Review: The Diary Of My Broken Vagina

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The Diary Of My Broken Vagina is another of Channel 4’s pilots from their Comedy Blaps series that might get a full series if it’s popular enough or receives critical acclaim. It definitely deserves to as Fran Bushe’s comedy is a smart, funny affair where she worries that her vagina might be broken as sex is either painful or very unsatisfying, and so decides she finally needs to remedy this situation asap.

Based on Bushe’s real diaries (and an Edinburgh show from 2018), with a script by the woman herself, Gwyneth Keyworth stars as Fran who at thirty is saying things like “Thanks for the lovely sex” even though she didn’t enjoy it, and straight afterwards heads online and searches for things like “Sex is painful”, “Is my vagina…haunted?” and “Is my vagina broken?”. Something clearly needs to change but before we see Fran’s attempts at solving her issue there’s a selection of flashbacks to her first sexual encounters which involves her teenage self (Isis Hainsworth) and first boyfriend Lee (Alhaji Fofana).

All of these are about as painful as you might imagine, both physically and mentally, and there’s a fair amount of cringe comedy here as she and her boyfriend try over and over again to have sex only for her to find it too painful. And even when on the 91st attempt they manage it the only joy is that they’re no longer virgins as neither seems to have enjoyed it very much, with Fran sadly definitely not doing so. Back to the present day and she decides it’s time to work out what’s wrong, but such a thing is much harder than you might imagine.

Doctors for one thing are useless, advising “More sex” and “A glass of wine” but nothing else, while her friend Laura (Taj Atwal) is her “Pelvic Cheerleader” but apart from talking about all the sex she has, and finally admitting that her boyfriend never makes her orgasm, she’s not much help at all. So there’s (seemingly) only one solution, and that’s to head off to an “Inner Spirit Retreat” (aka Sex Camp) in the hope that the experts their will be able to help her.

Given that it’s a pilot that’s how the episode ends and whether or not Fran’s vagina remains broken to this day or if she’s been able to fix it is something that isn’t revealed. Either way I’d like to hope that this is given a series, it’s an intelligent, extremely likeable affair with a great sense of humour about itself, there’s a lot of fun cutaways, a good few self-deprecating gags (with one particularly very funny one relating to Fran’s love for the band The Darkness) and it’s superbly acted as well, and so if it is given a full series it’d be a real highlight of Channel 4’s comedy schedule.


Alex Finch.
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