Live Review: Bec Hill – Out Of Order

bec hill out of order index
The Albany, Great Portland Street, London, 12/01/2020.

Just prior to Christmas Bec Hill headlined the always lovely Quantum Leopard gig and pulled off a fantastic set that had the audience roaring with laughter. Presenting the flip chart stories that she’s become famous for (with a recent appearance on Jonathan Ross’s chat show going down a storm) it was a hilarious twenty five minutes that firmly established her as a comedian I wanted to see more of as soon as possible.

Now she’s about to go on tour with her new show Out Of Order, taking it not only all over the UK but to Australia as well, but before heading off she did one last warm up gig though it’s clear from it that the show’s already completely finished and all rather superb. The set up is that she has the subjects of twenty five jokes written on pieces of paper and stuck to a board, and Hill encourages the audience to shout out what they want to hear about, leading to a different show each night as the callbacks may or may not be present deciding upon the order she does the material in.

A few of them have wavy lines indicating around them indicating a longer story or anecdote but the majority of them are a mixture of short one liners, thoughts or ideas that Hill has had, or one of her much loved flip charts. Right at the beginning Hill mentions her silly sense of humour and how immature she is, and she goes on to prove that over the course of the hour which is a beautifully silly and daft work, one which makes you forget the horrors of the real world and lets you live in Hill’s charming existence instead.

Within the set we get to hear a fantastic tale about how her boyfriend proposed to her (even if at the time she wasn’t overly happy), a selection of jokes made up by children, her thoughts on super powers, why she doesn’t want to have kids herself and how she wishes she could announce that on social media, a story about a unique heckle, as well as seeing four of her fantastic flip charts, three of which were musical based and one of which was a retelling of the Lords Prayer, and only the latter disappointed as some of the changes to the words stretched credibility a little too much.

Hill is an extremely engaging comedian and her happy, carefree manner is incredibly infectious, she’s someone who will have you smiling from the very first second and laughing an enormous amount as well. It’s frivolous, off the wall and often beautifully childish, and if you’re in the mood for comedy which doesn’t tax you in any manner but which will just make you laugh over and over again and leave you in an elated state afterwards, than Hill is definitely the comedian for you.


Alex Finch.
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You can find out more about Bec’s forthcoming tour on her official site.

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