Review: Cuts Episode 1

cuts s1 indexCuts is a brand new sketch show produced by Turtle Canyon Comedy, the all round lovely people behind the web series Content, and written by Pierre Novellie, Jonny Lennard and Theo Chester. The impressive roster of talent involved doesn’t stop their either as it stars a host of great comedians including Garrett Millerick, Rose Johnson, Harriet Kemsley, Sunil Patel, Lulu Popplewell, Sara Barron, Ed Night, Rich Wilson and George Fouracres, among various others, and with that many acclaimed individuals on board surely it couldn’t be bad, could it?

Perhaps that’s a tad naive as the answer might have been “Yes, and dear lord, what the hell was that?” as anyone who saw the 2005 ITV sketch show Monkey Trousers knows, while there have been many other examples where even though a lot of very funny people contributed to a show it’s not turned out well. Fortunately this isn’t one of those cases however, Cuts is a sharp and delightfully funny show, extremely well written and acted, and though this is the first episode it already feels quite unique and unlike any other British sketch show that I’ve seen with it’s rather unusual but very funny take on life.

That take is evident from the very beginning as the strong opening sketch sees Garrett Millerick wishing to leave a cafe after having ordered a 24 hour breakfast – but the waitress is appalled as he still has over 23 hours to go. It’s the kind of sketch that has a strong central concept and is then made all the funnier as it becomes odder by the second and we learn there was an induction process and he had to put down a deposit which he’ll no longer get back, towards the end it almost has a surreal, fantastical element to it as well, and rather than just relying on a great idea it develops it beautifully so it continues to be unpredictable yet also consistently funny.

That’s a skill Novellie, Lennard and Chester bring to all of the sketches in the episode, be it a skit set at a work leaving do where a woman claims the thing she’ll miss the most is the cutlery in the work canteen, a death obsessed friend played disturbingly well by Harriet Kemsley, or a scene where a man is being tortured with the reveal over what they want from him – all have a great concept but become funnier as it’s expanded upon throughout the running time.

Best of all is sketch with a blind man who owns a “Paella Hound” that gets weirder yet also more hilarious as it goes on, with it having the best pay off out of all them, though there’s not a bad sketch in the whole thing and I can’t wait to see more of the series given the strength of this first outing. If I had a very minor complaint it’d be that a couple of the sketches end in a weird slowed down manner which isn’t needed as they’re funny without using that device, but it’s a tiny issue, and in general this is a sketch show which will make you laugh from start to finish while also impressing with it’s remarkable ingenuity.


Alex Finch.
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