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Stevie Martin is a quintuple threat as she’s a comedian, podcaster, writer, actor and sketch comic, who has received rave reviewers for her solo shows – with Fest Magazine saying ““This show is exceptional” – and her sketch work with the much loved group Massive Dad saw The Guardian commenting “This lovably stupid group breathe fresh air into traditional material – even the throwaway jokes are hilarious”. Soon-to-be seen on Sky’s Breeders alongside Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard, she’s also appeared on Dave’s Comedians Giving Lectures, Channel 4’s Damned, Russell Howard’s Good News, ITV2’s Elevenish, Comedy Central’s Brotherhood and Sky Kids’ So Beano, and is also the co-host of the hugely popular Nobody Panic podcast (formerly The Debrief Podcast) with Tessa Coates. Currently she’s performing her highly praised second hour “Hot Content”, and here she talks about that show, the differences between performing with Massive Dad and on her own, her podcast and her acting roles, and how her best ever dream involved Brad Pitt and some mangoes.

Comedy To Watch: How would you sell your latest show to someone who wasn’t previously aware of your good self?

Stevie: It’s sort of a very fast-paced TED Talk for anyone who a) likes laughing and b) is sometimes overwhelmed by their own smartphone. I promise you will laugh AT LEAST three times. Is that worth the ticket price? No. I might need to rethink this pitch somewhat.

CTW: And have you ever considered doing a more conventional stand up show, or is that something which doesn’t interest you?

Stevie: I’ve never really considered it! I like using projection slides and characters and dicking about too much. What I do isn’t too mad or unconventional, I just think visually and so using projection and slides seems to make sense to me.

CTW: How does performing on your own differ to your work with the sketch group Massive Dad?

Stevie: There’s a lot more lone noodling than there was in a sketch group. As in after gigs I eat noodles alone. Also if you mess up and then get it back so the audience don’t notice there’s nobody to congratulate you on being a legend.

CTW: You’ve also created a podcast with Tessa Coates, what have been the highlights of producing it?

Stevie: What could be better than sitting in a room discussing interesting topics with your great pal and getting cold hard cash for it?! It’s great. Also the actual topics we’ve covered have genuinely improved my life no end. I no longer cry on buses four times a week.

CTW: You’ve acted in Breeders, Damned, Brotherhood and The Reunion, could you tell us a little about your experiences on those shows?

Stevie: All of those shows were really fun in their own ways, and helped me discover that when someone tells me to walk to the left, I 10/10 will walk to the right which is why I can never EVER learn to drive.

CTW: Apart from (deep breath!) stand up, sketch comedy, podcasting, journalism and writing is there anything else you’d like to do in the comedy world?

Stevie: I’m not going to Edinburgh this year so I’m trying to, instead, film regular short sketches very casually and put them on IGTV so look please follow me @5tevieM and yes the 5 did used to be an ironic comment on the 90s boyband 5ive and I regret it now.

CTW: If you could change any element of the comedy world, what would it be?

Stevie: That it was kinder.

CTW: If money were no object, and you could collaborate with any living comedian, what would you like to create?

Stevie: Is talent no object? Because I can’t sing or dance very well but my dream is to be in a touring show of Chicago. I’ve not included any other comedians in this because honestly anyone can be involved. Or maybe a show called Steve Martin in conversation with Stevie Martin except it’s Steve Martin asking ME the questions and we can see how fast the Royal Albert Hall empties when people realise.

CTW: What one piece of underrated comedy do you wish more people knew about?

Stevie: Not enough people know about Acorn Antiques the Victoria Wood series. It’s on YouTube and I cried laughing when I watched it. It’s basically a terribly filmed and terrible acted soap opera set in an antiques shop and every line is an excellent joke.

CTW: And finally, if you could interview yourself, what question would you most like to ask? And what would the answer be?

Stevie: What’s the best dream you’ve ever had? Last week I dreamt I was Brad Pitt’s assistant and he had me tape mangoes on the walls next to all the doors and I did a really good job and woke up feeling energised to begin my day.

Stevie Martin’s second hit-hot-hour, Hot Content, runs at London’s Soho Theatre from Thursday 5th to Saturday 7th March at 9.00pm. More info and tickets here.

Alex Finch. Photograph (c) Tash Pszenicki.
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