Tv Review: Tudur’s Tv Flashback Series 2 Episode 3

tudurs tv flashback indexTudur Owen is a popular Welsh comedian who I’ve never heard of, and I can’t say if that’s down to me being a horrible racist or because he’s just not that well known. Either way he’s been commissioned by the BBC to search through 10,000 hours of Welsh tv and then present a highlights series, a sort of Welsh Harry Hill’s Tv Burp except that he comments on material from over five decades rather than the past week.

First up is a bit of barrel rolling, which apparently is a sport in Wales, and the clip itself is mildly amusing if only because one of the team brags about getting drunk beforehand by adding cider to his weetabix, and there’s some blatant cheating going on. But Tudur’s commentary is really poor, with him saying things like “He’s done this before… They haven’t” and “You wouldn’t want to do this after a few pints of cider would you?” and it made me wince rather than laugh.

Some archive footage of Hang Gliding from 1976 follows, again the footage is vaguely amusing, but Tudur’s “gems” include him mentioning how it’s “A bit windy” and “Oh my word I can’t watch this tell me when it’s over”. Some surfing comes next, as we see a four time British Harmonica Champion mess about in the water, Tudur thinks it’s funny to say “Surf dudes” in a vaguely American accent, but oh lord he’s not right and that applies with everything else he utters in the segment.

The rest of the episode is made up of clips of various other sports and activities including Grass Skiing from 1970 where Tudur can only come up with “I wouldn’t mind having a go at that, looks like fun, I think”, a four year old Junior Motorcyclist from 1980 sees Tudur astutely, sorry, I mean patronisingly say “He’s probably only been walking a couple of years”, and there’s some National Pancake Racing from 1971, and well, it probably won’t come as a shock that once again the commentary is tiresome. I could go on but I’m sure you get the idea now, and though clips of canoeing, female golfing, Cnapan, wrestling and pipe smoking (yes, really) and snuff sniffing (ditto) is often amusing Tudur fails to be even the once.

It’s a shame they couldn’t have found someone funnier than Tudur to narrate proceedings as some of the footage is genuinely quite amusing, none of it’s of the variety which will have you rolling on the floor clutching your sides and worrying that you’ll never breathe again, but it’ll definitely lead to the odd chuckle or wry smile. Tudur’s comments actually made me stop laughing on a couple of occasions though as they were either pointless or groanworthy, so this may well be a show which benefits from watching it with sound off.


Alex Finch.
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If you’re based in the UK you can watch the episode on BBC iPlayer here.

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