Stand Up Special Review: Steve Martin And Martin Short – An Evening You Will…

steve martin martin short indexSteve Martin and Martin Short have delivered one of the best stand-up specials on Netflix and while it appears Steve Martin takes a backseat to Martin Short in this special, both of their genius is evident. Remaining true to their personas that propelled them into super-stardom “An Evening You Will Forget for the Rest of Your Life” deserves as many stars as words in the title. Here is how I broke it down.

Almost perfect…as expected by these professionals. The chemistry between the two keeps the set moving quickly, made the set feel extremely genuine, and is on full display in the interview with Jimmy Fallon. The only slight negatives from the night are when Steve Martin and Martin Short both try their musical performances out. While still entertaining it slowed down the pace of the show, Short’s less so than Steve’s, I just felt that Steve Martin could have particularly incorporated more jokes into his musical time. As a disclaimer, this felt more like a show than a simple stand-up routine. While the music was entertaining it just wasn’t as funny as the rest of the performance.

Elsewhere the two played off of each other for a while which was wildly entertaining. However, each both got their own time in the special as well. This to me felt like a great flow to the show, I simply could not think of any improvements to this aspect of the performance. What really steals the show is the fact that their creative genius is really on display. The format and bits are never before seen, it is completely different to any other current comedy in a very refreshing way. It kept me laughing and guessing throughout.

You can view their special exclusively streaming on Netflix. Steve Martin and Martin Short are (hopefully) back on tour with all new content in 2020 and I cannot wait to see it.


Aussie Grey.

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