One And Done: Lazy Susan

one and done lazy susan indexI’d heard a lot of positive things about the sketch group Lazy Susan but about two minutes in to this short tv pilot I was starting to wonder why as it was all rather average. Fortunately it’s just a bit of a dodgy start as by the end I was rather in love with their oddball brand of comedy, and quirky take on existence. Not that it starts terribly with the two comedians, Freya and Celeste, discussing crime scene photos when Celeste just wants to have a nice time and so they go bowling, but it didn’t suggest it was going to be anything that hilarious, and then the first sketch after it is the weakest where two women with their hair in rollers are lost and moaning about having to spend a weekend away, both speaking at the same time and not listening to each other.

Thankfully it improves no end from that point on and even the latter two characters become really funny when they make a return later on in the episode. Before that happens though there’s a brief, daft skit where Freya is putting make up on and manages to make herself look ridiculous and then this is followed by a part where Celeste’s in a bar attempting to chat up a guy (Adam Drake of the one man sketch group Goose) but despite the fact that she’s extremely flirty he isn’t interested, and neither are the next two men. Up until the end it’s the kind of comedy that’ll make you smile but nothing more than that, but it ends with a great moment which provided the first big laugh of the episode.

After that they come thick and fast as we return to the bowling alley and both Celeste and Freya are horrendously bad, throwing the balls all over the place, yet looking incredibly impressed by their efforts in a sketch which works simply because the two women are such great actors. Even better than this is “A French Woman In A Film” which is “Written by a man who’s never met a woman” and if you’ve ever seen a pretentious romcom featuring an annoying manic pixie dream girl then you’ll find yourself laughing hard at the ridiculous (if worryingly accurate) antics on display.

Just as fun is a sketch where Freya and Celeste are two women at a gym talking about how much they hate going, which ends in a blood pact being made which made me laugh a lot because of the unexpectedly violent twist, and then there’s a return for the two women with their hair in rollers which I thought was going to lead to the show taking a downturn but actually worked really well as they end up deciding to sleep in a bin and it becomes much more absurd. Following it was my favourite sketch of them all where Freya’s eaten too much bread and struggling to talk, which might not sound that great but the appearance of a laughing sandwich made it hilarious, with the surreal aspect working perfectly. Then right at the end three of the sketches get wrapped up with the bowling girls being applauded despite their efforts getting more and more ridiculous, Freya and Celeste discuss just how much they fancy a serial killer, and the two women now in the bin deliver a fantastic pay off to the sketch.

So yeah, despite the beginning disappointing this turned out to be inspired comedy indeed. Celeste Dring and Freya Parker both have strong comedic chops and great acting abilities and all of the sketches went in to unpredictable and incredibly amusing, if not downright hilarious, directions. Released online as one of the BBC’s Comedy Shorts only a month ago on July 25th 2019 I really hope it gets a huge amount of views so that the BBC give them a full series, and if they do it could be the best sketch show we’ve had in years.

Alex Finch.
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