Review: In The Meme Time Episode 1

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Due to the availability of cheap DV cameras and editing and effects software over the past five years there’s been an enormous increase in the amount of professional looking comedy series made by non-professionals on youtube and other video sharing sites, and of course as with all comedy / art in general the majority of it isn’t very good. But there are more and more gems emerging over time and In The Meme Time is without doubt one of them.

A sketch show written by and starring Jamie Clark and Martin Hudson, it’s a smart, clever affair which is packed with moments that made me laugh hard. Starting with a great framing device with the duo attempting to sell a show to a sarcastic and know it all tv commissioner, which is a very meta but still funny affair, it then continues with a fantastic selection of sketches which come thick and fast and tackle an impressive variety of subjects and ideas.

It’s a delightfully unpredictable beast and so you never can guess what will happen next, which is all too it’s credit, with some sketches being pointed and satirical, while others are just plain silly yet still very, very funny. So within it’s running time there’s a daft spoof of The Goodies style opening credits, a sketch which covers a darts based game show and which comes with a fantastic punchline, and also a absurdist skit with a guy whose window has supposedly been vomited on without him being aware of what’s really taken place.

As well as all of this there’s some silly throwaway fake adverts (with my favourite being a trailer for a movie about Pete Sampras which is filled with scandalous lies) and also supposed footage from an overtly complicated game show which has a superb concept, to the extent that it will probably get made sooner rather than later despite technically being evil. Then thrown in to this joyfully delightful mix is an incredibly bizarre sketch set in Specsavers that sees a guy try and force another man to buy cress before attempting to sell him some second hand glasses, and my favourite of all them was the inspired “Getting Steve in” sketch where a man can’t make up his mind about anything so gets a stranger called Steve in to make all his decisions, to the extent that he even brushes his teeth for him.

There’s a couple of gags which didn’t quite land with me, a Facebook joke and a very short sketch revolving around the line “Are you taking the P?” were a bit on the obvious side, but they’re the only two in a half hour comedy which will make you laugh an awful lot. I’ve watched a fair few online shows recently due to running this site and this was easily the best thing I’ve seen so far, unlike too many sketch shows it’s resolutely it’s own thing and is so good that it without doubt deserves a transfer to tv.


You can watch the first episode of the series here.

Alex Finch.
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