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coming attractions 03042020Latest Update: This week we’ve a whole bunch of news about forthcoming Adult Swim shows including Rick and Morty and The Shivering Truth, a new comedy from Curb Your Enthusiasm writer Steve Leff, Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard’s depressing comedy Breeders getting a second series, Shrill returning for a third season, Will Smith hosting a new stand up series, and much more.

Adult Swim Shows – No exact dates have been given but according to The Futon Critic “Dream Corp LLC season 3 invades your brain this summer, Tigtone – season 2 reveals all-new quests to conquer this fall, Lazor Wulf – season 2 howls with more laughs this fall, 12 Oz. Mouse – long-awaited 3rd season comes this summer”.

American Dad – Is returning to TBS for it’s fifteenth season, during which it will celebrate it’s 300th episode, and there’s also set to be an episode written by TheWeeknd who also stars in it. For more details and a trailer, go here:

Billions – Seven episodes of the latest season will air when the show returns in May, but the rest of the season has yet to be shot so will be delayed until later on in the year, at least if we’re lucky and this current nightmarish situation decides to never end.

Black Monday – As with Billions not all of the season will air as only seven episodes of the second season are currently complete.

Breeders – This beyond bleak comedy about shitty parents and their shitty kids is coming back for a second season.

Code 404 – This new Sky comedy which pays homage to Robocop and stars Daniel Mays, Stephen and Anna Maxwell Martin will air from April 29th on Sky One, with the whole season available on the NowTv app from that day too.

God’s Assistant, Emily – A new show from one of the writers of Curb Your Enthuisam, it “Follows the trials and tribulations of Emily, an assistant to a blundering boss who happens to be God. The series will focus on Emily’s frantic struggles to ensure that her buffoonish boss doesn’t make our human lives miserable down here, and Emily and her co-workers’ lives up there.”

JJ Villard’s Fairy Tales – A new Adult Swim series from the creator of Trap Universe, according to The AV Club: “There’s no better way to describe JJ Villard’s Fairy Tales than with this voiceover line from the trailer: “They’re not just Grimm… they’re grim… AS FUCK.” These are fairy tales with attitude, insert guitar wail over shots of blood and viscera, throw in an F-bomb, holy shit can you believe they put this on TV?! The basic premise is, well, exactly all of the above. Fairy tales, but naughty and weird. That’s it. That’s the deal. JJ Villard’s Fairy Tales debuts on May 10, and if you can hold on to your nards for that long, you’ll get to enjoy a profane cartoon featuring the voices of horror faves like Linda Blair, Robert Englund, Corey Feldman, Warwick Davis, and Jennifer Tilly.” More info, and that trailer, is here:

Nikki Fre$h – Another Quibi series, this “Follows Nicole Richie, who unites her passions for Mother Earth and hip hop into her eponymous alter ego, Nikki Fre$h. Nikki will interact with real life seekers and consciousness experts to learn ways to better service our bodies and our planet.”

Red Dwarf – The Radio Times have published an early review which suggests the forthcoming feature length special isn’t all that special, and which ends with: “The end result is a good-but-not-great first stab at the feature-length format for Red Dwarf – The Promised Land is unlikely to convert anyone who’s found themselves immune to the show’s charms thus far, but it’s a reasonably rewarding outing for the faithful.”

Rick And Morty – The second half of season 4 is to begin airing on May 3rd, and a trailer for it is here.

The Shivering Truth – Is set to return for it’s second season May 10th.

Shrill – Will be coming back for a third season as Hulu are lovely.

Sick Of It – Karl Pilkington has decided not to do a third series, and has even suggested he may not work in tv again.

This Joka – A 16-episode stand-up comedy series hosted and executive produced by Willl Smith “In the show, Smith plays host to a diverse guest list of comedians, ranging from up-and-comers to legendary performers. “This Joka” showcases their stand-up sets and will feature one-on-one conversations between Smith and the comedians plus docu-style moments shot backstage and around Vegas.”

Tooning Out The News – Was delayed thanks to the Coronavirus, but will now debut on April 7th.

YOLO: Crystal Fantasy – Michael Cusack is making an Adult Swim show that “Follows Australian party girls Sarah and Rachel as they are looking for fun times, new experiences, positive vibes, and hopeful horoscopes in the bizarre town of Wollongong. Sarah’s quest is to find love, whereas Rachel hungers for chaos, often bringing them into conflict as they encounter surreal Australiana, strange bush creatures, and eccentric nomads.”

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