Live Review: Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher

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Soho Theatre, Soho, London, 13/08/2019.

Natasha Leggero is one of my favourite comedians if only for the fantastic Another Period which was three seasons of inspired lunacy that seemed to get better with each and every episode, which she co-created with the equally talented Riki Lindhome. Leggero has also been in a number of fantastic other shows like Burning Love, Bojack Horseman, The Joe Schmo Show, Ugly Americans, and Reno 911! and so when I saw an advert for this despite not knowing anything about Moshe Kasher buying tickets was a no-brainer.

It turns out that Kasher is Leggero’s husband, who has a fairly impressive cv as well, and for the past three years they’ve been intermittently on the road with this show, including recording it for Netflix, and now they’re in the UK until the end of the week. It’s split in to three sections with Leggero and Kasher both doing about twenty five minutes of stand up separately and then the two take the stage together and promise to solve any relationship difficulties couples in the audience might be suffering from, with tonight two different couples joining them on the stage.

Skipping back to the beginning of the show it was Leggero who was the first to perform stand up and she didn’t disappoint, with her caustic, sharp wit never failing to delight as she covered a wide variety of subjects including her marriage, her recent pregnancy and childbirth (where she had some superb material on the suicidal feelings many women suffer from after such an event) and her relationship with her daughter, and her daughter’s nanny. All of this was strong stuff if perhaps nothing amazingly original, but it was the second half of the set which really impressed.

That saw Natasha explain why she no longer breast feeds (it interferes with all of her drug taking, you see) how she converted to Judaism for Kasher, some vicious material relating to Harvey Weinstein, and jokes about Trump voters and how she spots them thanks to their bumper stickers. After all these years of performing she has a great stage presence, and on the very rare occasion a joke doesn’t immediately hit home she rescues the segment by improvising on the spot, and it was twenty five minutes which made me want to see her do much much longer.

Indeed when Moshe Kasher replaced her on stage and opened with some really weak crowd work I found myself wishing she had stayed for the full show, but thankfully after this average start (which Kasher seemed aware of himself) he improved really quickly, with some decent gags about fatherhood and nappies with pictures of Elmo on it, and though it had a punchline that led to booing he was fully prepared and expecting such a reaction and then got a lot of laughs from it. At this point I was still thinking he was something of a 3 star comedian (with Leggero being a strong 4 star one) but then as with his spouse the second half of his set was far stronger.

In it he tackled the subject of cat calling, and the idea that any woman has ever been glad to be shouted at in a perverted way by a complete stranger, mining a complicated subject in a very funny manner. This then led in to a story about the time he saw a woman with her breast exposed and how he didn’t have a clue as to how to react, and it was at this point an interjection from an audience member made up for his bland beginning and allowed him to come up with a very funny childish rhyme that showed that while his prepared material might not always shine, most of the time he was pretty damn great at thinking on his feet.

This proved to be the case with the final section of the show too where Natasha rejoined him and they talked to various couples. Legerro did well when she got the chance but Kasher was on real form by this point, and his interjections made myself and the audience laugh hard. Perhaps we were lucky as the two couples taking part had particularly amusing issues with each other (one relating to how stoned and paranoid his partner got, the other that her boyfriend procrastinated a ridiculous amount) but Moshe and Leggero are such accomplished comedians that I doubt it’s ever disappointing.

This was a fairly expensive show by the Soho Theatre’s standards, and I am a notoriously cheap man, but it’s something I don’t regret seeing in the slightest, while Leggero is the slightly better stand up Kasher impressed with his improv skills, and together it’s a show that I’ll look back on fondly for a long long time. And if you’ve seen the Netflix special don’t let that put you off seeing them either as from the reviews I’ve read of it this is a quite different show, and an even better one at that.


Alex Finch.
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Natasha and Moshe are at the Soho Theatre until Saturday, and more info and tickets are here.

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