Live Review: Rose Matafeo – Warms Up For Her Special

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2Northdown, King’s Cross, London, 07/01/2020.

Rose Matafeo won the main Edinburgh prize with her show Horndog back in 2018 though shamefully I failed to see it when she toured it afterwards, and it looked like I might have missed my chance for quite a while. But thankfully she’s now recording the show and doing a couple of warm up dates to make sure she can still remember it all, and to also add a couple of new bits to it as well, so I grabbed a ticket straight away.

I’d previously only seen Matafeo on Taskmaster so didn’t know what she would be like, she was very funny on that Dave show but it didn’t really give a flavour of what her stand up would be, or even if it would be that great. As it turns out It’s a superb 90 minutes of comedy however, and it’s easy to see just why she won the big prize at Edinburgh as she talks about love, what it means to her, along with a fair few biographical tales from her teenage years.

It’s a show which starts strongly and then only gets better, as she talks about how many relationships she has and the nature of how she approaches them, throwing herself in 110% and considering herself “A horndog”, though after a chat with a friend she realises that she’s just extremely passionate. Then the rest of the show is all about how she became that person, and how she feels that it’s an important way to approach life.

She never discusses the relationships themselves though, this isn’t a examination of past boyfriends and why they didn’t last, but rather it’s about she felt before and after them, with a large section of the show devoted to her teenage years prior to her ever kissing a man, or masturbating for that matter, which she talks about in depth in very funny ways while making salient points on each and every subject.

A couple of times Matafeo comments about cutting a certain joke or segment but I really didn’t see the need, even if might not have gotten an enormous laugh (like nearly everything else did) it was still fascinating to hear her insights on a subject. It was a rare occurrence anyhow though as her thoughts on subjects from MeToo to puberty, the early days of the internet and therapy, among many, many others, were met by gales of laughter.

At this particular performance Rose mentioned that we didn’t get to see the exact ending but that just means I’ll get to enjoy it all over again when the recording is released, and the epilogue that was included was a gorgeously funny one. It’s a thoughtful, smart and hilarious show about the nature of identity and passion, and one that’ll not only make you laugh an enormous amount but which will give you a lot to mull over afterwards too.


Alex Finch.
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