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Latest Update: This week we’ve news on Woke, the new sitcom starring New Girls’s Lamorne Morris, a remake of the Wonder Years that will focus on a black middle class family in the sixties, John Travolta and Kevin Hart’s Quibi comedy Die Hart, Harry Hill’s return to mocking tv, Bec Hill making an arts based kids show, plus trailers for The Boys and Pen15’s second seasons, and much more.

Better Things – Will be returning for a fifth season.

The Boys – Yet another season 2 trailer is here:

Dead to Me – Has been renewed for a third and final season at Netflix,

Die Hart – A trailer has been released for this new Quibi series that finds Kevin Hart “Yearning to break free from his history of playing comedic sidekicks—see: Central Intelligence, Ride Along—by attending an “action star school” that, per a synopsis, is “run by a lunatic.” Enter Travolta, who sports a bald head and a scrappy denim jacket as the cuckoo coach. Game Of Thrones’ Nathalie Emmanuel, meanwhile, co-stars as another student at the school.”

Dinosaur – The BBC maybe making a pilot starring an autistic lead actor, and the British Comedy Guide reports “Dinosaur, written by playwright Matilda Curtis (pictured), is being developed for BBC Three by Two Brothers Pictures, which produced both series of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s internationally acclaimed sitcom and Back To Life for the channel. Filming of the pilot is scheduled to take place next year. Hundreds of applicants answered an open casting search last month for an autistic actor to play a woman “in her twenties who has yet to be diagnosed as autistic and is having to negotiate the world around her” for “a new BBC television project shooting in 2021″. However, BCG understands that the corporation is yet to officially commission the pilot.”

Harry Hill’s World Of TV – Harry Hill is making his first BBC2 series in decades, where he’ll mock tv, but unlike Tv Burp it will take a look at different genres each week including soaps, police dramas, historical documentaries, cookery programmes, DIY shows, and medical dramas. “Hill Says: “It’s about time someone blew the whistle on how these TV shows are put together and it looks like I’m the man for the job. Watching TV will never be the same again! I predict this series of programmes will be required viewing for all students of TV. We’re talking TV landmark… jus’ sayin’.”

Jim Gaffigan: The Pale Tourist – Gaffigan’s next special has been divided in to two parts, and sounds quite unusual as “The two-part special follows the comedian as he travels the world, meeting new people in each country, eating the food, and learning a bit about the history. He then transforms those experiences into a stand-up set of all-new material to perform it for locals and expatriates, before heading on to another destination and doing it all over again. ” A trailer for it is here:

John Mulaney And The Sack Back Bunch – After the success of the bloody fantastic first special, Mulaney is to make two more, the first of which will air around Christmas, though this time around it’ll be on Comedy Central instead of Netflix.

MakeAway Takeaway – Bec Hill is to make an arts based show for CITV according to Chortle – ” ‘Each week, Bec will take the audience and her takeaway customers on a comical journey packed with unique and inspirational art ideas, as she experiments with unusual materials, finds a home for junk, and uses her funny bones to make us laugh along the way.’ London-based Australian Hill is known for using home-made props in her stand-up, especially inventive lo-tech animations made on flip charts, using similar mechanisms to pop-up books.”

Pen15 – Returns for it’s second season on September 18th with 14 brand new episodes, and a trailer for it is here:

Ramy – Has been given a third season by Hulu.

Sandylands – Is coming back for a second series.

Search Party – John Early has spoken about the most recent season here, and hints at what season 4 might entail too –

Untitled Lucy Liu Sitcom – Liu is making a pilot for a new multi-cam sitcom where “Liu will play Devin, described as the fierce and powerful head of Shelter, a large and successful modern furniture company. She is a force and is unfamiliar with failure. But when she adopts a baby she is ill-prepared for the task of parenting and feels at a complete loss as to how to be a mom.”

