The 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Guide

edinburgh 2019 guide
Update: Because we’re idiots we missed out some acts who definitely should be seen:

Gabby Best – I saw her do 20 minutes earlier this year and was blown away by just how good she is, and her full length show is rumoured to be amazing.

Catherine Cohen – Could well win the Best Newcomer award as she’s such a charismatic and mirth inducing comic.

Police Cops – Returning after an acclaimed show last year, this time they’re in space and funnier than ever.

Nick Everritt – Deconstructed stand-up meta-comedy by a scientist, this is a recommendation from a trusted friend who adored it.

Fishbowl – Three extremely odd but hilarious men have been delighting audiences, with many a show getting standing ovations, so that sounds like it should definitely be seen to us.

Wil Greenway – Has a show which is not only very funny, but also poignant and affecting –

Mary Houlihan – Telling the completely true and definitely not fake story of her relationship with Jack Nicholson, this is a must see for sure.

Max and Ivan – This duo’s last show was all rather special and their latest effort is apparently even better.

Leo Mohr – A very odd Swiss man takes on the character of an extremely Swiss clown who’s either nervous or aggressively flamboyant, the show will make you laugh a stupid amount.

Heidi Regan – Her show’s called Heidi Kills Time and it’s a surreal and absurd mix of time travel and love which will make you laugh hard for sure.

Ian Smith – I’ve yet to see him but this is another recommendation from a friend claims he’s superb, and that the multimedia aspect is a great one.

The Original Guide: All rather sadly Comedy To Watch isn’t heading up to Edinburgh this year but due to that we’ve tried to catch as many Edinburgh previews and mixed bill nights as possible, and these are our recommendations for must see shows at the festival, with quotes from our reviews attached.

Ed Aczel – “It’s a gentle, relaxed hour but a very funny one.”

Fern Brady – “From tonight alone it’s clear that a work in progress from Brady is funnier than 90% of finished shows from other comedians, and I’d recommend seeing her whatever the situation.”

Ali Brice – “He’s the kind of comedian I’m extremely fond of as creating much silliness is his raison d’etre.”

Jordan Brookes – “It’s an hour of comedy that I enjoyed a great deal, and which made me laugh hard throughout.”

Michael Brunström – “Brunström’s comedy is the art form at it’s very best and will make you laugh until it hurts so much you might fear you’ll need a hospital visit after witnessing it.”

Yasmine Day – “It’s her absurdist, daft and occasionally bizarre sense of humour that really made me fall for this show”. She’s performing at Bunker Two, Pleasance Courtyard at 22:30 from 31st July until the 25th Aug (Not 13 or 20), and tickets can be bought here –

Milo Edwards – “It’s undoubtedly a fantastic show which made me laugh hard on many an occasion.”

George Fouracres – “He’s a charming, engaging comedian with a great line in gentle absurdity and I’d be amazed if he doesn’t make it to the big time extremely quickly, so this is your chance to catch him before he becomes very famous indeed.”

Josh Glanc – ” Anyone who likes their comedy with truly daft, silly and unpredictable elements will love this a great deal.”

John Hastings – “A charming and often hilarious hour which I’m sure many, many people will enjoy a great amount.”

Archie Henderson – “Henderson has a real talent for creating shockingly funny songs in an impressive number of different genres with the kind of lyrics that had everyone almost in hysterics, and this is definitely a show you want to see if you’re attending the Edinburgh festival.”

Rob Kemp – “It’s constantly inventive, smart, daft and incredibly funny stuff, and a show that I’ll definitely see again post the festival.”

Olga Koch – “Koch is an impressively confident comedian with a great command of the stage and the ability to generate laughs an all but amazing amount.”

Ian Lane – “It’s an affecting show without a doubt, but one that never stops being funny at any point…(a) superb hour of comedy.”

David McIver – “I’d be amazed if he doesn’t achieve a great deal of critical acclaim and a host of four and five star reviews when he performs at Edinburgh.”

Lou Sanders – “This being an Edinburgh preview meant that there were a few bits which weren’t quite finished yet or needed more jokes, but even at this stage it’s delightfully funny stuff and I’m all but certain that the finished piece will make for a fantastic show and quite possibly her best yet.”

Shaken Not Stirred – “Whether you like Bond or not, as long as you have a fondness for laughing you’ll greatly enjoy this talented group of improvisers.”

Tarot – “Some sketch groups take a while to gel together but with Ed, Kath and Adam it feels like they’ve been working together for ages and there’s a real infectious joy to much of their comedy, at least when it’s not being disturbing.”

Though we’ve not seen their current shows we also highly recommend the following based on recently seeing them on mixed bills or performing previous full shows.

Helen Bauer
– This always impressive comic is at the Fringe with her show Little Miss Baby Angel Face and tickets can be bought here:

Alasdair Beckett-King – Alasdair’s one of our favourite comedians around and word has it that this show is his best yet:

Catherine Bohart – This sublime comedian definitely should be caught at the festival if at all possible:

Bridget Christie – One of the best comedians in the country, I can’t wait to see the show post Edinburgh as her last one was amazing:

Zoë Coombs Marr – Always someone you should see when you can, we’ve no idea how Zoe isn’t ridiculously adored yet, but hopefully this will be the year that rectifies that.

