Tv Review: Silicon Valley Season 6 Episode 6

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Many a tv show goes horribly wrong in it’s final season, from Dexter to Lost to How I Met Your Mother but I never thought that Silicon Valley would be joining the list. Season 5 was patchy but given that they knew they were going out with seven final episodes well in advance the fact that it’s been so pointless and lacking in any real arc has been a huge surprise, and the storylines that have been present have been more irritating than the sensation of having seven hundred thousand fire ants poured in to your eyeballs. And trust me, I know how that feels. Probably.

The characters have felt poorly written as well, like two dimensional versions scripted by a college intern who’d seen two and a half episodes and thought that was enough to get a grip on them. So yes, Dinesh is a bit of a dick but he’s never been this cowardly and pathetic, Gilfoyle is nihilistic but even more selfish than usual, Jared is just fucking weird, which was always an aspect of the character but they’ve doubled down on it far too much with the whole thing with Gwart being painfully misjudged and often a little mean, and Richard, well he’s gone full on twisted bastard and it just doesn’t suit him.

In the review of the season six opener I complained about the show relying on a formula where Richard and co either fuck up or are betrayed, but then miraculously somehow recover, only for everything to go wrong again, etc, etc, and this episode used it to such absurd lengths I thought it might be dipping in to self parody, but no, it was just lazy writing and plotting, and worst of all just not funny at all. There was one point in the episode where it seemed that Richard and might actually be fucked for good, which goes to show how stupid I am for being tricked by such a device, but I found myself hoping that it might go all wrong for them, that the show might end on a down note, that it might be a parable for how to act in life and that if you’re a horrible, tedious, shitty human being then ultimately you will fail, and deservedly so.

But no. No, no, no, no, no, of course not, and these turgid shits once again pulled a win out of the hat at the very last moment. Now perhaps I’m being unfair as there’s still one more episode to go and things might change, but after teasing us when they got yet another fluky win it irritated no end. Meanwhile the subplot with Monica saw her act out of character as well, physically attacking Jian Yang somewhat tediously, and Big Head saving the day because that’s what he does now? And very little else? Sadly it does seem like that.

Next week is the final episode and I’d be amazed now if it were any good, that they can pull off a satisfying ending that ties everything up, redeems these now woefully unlikeable characters, and at the same time make the episode funny. Or maybe they will all die in a traumatically disgusting way, or be sent to prison ala the cast of Seinfeld and finally get their just deserts, but I really doubt that will be the case and imagine that once again just as it looks like everything’s going wrong they’ll somehow pull through, as the lack of imagination on display throughout this entire season sadly suggests it will be the case.

★ 1/2

Alex Finch.
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  1. After a very slow start, I wound up liking the rest of this season a lot. Yes, they’re relying on formulas they’ve established long ago and run into the ground, but it’s still nice to see them resurrected one last time. (Though this is still my least favorite season, and if I hadn’t seen any of the show before this season, I wouldn’t being enjoying it.)

    I especially love Gwart. She’s such a complete cipher, and I have no doubt that Jared is seeing below her cipher surface to something much deeper and sweeter underneath.


    • I’m glad you’re liking it and think you’re definitely right when it comes to Jared and Gwart, and I really wish I felt the same way about the season in general – and despite how the above review might sound I’d be truly delighted if the season finale does deliver.


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