Live Review: Sean and Eliot Read The Bible

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The Bill Murray, Angel, London, 03/11/2019.

Early on during this live recording of Sean and Eliot Read The Bible co-host Sean McLoughlin asked the audience how many of them had heard the podcast before, and was surprised when it turned out it was only about half of them. I have to confess that I was one of the people who hadn’t but I was present because I’d seen Sean perform stand up live and so presumed it would be a fun hour of comedy, which turned out to be the case as Sean and his co-host Eliot J Fallows have put together a fantastic show indeed.

Mocking the Bible / Religion in general could be seen as picking on an easy target, and the kind of thing many a hack comedian has done in the past, but Sean and Eliot avoid the easy gags and it’s inoffensive material that I’m sure many a fan of God could listen to without wishing the hosts would burn in hell for the rest of their existence. They do point out some of the more bizarre moments from “The Good Book” but rather than suggest such events didn’t happen, or call God a right old cunt for doing the things that he supposedly did, instead they just make some very smart and funny comments about the incidents.

This was a special episode to celebrate the fact that they’ve now finished reading the old testament and so before moving on to the new one they were hosting an award ceremony called “The Testies”. Which yes might be a slightly childish joke (as is Sean’s fondness for the word “Come”) but it’s still a funny one. Before they began doing that however they opened with about ten minutes of material about their lives, and how Eliot has recently become Sean’s lodger and has to live by a number of rules (all of which owed a debt to well known films and books) which worked well as not only a great way to get to know our hosts but also to be reassured that they’re very funny men indeed.

Then they launched in to the ceremony a proper and so we got to hear their nominations for categories including Best Story, Best Kiss and Best Wife among other categories, and though sadly the winners weren’t always present in the room, Sean or Eliot were mysteriously often in the need of the toilet and the one remaining host was then able to converse with a well known biblical figure. Which is how we got to learn that Adam and Eve are separated but she calls by occasionally, and that the former speaks amusingly like Alan Bennett too.

As well as giving out awards the duo read out emails from regular listeners, one of which detailed the one story they’d meant to read out in a former podcast but had forgotten, a strangely funny tale which involved a man being called “Baldy” and the deaths of 42 children, and Sean also found the time to do a bit of stand up at the expense of Eliot. So even though in this particular episode they didn’t read much of the bible it still proved to be an extremely funny experience, and one which has already led to me checking out the podcast and enjoying many an episode.

★★★ 3/4

Alex Finch.
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