Tv Review: Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 5

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I’ve been a little negative about this most recent season of Rick and Morty, perhaps my expectations were too high but I love the show when it blows me away with it’s inventiveness, when it’s truly surprising and / or shocking, when it does something I didn’t see coming in the slightest, and up until now it hadn’t really done this. It had been mostly great, fun and amusing enough, but by the show’s standards a little predictable, none more so than with last week’s dragon shaming nonsense.

But I’m glad to say that this week it finally impressed me again, which was gosh darn kind of it. Not that it went to the dark, fucked up places the show normally does when it makes me laugh the most, it was just a mixture of notably creative madness when it came to the storyline revolving around a planet filled with snakes, and joyously daft fun with Jerry’s b-plot which saw him bouncing about with special gravity defying shoes.

Initially it didn’t seem like it was going to be that great an episode as Rick did his standard mockery of Jerry thing before heading off on an adventure with Morty, only for Morty to get bitten by the first snake in space from a planet full of the racist bastards. But after that it became pretty inspired stuff, with one long dialogue free sequence making me laugh a huge amount as we got to see life on the planet of the snakes, which was full of great sight gags and all round funny idiocy, which I think everyone would agree is the best kind.

They’ve managed to redeem Jerry’s character a lot this season too, for the first three seasons they made him a little bit too pathetic, to the extent that I was actively hoping he and Beth would split up and we’d rarely seen him again. But by giving him a tiny amount of spine he’s much more likeable, especially as he fights back against Rick in this episode and doesn’t care if he dies in the process as long as he gets something that resembles a win.

And as much as I liked the silent snake madness, the Terminator parody that developed with the storyline was even more enjoyable as it got ridiculously out of hand and involved Snake Abraham Lincoln surviving his assassination attempt and then Snake Hitler not surviving his, followed by an even more enjoyable bit of insanity featuring characters I really hope we see again. But best of all was all of the very funny dialogue, including Jerry’s pitiful comment “Can you recognise the sound of a man’s pants filling up with rain?” though Summer’s “Grandpa, did you trap him in a painting again?” came a close second.

At one point I was wondering if I’d miss the series after only five episodes had aired, with it yet to be announced when the show will return, but now I definitely will. I guess I just need to lower my expectations a little when it does come back and not expect every episode to be packed with an astonishing amount of amazing ideas, and just be happy when every so often we get a truly stunning episode in the way that this one was.

★★★★ 1/2

Alex Finch.
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