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At the end of the review of the first episode of Netflix’s Medical Police I claimed I’d be astonished if the rest of the season wasn’t as good, and colour me unastonished then as it has indeed been a fantastic ride. Over that time they’ve repeatedly flown all over the world, checked in with some of their old Childrens Hospital co-stars (with Lake Bell’s appearances being a real highlight), spent some time in a Chinese prison, while Lola and Owen are now a couple and they’ve almost been killed more times than I can count. Though due to laziness I never did learn past the number six.

Now the final episode sees them back where they began at Childrens Hospital, desperately trying to come up with a cure to the virus that might kill millions, all the while under attack from the head of the CDC who’s behind the outbreak in the first place as he tries to increase funding for the organisation. The season finale doesn’t see them resting on their laurels either and is a nicely complex beast as Lola attempts to remember the cure and Owen performs a risky surgery, and the rest of the doctors do their best to take out the armed gunmen.

As fun as the complicated plot is it’s the ridiculous ways they go about their missions that really entertains, with Ken Marino’s Doctor Glenn Ritchie distracting a gunman with his dancing arse, and their failure while using a giant net was a beautifully constructed moment. Meanwhile Lola’s hallucinations lead to much silliness as well, while the dialogue was as sharp as ever with a pleasingly daft “Rain Check” gag working not once but twice, and Owen’s explanation as to why he can experiment on monkeys made me laugh very hard indeed.

There’s nothing quite as funny in it as the mattress gag in episode 3 (which I’ve referred to obliquely in the hope it won’t spoil it for anyone who’s yet to see it), but then that is one of the funniest bits of physical comedy I’ve ever seen and something I’ve watched over and over again since without tiring of it. And the main thing is that the episode is packed with some gorgeous absurdity and it’s rare that ten seconds passed without a big laugh, which is impressive stuff, joke for joke I think this has the highest laugh rate of any Netflix sitcom so far.

If I was an idiot (and I am!) I could moan about the lack of Blake Downs and The Goldfinch in this episode but they’ve already had their time in the sun so it’d be churlish to do so. And all I really hope is that in the future I won’t be complaining that this was a one season wonder, there’s so much scope in the characters and the concept that it could run and run for years, especially as it’s so fantastically performed and the writers are more than happy to go in exquisitely unpredictable directions, so I truly hope we get to catch up again with this bunch of lunatics very, very soon.


Alex Finch.
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