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comedy snippets 23082020Short reviews of comedy old and new, and other bits of info which don’t fit anywhere else on the site, updated weekly.

Star Trek Lower Decks Season 1 Episode 2
Despite criticising the first episode of this and finding very little about it that was even vaguely likeable, I’m such a big Star Trek fan that I couldn’t help but give the show a second shot. Bad first episode’s aren’t exactly unheard of either (TNG’s Encounter At Farpoint being the perfect example of that), and the opening credits to Lower Decks are great, with it having the best theme tune since DS9, so I tried desperately to persuade myself it might improve. I’m sure you could see the “But” coming from a thousand odd parsecs away though, and I wish it wasn’t the case, but it’s a show I just can’t gel with however much I try, mainly as they’ve managed to create some of the most irritating characters ever seen in the show’s history, shouty, rambling idiots who rarely say anything even vaguely amusing and who surely would have been thrown out of Starfleet within seconds if Picard was around. The main plotline in the second episode saw Mariner and Boimler head off with a Klingon called General K’orin who then steals their ship and which meant they ended up mucking about on a planet with a bunch of incredibly rubbish aliens, and the two lead characters bickered in an extremely annoying and unfunny manner. A b-plot with Rutherford trying to find out where he fits in best on the ship was slightly less aggravating and there was some daftness with him taking on the Borg in a simulation that amused, but otherwise it was the kind of tedious fare that you’d expect a very small child to find funny, but not anyone over the age of seven, and after two episodes I’m out and won’t be watching it ever again.

Other Space Season 1 Episodes 1 and 2
When the now largely ignored search engine Yahoo attempted to make tv they fucked up hilariously badly because their video player was painfully flawed and crashed time and time again, meaning people couldn’t be arsed to use it. That said, their shows weren’t all that either, Community limped home in a bland manner and Paul Feig’s Other Space was only okay. Basically Red Dwarf mixed with Star Trek Voyager, it saw the small crew of a spaceship accidentally end up in a parallel universe that no one had ever explored before, which is a great set up that could have led to some quite unique sci-fi comedy, but it didn’t really deliver on that front and was only okay. The first episode spent far too much time setting up the general plot at the expense of decent jokes (though it has a couple of fun moments when the cast briefly reverted to babies, along with the scenes where their greatest fantasies came true), and though the second was a little better, where they discovered an alien onboard who could morph in to any shape he / she wished, it wasn’t enough to lead me to watching any more of it. I could be wrong though, the AV Club published a gushing review of the series just this week ( so it’s probably worth watching at least a couple of episodes if it seems like your cup of tea.

Moone Boy Series 1 Episode 1
I’m amazed there’s not more love for this little seen Sky show from several years ago, as it’s basically a very charming and sweet slice of life sitcom. Set in Ireland in the early nineteen nineties, Martin (David Rawle, displaying the kind of comic timing that actors triple his age should be jealous of) is a young lad who turns twelve and tries to cope with life with the help of his imaginary best friend played by The IT Crowd’s Chris O’Dowd, who is endearing and charming in the extreme. It’s a coming of age affair which has a unique feel and tone to it and, most importantly, is packed full of strong jokes, I watched the series when it first went out and loved it, and rewatching it a second time if anything it’s even more appealing. That might be because of its nostalgic setting and spotlight on simpler times, but in general it’s really well written (Martin’s love letter, the two dads initially meeting, and their poker club scene are especially great in this first episode alone), and as well as the two leads all of the other actors are absolutely superb in it, and it’s all kinds of lovely and warm hearted at its core.

Yes God Yes
I was in the mood for something light and fun and, well, this is at times, and seeing Stranger Things’ Natalia Dyer explore her sexuality while attending a Catholic school and then going on a four day retreat surrounded by hypocritical bastards amused well enough. But it’s also a little bit too repetitive on the “Christians are cunts” front, not that I doubt that in the slightest but they went to that well a bit too often, and I thought the ending was a bit weak as well, and so due to its flimsy overall nature I can’t really rate it or recommend it.

Video Of The Week
Comedy Central is running a virtual Fringe festival online at the moment, a selection of stand up which is largely very funny stuff, with a highlights programme planned at the end of the month. Each episode is definitely worth watching alone though (they’re not exactly hugely long either), and for my money Helen Bauer’s is the best one yet.

Link(s) Of The Week
A lot has been written about the strained relationship between Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads? co-stars James Bolam and Rodney Bewes but this article on the British Comedy Guide is the fairest and most objective, and interesting, that I’ve yet seen and is a detailed and fascinating read. It’s one of a series of articles, and the others are definitely worth reading too.

Alex Finch.
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