Tv Review: What We Do In The Shadows Season 2 Episode 10

what we do in the shadows s2 e10 indexThis second season of What We Do In The Shadows really has been a huge improvement on the first, a far funnier, often sillier and much more playful selection of stories as our undead anti-heroes have interacted with a number of unusual individuals including witches, ghosts, an old familiar and Mark Hamill’s revenge seeking vampire, while there’s also been a great arc for Guillermo (Harvey Guillén) who has discovered not only a natural ability for vampire slaying but has also grown a spine and is no longer prepared to put up with quite so much nonsense from Kayvan Novak’s Nandor.

This season finale largely concerns Guillermo’s storyline, and right at the beginning we find out he’s left the house and moved back in with his mother due to his murderous impulses, and one week later it’s clear that Laszlo and co really aren’t coping without him as the house is at risk of burning down and they’ve run out of clothes to wear. This gives Colin Robertson the chance to shine as he tricks everyone in to thinking a trip to the dry cleaners would be death defying, and once again he provides some of the funniest lines of dialogue of the series.

Not that Matt Berry, Novak and Natasia Demetriou don’t get their fair share as well though, with all given their time in the spotlight when we witness their delight at receiving an invitation for the “Noveau Theatre Des Vampires”, an all vampire production which only visits the USA every five years. Normally only the crème de la crème of the vampire world are invited but somehow Laszlo and co have made the cut, with Laszlo excited due to the supposedly enormous amount of genitalia on display in the play.

Of course it’s a trap but these egotistical fools walk right in to it, only then discovering that the Vampire Council are fully aware of all of the vampires who have recently died, but what they don’t know is that it’s Guillermo who is responsible, and instead blame our four anti-heroes instead. This leads to the best part of an already great episode as Jermaine Clement’s Vladimir shows us a re-enactment of the supposed killings, which is a joyously daft recreation featuring lots of prancing about and bad rhyming.

Even better is the fact that Laszlo, Natasia, Nandor and Colin Robertson are more annoyed by the inaccuracies in the portrayals of themselves than the risk of their own deaths, mocking the choreography on stage and the terrible script while Laszlo is continuously annoyed by the lack of nudity, though maybe the latter is for the best as even with their clothes on Colin Robertson comments “I’ll be honest with you my lookalike is kind of giving me a chub” in a line which for me was the funniest of the episode

Just before it ends there’s another fantastic highlight with an Oscar’s style “In Memoriam film” highlighting the vampires lost, with Clement pithily commenting over the top of it, and then the episode comes to a close with an enormously impressive action scene, albeit one which is left on a slight cliffhanger as what will happen with Guillermo is left unresolved. I’ve no issue with that though as he’s one of my favourite character’s, a much needed slice of sanity who grounds the show and it would have been a lesser piece if he were not to appear in the third season.

As much as I like him the show wouldn’t be what it is without the magnificent four lead vampires of course, who have really come in to their own this year. They’re largely pompous, egotistical creations who are completely detached from reality and nearly always deluded, but that only makes them funnier. Add the way they’ve grown to a selection of hilariously inventive storylines and you’ve got a show which has becomes pretty damn special in its second year, and if the third season continues in this vein and improves even more this could become a truly great comedy classic.


Alex Finch.
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If you’re based in the UK you can watch the first series of What We Do In The Shadows on the BBC iPlayer, with the second season due to appear on it soon.

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