Tv Review: Medical Police Season 1 Episode 1

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Starting off as a web series before becoming a proper tv show on Adult Swim, spoof medical series Childrens Hospital ran for seven fantastic seasons, and Medical Police is a spin-off from it. You won’t need to have seen the original series however, all you need to know is that these doctors are idiots, it’s a miracle that any of their patients survive, oh, and that the hospital is based in Brazil, which doesn’t matter in the slightest but was one of the show’s funniest running gags.

Starting off as if it was an episode of Children’s Hospital with nearly all of the cast present including Henry Winkler, Rob Courddry and Malin Akerman, even Michael Cera is present as the hospital announcer. Then the plot kicks in as a bunch of university students turn up with mysterious rashes and Doctor Lola Spratt (Erinn Hayes) becomes fascinated by the case, and when she needs a lift to the university to explore the situation further when everyone turns her down she has no choice but to ask egotistical twat Dr Owen Maestro (Rob Huebel) for help.

Everyone’s understandably impressed by the smart and insightful Doctor Spratt, and understandably unimpressed by the asinine and idiotic Doctor Maestro, who’s happy to sod off the first second when not needed, but after Spratt’s recruited to help solve what’s causing the outbreak he accidentally stows away on the airplane (in what’s a very funny cutaway which perfectly illustrates just how much of a buffoon he is) and so he’s along for the ride too. And that’s a ride which takes an unexpected diversion when some of the soldiers present turn out to be double agents, and everyone’s life is in danger.

As with Childrens Hospital it has a lot of very hilariously silly dialogue and wordplay, characters who are ridiculously stupid or thoughtless, and plot twists that you can’t help but laugh at the absurdity of. There’s some strong physical comedy as well, and as it’s a much bigger budgeted affair they’re able to have some pretty impressive set pieces of the kind that Childrens Hospital was never able to do.

From this opening episode it looks like it’s going to be just as fun as Childrens Hospital was at it’s best (so extremely bloody fun, then), and it’s a real pleasure to be back in the company of these characters. It’s extremely well acted by both the regular and the guest cast, and the script by David Wain, Rob Corddry, Jonathan Stern and Krister Johnson is full of comedic gems that will make you laugh throughout, so I’d be quite frankly astonished if the rest of the episodes weren’t equally as fantastic.


Alex Finch.
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