Woke – This brand new comedy based on a true story from musician Keith Knight stars New Girls’s Lamorne Morris as “Keef, a Black cartoonist on the cusp of mainstream success. Not one to shake the political table, Keef is perfectly content keeping things “light” until he is confronted by the police in a traumatic case of racial profiling. Fundamentally shaken, Keef is forced to recognize racism and inequality at a systemic level. But first, he’s gotta deal with these talking beer bottles and trash cans. The series will tackle Keef’s journey to “wokeness” (“Once your eyes are open, you can unsee,” offers Ayana, played by Saturday Night Live alum Sasheer Zamata). Using animation, Knight processes his fictional counterpart’s latent trauma and social awakening through a whimsical lens,combining comedy and a rather evergreen experience for many Black Americans.” It drops on Hulu on September 9th, and more info and a teaser trailer is here:

The Wonder Years – A remake of the much loved Fred Savage is in the works, where “The new half-hour comedy series would focus on how a black middle class family in Montgomery, Alabama in the turbulent late 1960’s made sure it was The Wonder Years for them too. That puts the new show in the same time period as the original series, which was set between 1968 and 1973. A mini writer’s room for the show will be opened once ABC approves a pilot script. Saladin K. Patterson will write and executive produce. Lee Daniels and Marc Velez will executive produce via Lee Daniels Entertainment. Fred Savage, the star of the original series, will direct the pilot and executive produce.”

News From 03/07/2020:

Beavis and Butthead – Is to return to our screens once again, in what’s oddly described as a ‘re-imagining’ of the series, with the AV Club reporting “Judge will write, produce, and lend his voice to the “reimagined” Beavis And Butt-Head, which, per a press release, will encompass “meta-themes relatable to both new and old fans—Gen X parents and their Gen Z kids.” Comedy Central has committed to two seasons of the show, as well as “additional spin-offs and specials” that we’re hoping finds some way to fold Daria into the mix.”

The Boys – will return for it’s second season on Sept 4th with a three episode premiere, new episodes will be released after that each Friday, and a trailer is here:

Cam_Girlfriend – A bit of a bizarre one this, as Variety has reported that the dodgy adult porn site Chaturbate is making a scripted comedy that “follows rising cam model Chloe Cables (Lily LaBeau) as she balances her relationship with her boyfriend, Mike (Dave Keystone) with her relationship to her work and fans. Together, they soon learn that camming is a job you can’t help but take home. The series will live on YouTube Channel Camming Life and be promoted across Chaturbate’s social media channels. New episodes will air weekly”.

Clone High – Another animated sitcom that’s set to be “reimagined” is this 2003 show which only ran for 13 episodes, with the AV Club commenting “While Clone High isn’t getting a movie, it is getting new episodes with original creators Phil Lord, Chris Miller, and Bill Lawrence working to “reimagine” it. Per a press release, Erica Rivinoja, previously of The Last Man On Earth, will serve as showrunner and pen the pilot episode alongside Lord and Miller. It’s unclear how many episodes MTV is ordering, or when it might air. But the “updated version” of the series will continue to count Abraham Lincoln, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, and John F. Kennedy among its student body of cloned, horny historical figures.”

The Cockfields – Gold have commissioned a second series of this sitcom starring Joe Wilkinson, Diane Morgan, Sue Johnston and Bobby Ball, filming is due to start in August but due to the pandemic it may be delayed.

Connecting – NBC have ordered eight episodes of this comedy which consists only of socially distanced video chats “The series is described as an ensemble comedy about a group of friends trying to stay close (and sane) through video chats as they share the highs and lows of these extraordinary times. It is unknown at this time when the series will air or if it will be part of NBC’s fall schedule.”.

Corporate – Returns on July 22nd for it’s third and final season, and follows “Matt, Jake, Grace, and the rest of Hampton DeVille as they face the struggles of content creation, workplace conflicts, business trips, and finally learning to climb the corporate ladder.”

Cuphead The Show – Netflix are making an animated series based on the popular console game, and a teaser trailer is here:

Curb Your Enthusiasm – Will be returning for an eleventh season, with David commenting “Believe me, I’m as upset about this as you are,” he cracked. “One day I can only hope that HBO will come to their senses and grant me the cancellation I so richly deserve.”

