Live Review: Ali Macofsky, Omid Singh, Helen Bauer

ali macofsky
The Bill Murray, Angel, London, 20/10/2019.

I bought tickets for Ali Macofsky expecting to see a full show from the comedian as that’s what the page on Angel Comedy’s website suggested it would be, but in fact we were presented with only half an hour from the US comedian, with Helen Bauer doing an opening fifteen and Omid Singh rushing through a quick eight minutes. Which in some way is a bit frustrating, for reasons I’ll get on to soon.

Not that I was initially disappointed to discover that Helen Bauer was on the bill as the last time I did she was MC-ing a night in Walthamstow where I wrote a glowing review wishing I could have heard more from her. Since then she’s been nominated for the Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Awards which made me want to see her again even more, but disappointing I’d seen nearly all of the material she performed today previously, it was good stuff and still made me laugh, but as I knew the punchlines to each gag it didn’t have quite the same effect.

Omid Singh I knew nothing about, but it’s hard to judge him considering he was on stage for such a short amount of time. I’d certainly like to see him again though, this set wasn’t strong enough to have me rushing to buy tickets for a full length show but if he’s on a mixed bill I’d definitely be interested in catching him. The strongest of his material concerned how to dance at an Indian Wedding but he also has a couple of great terrorism related gags, and the only bit which felt a bit average was when he talked about his appearance, but that was thankfully only a minor part of his set.

So due to the shortness of Singh’s set and having seen Bauer’s material before though I’d enjoyed the gig well enough by this point I was still a bit frustrated that I didn’t get to see an hour from Ali Macofsky and after she’d performed that was even more the case as she’s a great comedian, one who has a lot of very funny material on a variety of subjects. Well, she has a lot of material on a lot of subjects relating mostly to sex at least, but hey, it’s a topic with a hell of a lot of facets to it and Macofsky explored them in an often hilarious manner.

Admittedly it wasn’t all sex gags either, she opened with some very likeable material about the sound of her voice and the jobs it prevents her from doing, her parent’s divorce and mother’s involvement with AA, and one of her best segments revolved around the time she shaved her hair off, which yes, was a sign that she wasn’t doing too well mentally. But most of her half hour was relating to fucking and though it’s a bit of a tired theme that a ridiculous amount of comedians have covered before she mostly brought something new to the table, with some great gags about how her parents hadn’t taught her anything about sex so she had to learn it from the internet, and one very strong part about the fact she’s never had an orgasm.

Only jokes about fucking her Dad felt a bit lazy, and the kind of material that you might hear at a particularly bland open mic gig, but otherwise this was a pleasingly funny set from a young but extremely competent comedian who I’d definitely like to see again and for much longer next time too. Given how successful she’s already been it’ll be doubtful that it’ll be at a venue as small as The Bill Murray as well, so I guess despite the above minor complaints I should be grateful I got to see her in such an environment.

Alex Finch.
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