Comedy Snippets: 01/03/2020

comedy snippets 01032020
Short reviews of comedy old and new, and other bits of info which don’t fit anywhere else on the site, updated weekly.

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay Season 1 Episode 1
The latest show from Pls Like’s Josh Thomas, it’s just as good as his previous series which is quite the compliment as Please Like Me was bloody amazing stuff. In it Thomas plays Nicholas, a twentysomething guy who lives in his father’s house with his two half sisters, Matilda (Kayla Cromer), who has autism, and Genevieve (Maeve Press) who doesn’t. Nicholas is supposed to be leaving for Australia but then his father reveals he’s going to die, and soon, as he has a terrible form of cancer, and after a brief discussion it’s decided that Nicholas is going to be the one who looks after the two young girls once their Dad is no longer with them. That happens rather quickly too, as after a time jump we’re at the funeral and all are doing their best to deal with their new, very raw and painful lives, with Nicholas doing his best as the girls’ new father figure and both of them not exactly overjoyed by such a thing. It’s a very frank and honest portrayal of grief, and the way it handles Matilda’s autism deserves acclaim as well as she’s shown to be a layered and smart individual who just happens to sometimes be a little too blunt. The series is packed with sharp, funny lines (Genevieve’s comment prior to the funeral that “I look like a child whore widow” being the best of a great selection) and it’s moving and touching material too, and something I’m already guessing will be one of the very best series of the year.

High Fidelity Season 1 Episode 1
Twenty five years on from the release of Nick Hornby’s novel about a record shop owner and the way he explores his past, shitty relationships, and twenty years on from the film adaptation with John Cusack, and we’ve been given a ten part series exploring the same ground, though the big difference is that it’s been gender flipped with Zoe Kravitz in the lead role. She’s great in it too, smart, funny and slightly self-obsessed, and so very similar to the original version found in Hornby’s novel, but otherwise the show feels a bit lacking, there’s a fair amount of fourth wall breaking as Robyn talks about her favourite music and the relationships that she’s been in, it’s the kind of humour which might raise a wry smile but that’s about all. The dialogue is otherwise vaguely okay but apart from Robyn all of the characters we’re introduced to are pretty bland, or quite pretentious and so a bit irritating, her two co-workers especially, to the extent that however appealing Robyn is they made me want to stop watching it at several points. Perhaps it improves as I’ve only seen this first episode but right now it’s hard to see why it exists when it’s not covering any new ground, and I won’t be watching any further episodes unless new tv suddenly stops being made for some traumatic and disturbing reason.

Duncanville Season 1 Episode 2
Last week I wrote a mostly positive review of this new sitcom from Amy Poehler, but did question whether there was any real need for another animated comedy centring around a white middle class family. On the strength of that first episode I suggested there was, just about, but now this second episode has me questioning my convictions. It’s by no means bad (though a running gag about the daughter being a bully leaves a slightly unpleasant taste in my mouth), but it’s just a bit average, the kids fight, the parents bicker, and by the end there’s a happy ending for all involved and while you might have laughed once or twice (a gag about a creepy doll the Dad has in the garage is a decent one), it won’t in any way have captured your imagination or given you a new found love for mainstream comedy. I’m hesitant to write it off after just two episodes but it really does need to become funnier quickly, and offer up something that the other Fox animated comedies don’t provide, if it’s to be worth sticking with.
His Girl Friday
I have to admit that for the first twenty minutes I felt a bit disappointed by this screwball classic, it was perfectly fine but it didn’t particularly sparkle and a couple of the scenes dragged. But then it kicks up a gear and becomes a beautifully fast paced piece of absurdity, whilst also containing some very funny satire on the newspaper industry and a few surprisingly darker moments which I wasn’t expecting at all. The fact that they’re trying to defend a mentally ill man who shot a black cop and a central character attempts suicide (and really harms herself in the process) adds a curious depth to proceedings, whilst Cary Grant is shockingly cuntish at times, and you can’t help but feel a bit sorry for Hildie at the end, which makes it all the more oddly enjoyable.

Video Of The Week
I’ve reviewed a lot of Adult Swim pilots for the One and Done series but the one I want to see the most hasn’t been released in full, and only as a trailer, as it sees Mr Show star Jay Johnson play a ridiculous spy, and Rich Fulcher is his idiotic nemesis. At least we can see three minutes of it, but it fucks me off no end the full version hasn’t been released, or that it didn’t get a full series.

Link Of The Week
The story of the making of Wild Wild West, many might suggest that it’s a terrible movie that deserves scorn, but for my liking it falls in to the so bad it’s amazing category, which could be why I enjoyed this article about it. But even if you hate it there’s a lot to like here, and some very funny anecdotes as well.

Alex Finch.
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