The Curse – Three of the stars of People Just Do Nothing, Steve Stamp, Allan Mustafa and Hugo Chegwin, are writing a new sitcom, though no channel has bought it yet. “Set in the 1980s, the plot is said to revolved around the unexpected after-effects of a heist with echoes of the notorious 1983 Brink’s-Mat robbery, in which £26million of gold bullion, diamonds, and cash was stolen from a Heathrow warehouse.”

Deadendia – Based on the reportedly superb horror comedy graphic novels by Hamish Steele, Netflix is to make an animated sitcom which “Follows Barney, Norma and their talking dog Pugsley as their summer job at a haunted house theme park turns out to host real supernatural creatures. The cast will feature Zach Barack as Barney, Kody Kavitha as Norma, Emily Osment as Courtney, Alex Brightman as Pugsley, Clinton Leupp a.k.a. Miss Coco Peru as Pauline Phoenix, Kenny Tran as Logs and Kathreen Khavari as Badyah.”

The Great – Has been given a second season, which will once again be ten episodes long.

Gus & Wally – A Mission Hill Spin-Off is being planned despite the show being a failure when it originally aired, and apparently it “Would take place six months after the first season and center on the adorably mismatched married couple Gus (Nick Jameson) and Wally (Tom Kenny). Oakley says it would be titled Gus & Wally, and that, despite the shift in focus, the rest of the world’s characters would still play an active role. As of now, per Oakley, the series lives in a six-page document that he and Weinstein are hoping to shop to HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, and Adult Swim, with HBO Max being the most likely candidate as Warner Bros. still owns the IP.”

Joz Norris – You Build The Thing You Think You Are – CTW favourite Joz Norris has turned his proposed new stand up show in to a film, which “Is an absurdist storytelling show about how we construct ourselves, about the accumulation of rubbish both in our heads and in our homes, about feeling more at home in your mind than in your body, and about the struggle to ever share any of this with another human being. All the while it features a Romanian Troll/Goblin thing who just wants to sing the hits and learn how to dance; about a Van Morrison gig that accidentally came to be the cornerstone of a personality; and about a gong bath so profound that it caused someone’s spine to grow by two inches.”

The Kominsky Method – Has been renewed for a third, final Season by Netflix, we’ve yet to check it out but the second season was recommended by Stewart Lee in his most recent newsletter, so we plan to do so now.

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 – The Mads are back! Join Mystery Science Theater 3000 stars Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff (“Dr. Clayton Forrester” and “TV’s Frank”) for this special livestream event as they live-riff through Ed Wood’s 1953 classic, Glen or Glenda, with a Q&A afterwards. This show will broadcast live via a private YouTube link that will be sent to ticket purchasers an hour prior to showtime. You can also watch directly here on Eventbrite. A percentage of the proceeds from the event will benefit NAACP Empowerment Programs, who engage primarily in training, education, and advocacy at the national and local levels. Viewers will be able to tune in from anywhere in the world. Anyone who purchases a ticket will gain access to re-watch the livestream and download it for personal viewing. For more info and tickets go here:

Nikki Fre$h – This Nicole Richie comedy that aired on Quibi and so was seen by over seven people has been given a second season.

There’s Something About Movies – Is coming back for a third season, with filming due to start later this month, though for the first time it will not be in front of a studio audience, and guests will include Stephen Graham, Gemma Arterton, Joanna Lumley, Nick Frost and Phil Wang.

Uncle Stan – In what’s definitely not an The Office spin-off for copyright reasons, The Office star Leslie David Baker has set up a kickstarter to make a show where his character Stan “is forced to leave his Florida retirement in order to help his nephew run a combination motorcycle repair shop/florist business, as one does. There’s nothing in the promotional copy about wacky hijinx ensuing, but god damn if it doesn’t sound like they probably will.”

Wellington Paranormal – Series 3 of the show has resumed shooting and there’s a photo from the new series here:

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