Tv Review: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 14 Episode 1

its always sunny s14e01
After the quite stunning ending to the previous season which saw Mac perform an astonishing dance to explain his sexuality to his father, many wondered if It’s Always Sunny could go back to being a pretty gross show about shitty types being fucked up towards each other. But it has, and if anything the episode could have come from any season of the show, well, post season 2 anyhow when Charlie and Frank began living together, with the gang involved in another scheme which exploits others and hopefully gets them laid.

In it Mac and Dennis and Frank and Charlie are separately renting out their apartments, Air B’N’B style, though both duos intend to stay there and hopefully have sex with their guests / victims too, because they are horrendous people still and the show hasn’t forgotten that for a second. Though if anything Mac is the less depraved individual for once as he sees it all as if it’s a romantic comedy, and hopes to get Dennis and one poor unfortunate woman together by pretending that Dennis is a stranger and that he’s accidentally booked him in to the same room as the woman. Of course it all goes wrong when her husband turns up, but that doesn’t stop Mac dreaming of a romantic adventure for Dennis.

Meanwhile Frank and Charlie are going for the easier option of placing adverts around town, hoping to get two women who don’t mind sharing a bed with them. And it works too, somewhat amazingly, though not before a misunderstanding with Nicky and Alexa, two Austrian men who have a lot in common with Frank and Charlie, so yes, they are reasonably disgusting. But once two hot (and cliched) European women turn up Nicky and Alexa are kicked out and Frank and Charlie actually get a win for once.

As a season opener it doesn’t do anything particularly exciting or original but it’s by no means a bad episode, and it has plenty of reasonably funny moments, from the reveal of Frank’s email address (“”, which sadly does not exist in real life) to Mac’s delight at sharing a bed with Dennis, and there’s the normal amount of fairly grim but fairly funny parts like Mac’s abuse of the toilet, and the eventual reveal as to who the mysterious Teddy is, which I’m sure all saw coming but which only served to make it funnier.

But on the flip side it felt a little lazy too, the Austrians and the two European women were ridiculously cliched characters, supporting roles in the series might not exactly be that layered but to have them being so two dimensional was a disappointment. And the fact that Charlie and Frank chose Nicky and Alexa over the two women didn’t ring true either, it might have served the plot of the episode but Frank’s been shown to be one of the most disgusting and repugnant characters in the history of tv, so him choosing two men over two sexually outrageous women felt forced.

Dee was also not giving a whole lot to do either, and some of the dialogue parodying romantic comedies, like Frank’s “He had me at gash, Charlie, he had me at gash” and Mac’s “It was always me” speech were a bit on the nose. So the episode isn’t one which is exactly going to set the world on fire or ever be anyone’s favourite ever, but it was at least nowhere near as bad as some of the Dennis-less episodes from last year, and as long as the show doesn’t get any worse than this then we should be in for a mostly enjoyable season.

Alex Finch.
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