tv News from 04/09/2020

coming attractions 04092020Latest Update: This week we’ve news on Reno 911! getting a second season on Quibi, Anna Farris leaving Mom, Jamie Foxx returning to tv with a multi-camera sitcom, This Time With Alan Partridge Series 2, KT Tunstall making a documentary about Ivor Cutler, Netflix cancelling some of it’s shows, the horrible sounding X-Files cartoon, and much more.

68 Whiskey – Has been cancelled by Paramount.

BBC Presents: Stand Up For Live Comedy – More details have been revealed about the BBC’s forthcoming stand up series – “The series will showcase the talents of Jamali Maddix (Live at the Apollo), Fern Brady (Live from the BBC), Paddy Raff (The Paddy Raff Show) and Jayde Adams (Crazy Delicious), with further names to be announced very soon. The first show will be recorded in South East London on 1st September at Vinegar Yard, hosted by Jamali Maddix. Five further shows will be recorded throughout September – in Scotland the show will be hosted by Fern Brady; in Belfast at CARGO by Vertigo, Paddy Raff will MC and Jayde Adams will take care of proceedings at Bristol’s Lakota Gardens. ”

Big Mouth – Ayo Edebiri is to replace Jenny Slate in the role of Missy. “While Slate will continue to voice Missy for the majority of the fourth season (the premiere date of which has yet to be announced), Edebiri will take over the role in the penultimate episode. She booked the role just a few weeks ago and has already recorded her Season 4 dialogue. She also joined the writers’ room of the show for the fifth season — a job she actually booked and began working first, given the schedule of breaking stories and penning scripts.”

The Big Show Show – Has been cancelled by Netflix, though a special filmed before the pandemic will still air, and the same applies with Netflix’s other multi-camera show, Ashley Garcia: Genius In Love.

Black-Ish – Two partially animated special election themed episodes are set to air on October 4th. “The episodes, will air ahead of the official Season 7 premiere, will follow the Johnsons as they navigate the upcoming election, with Junior (Marcus Scribner) embarking on his journey as a first-time voter and Dre (Anthony Anderson) launching an exploration into local politics.”

Breeders – This miserable parenting sitcom starring Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard has resumed filming.

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me – Jamie Foxx is making a multi-cam sitcom with his daughter. “The multi-camera series is inspired by Foxx’s relationship with his daughter, Corinne Foxx. The series will also star David Alan Grier, Kyla-Drew, Porscha Coleman, and Jonathan Kite. Heather Hemmens and Valente Rodriguez will appear in recurring roles.”

Emily In Paris – This new series from Darren Starr is due to launch on Netflix on October 2nd, and a trailer is here:

Ivor Cutler by KT Tunstall – The popular singer (really? – Ed) is making a documentary about the much loved comedic genius Ivor Cutler. “Cutler was Glaswegian, Jewish and an eccentric musical genius. To KT Tunstall, his records have been the soundtrack of her global travels: “I’ve always found his music almost medicinal,” she says. Now the celebrated singer and songwriter sets out to explore the unique character of a great British eccentric, meets the musicians with whom Cutler collaborated, the friends with whom he fell out as well as his many celebrity fans, before finally recording a cover-version of Cutler’s song Women of the World.”

Millennials – Is a new multi-cam comedy for UMC, AMC’s streaming service, created by Rugg Williams and his son Oren Williams, and which will “explore the lives of four 20-something roommates – a business student, a YouTuber, a college dropout, and a personal trainer – as they navigate the chaos of being young, finding success, and finding themselves in the city of angels.”

Mom – Anna Farris is leaving the show, stating “The past seven years on ‘Mom’ have been some of the most fulfilling and rewarding of my career… I’m so thankful to Chuck, the writers, and my amazing castmates for creating a truly wonderful work experience. While my journey as Christy has come to an end, allowing me to pursue new opportunities, I’ll be watching next season and rooting for my TV family”. Farris may not even appear in the first episode of the new season, all that’s been said is “It is unclear exactly how Faris’ character will be written out of the show, given her central role in the cast, but it will be addressed in the first episode of Season 8”.

Natalie Palamides – NateThis astonishing comedy show which was our favourite piece of live comedy in 2018 has been picked up by Netflix, though an airdate has yet to be announced.

Reno 911! – Has been given a second season Quibi, at least if the service survives long enough for it to be produced. ““We are thrilled about the pick-up, but we’re even more thrilled about getting to leave our living rooms for the first time in 5 months,” said all three series co-creators in a statement. They will be joined once more by Niecy Nash, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Cedric Yarbrough, and Carlos Alazraqui, who all starred in the original series. Ian Roberts, Joe LoTruglio and Mary Birdsong — who joined the show later in its run — will also be featured. According to Quibi, “Reno 911!” has been one of its top performing scripted series to date, remaining near the top of its trending shows list since its debut on May 4.”

Shining Vale – Two more cast members have been added to this Courtney Cox horror comedy pilot, Dylan Gage and Gus Birney. “Gage will play Jake, the Phelps’ pubescent son who is always glued to some sort of screen. He has severe ADHD and OCD so he quickly forgets what he’s obsessing about. Deeply quirky, and deeply sweet, he has his father’s temper which, like everything else about Jake, comes out at the oddest moments. A sensitive soul, Jake attracts other sensitive souls, some of whom died years ago in the house….Birney will play Gaynor Phelps, Pat and Terry (Kinnear)’s 16 year-old daughter who is going through that awful phase where she’s smarter than everyone and angry at the world—and by the world we mean her mother, whom she (rightfully) blames for uprooting the family from Brooklyn to suburban Connecticut. She spars with Pat over sex, drinking, school, drugs, the weather—everything, really—mostly because she’s exactly like her mom was when Pat was her age. They become even more similar once Pat becomes possessed.”

The Summoner – Another Syfy animated comedy, this is from “Stoopid Buddy Stoodios and The New Yorker cartoonist, Charlie Hankin. Based on the short film from Hankin, the three-minute episodes follow Rory, a young man living on his own for the first time. He must navigate his relationship with his roommate, the Summoner, an alien with the power to summon any object to his location.”

This Time With Alan Partridge – Steve Coogan has revealed that “We’re in the middle of writing another series of This Time,” he told us. “We’re shooting at the end of the year. We’re scrambling to get it together. It will be broadcast next spring, sometime…We’re trying to set ourselves a task of having the stuff on-screen [with the chat show] and then have a kind of parallel unseen story that we get glimpses of, this parallel narrative of what’s going on in [Alan’s] private life and Jennie, his co-presenter’s, private life,” Steve explained. “And then, sort of, have those two things go parallel. We haven’t quite realised where it goes but we want it to end up in a strange and unexpected place. That’s all I can say…Then, after that, we’re going to do some sort of documentary series… We’ll definitely do a documentary series where Alan is on the road”.

The X-Files: Albuquerque – Fox are developing this animated X-Files spin-off, but before you even begin to think about being optimistic we should warn you that Duchovny and Anderson are not involved, the story revolves around “The “B-Team of the X-Files,” i.e., a squad of characters investigating the cases not cool enough for Mulder and Scully’s attention. In other words: It’s Star Trek: Lower Decks, but for The X-Files”, and also that it’s going to be written by “Rocky Russo and Jeremy Sosenko, who’s previous credits include segments of Movie 43, three episodes of Paradise PD, and a whole bunch of Brickleberry” so the chances of this not being abject shit are shockingly low. Obviously I hope I’m wrong, but it’d be a miracle if this turned out well.

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