Live Review: Hyde Park Winter Wonderland Comedy Club

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Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, London, 07/12/2019.

Back after a successful run last year Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland Comedy Club is one of the biggest comedy venues I’ve ever been in, taking the form of a large circus style tent, and given it’s size it’s perhaps no surprise that they’re able to attract big names of the likes of Britain’s Got Talent’s Lost Voice Guy and Micky P Kerr, while Andrew Maxwell and Abandoman are set to perform in the coming weeks.

At £15 a ticket for only a 45 minute show you’d hope for a high quality night though, and on that front the show only partially delivered. Worst of all was the MC Emmanuel Sonubi who was all kinds of horrible, making shitty jokes about an audience member with ginger hair and then picking on another guy and dragging him on to the stage simply because the cuddly toy he’d won for his girlfriend wasn’t that big. His crowd work at other points was pretty damn poor, as was his material about having kids, and sadly he was easily one of the worst MC’s I’ve ever seen, and so bad that I plan to actively avoid him in the future.

Fortunately the first proper act of the evening was much, much better. A finalist from Britain’s Got Talent I have to admit I’d never seen Micky P Kerr’s work as I’m not a fan of talent shows, and so didn’t exactly have high hopes, but he impressed with the first half of his set as he performed a number of original songs, many of which are amusingly short, just the punchline and done, and which made me laugh a good deal. Unfortunately the second half disappointed though, where he does a routine about famous songs where you can’t make out what’s being sung, the problem being is that it didn’t make sense as some of the songs he reproduced (like Gabrielle’s Dreams) are easy to understand and so the joke just didn’t work. It’s a shame as when doing his own music he’s pretty great, and hopefully he’ll concentrate on that aspect of his comedy in the future.

Another act who was something of “A game of two halves” was the 2018 winner of Britain’s Got Talent, Lost Voice Guy aka Lee Ridley. At the beginning of the set he had some really strong material about the nature of his disability, and the fact that he delights in being something of a bastard, while a fair chunk of the jokes he told on the tv show were reproduced here as well like his material on being in a Steps tribute act, and his concern about the Special Forces, all of which made me laugh a fair amount. But a good few of his jokes are a bit bland, there’s nothing bad about them, nothing that you can really critique, but they were just rather average and didn’t make me laugh, or the audience who up until that point had laughed at most things (well, bar Emmanuel Sonubi, anyhow). Ridley definitely is a skilled comic but he needs to be more consistent if he’s going to survive the curse of many a talent show and still be remembered in years to come.

Due to the cost of the gig, and it’s short length, I’ve very mixed feelings about it despite enjoying elements of the night, and I wouldn’t suggest that it’s worth travelling to for the comedy alone (as I ended up doing due to queuing up for ages to get in to the venue in the first place) but if you’re planning on visiting the Winter Wonderland and have money to burn then it might be a fun enough way to end the evening.


Alex Finch.
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You can find out more about the club, and Winter Wonderland, at the official site.

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