Tv Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 13

brooklyn nine nine s7e13 indexA lot of series go off the boil during their seventh season, it happens so often it could be suggested that when a show gets to (around) the one hundred and fifty episode mark it might be time to call it a day, that the storylines and character developments have been exhausted. And as fond as I am of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and as fun as it has mostly been this year, the first signs that maybe it needs to come to an end are definitely starting to show.

That’s most glaringly the case with the normally reliable Captain Holt, over the years they’ve generated a fantastic amount of humour from because of his overtly serious and calm manner but recently he’s become increasingly cartoonish. Perhaps Andre Braugher wanted to flex his comedy muscles a bit more but some of his antics have been really over the top, and seeing him violently beat someone up last week and then do a daft dance in this episode simply doesn’t work, it’s something that seems odd rather than funny.

This episode was the season finale and the show has often gone big with such things, but it felt like it went a little too far this time around, as the city suffered a blackout and Amy went in to labour at the same time. That also meant that Holt and Terry were stuck in a lift together, Jake and Charles foiled a complicated scheme to rob a bank and met a variety of wacky characters, and Hitchcock and Scully panic ate in the hope no food would go off, even though the blackout only seemed to last about an hour in the end.

Most of the time these plot lines worked, though Hitchcock and Scully and Terry and Holt’s seemed a little bland compared to the over the top shenanigans with the other characters, but on each occasion it over stretched it’s credibility, with the way Jake eventually makes it back to Amy in time for the birth by riding a police horse through the city being all rather ridiculous in the worst kind of ways.

It’s still a show capable of being extremely funny, a cameo from a young Raymond Holt was delightful, Jake’s dislike for Officer Rick created a good few funny lines, and Amy’s labour had some decent moments in it too, especially when it came to Rosa’s disgust. Not all the new one off characters were dodgy either and in Dotty they created an individual who worked perfectly as a foil to Jake and Boyle, with her line “I am the law” being pretty damn hilarious stuff, as was a “Swear Off” between Hitchcock and Scully and Amy towards the end.

So yeah, it hasn’t jumped the shark yet, but it definitely is circling it, and eyeing it in a worryingly avaricious manner. Due to that I hope the forthcoming season eight is the final one, I really love these characters and it’s been a superb series ninety eight per cent of the time, but it’d be horrible if it became any sillier or any dafter and like way too many US sitcoms spoilt the memory of what came before.


Alex Finch.
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  1. Your sence of humor is problematic: this is the best epidode ever! Melissa fumero reaches the hight of her qualities as comidian and so did the rest of the cast! I hope the next season wouldn’t be the last one!


    • You’re an astute person. The author can’t see beyond the job title Critic, despite the fact that they are doing this with a WordPress portal


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