Phil Cornwell – Cornwell’s been around for a fair old while now, but amazingly just keeps on getting funnier, so go see him you crazy sexy fools.

Mat Ewins – Mat can be always relied upon to make you laugh hard, and is an Edinburgh must see:

Tape Face – Despite the recent (sort of) scandal about him not always performing his own show you’ll definitely want to see him when he comes to Edinburgh.

Peter Fleming – A comedy character created by Tom Burgess (of Sam and Tom fame) if you like that duo (as you should) you’ll probably love this.

Alice Fraser – Another comedian who’s undoubtedly going to make it big soon, her latest show is reportedly gloriously funny stuff.

Richard Gadd – Technically “theatre” rather than “comedy”, Richard Gadd’s previous work has always enormously impressed and this will likely be the case once again.

Sofie Hagen – Yet another one of our favourite comedians, Sofie’s yet to let us down yet and so you should definitely catch her new show –

Joe Jacobs – We saw a very early preview of Joe’s show Grimefulness, and can’t wait to see it again post Edinburgh as it was great stuff indeed.

Rosie Jones – She sold out last year and will probably do so again as her new show is apparently even better than the first.

Spencer Jones – Spencer’s undoubtedly going to be huge very soon after his BBC2 airs, so go and see him now so you can boast to all of your friends that you saw him before he was extremely famous.

John Kearns – If you like your comedy to be absurd and bizarre but so funny your cheeks will hurt for days afterwards, then John Kearns should be caught asap.

Sarah Kendall – Her show last year was one of my highlights of the year, and given everything I’ve heard this will probably be too.

Sajeela Kershi – Always a highlight of the Edinburgh Festival, her “Immigrant Diaries” show is stunning stuff, and we’ve no doubt the same will apply to her latest hour of comedy, Fights Like A Girl –

Tim Key – Is doing a work in progress so not a fully finished show, but hey, it’s Key, so it’ll undoubtedly make you laugh a huge amount. If not more.

Daniel Kitson – Kitson’s doing two different shows this year, tickets have inevitably sold out but it’s worth checking the links for returns – /

Joshua Ladgrove – The comedian formerly known as Neal Portenza is now appearing as himself in a show which won the best independent show award at the Melbourne festival.

Demi Lardner and Tom Walker – Have teamed up to create something truly unique, a show which I’ve heard is astoundingly good.

Tony Law – Mr Tony’s shows are always a thing of beauty and should be caught if at all humanely possible.

Stuart Laws – Another CTW favourite, we missed his show due to illness and are still annoyed as advanced reviews suggest it was fantastic.

Stewart Lee – Some bloke who used to be famous in the 90s, we hear this might be alright. (Fine, fine, we love Mr Lee, and advanced word suggests these two new shows are as fantastic as he almost always is).

Michael Legge – His show Jerk was beautifully funny stuff and we can’t wait to see his latest, The Idiot, which a friend told me was superb.

Laura Lexx – Laura’s two previous shows were amazing and word has it that she’s got even better, so you’d be crazy not to go and see her.

Limmy – An hour of anecdotes and stories from this Scottish comedian who CTW would secretly like to marry, this is yet another essential show.

Josie Long – Her new show is called Tender and bar that we know nothing about it, but it’s Josie Long, so of course it’ll be great.

Seymour Mace – Another comedian that my comedy loving friend who refuses to write reviews annoyingly claims is amazing, so yeah, go see him.

Caroline Mabey – We love Caroline’s unique take on comedy, and guarantee that after seeing her you will do too.

Moon – Last year’s show but this sketch duo was one of the best reviewed, and the same will probably apply with this year’s.

Daniel Muggleton – We’re big, big fans of this Australian comedian who impressed with his recent live special, and at a mixed bill recently, and your Edinburgh would be a poorer one if you miss seeing him.

Simon Munnery – Is bringing back his much loved character Alan Parker for one last time, which means he’s essential viewing.

Sam Nicoresti – The other half of Sam and Tom is doing a solo show as himself, but don’t let that put you off as it’s supposed to be lovely stuff indeed.

Joz Norris – We heart Joz Norris an enormous amount, he’s one of the most unusual but also best comedians out there, so yeah, we will be annoyed with you if you don’t go and see him – for further info and tickets please click here.

Tom Parry – This much acclaimed member of Pappy’s Fun Club is apparently an amazing solo comic too, so go check him out.

Lucy Pearman – CTW has sadly never seen Pearman live but rumour has it that she’s in with an excellent chance of winning the big award this year, and so all a bit of a must see.

Kiri Pritchard-McLean – Kiri’s up in Scotland doing a bunch of work in progress shows and as she’s always amazing value they should be sought out.

John Luke-Roberts – The King of the ridiculous show title is back with another hour of comedy, this time entitled After Me Comes the Flood (But in French) drip splosh splash drip BLUBBP BLUBBP BLUBBPBLUBBPBLUBBP!!

John Robertson – Is once again taking The Dark Room to Edinburgh.

John Robins – John’s new show Hot Shame is debuting at the Edinburgh Festival.

Frank Skinner – Is at the Fringe until the 18th. And hey, it’s Frank, so of course you want to see him.

Andy Storey – This extremely charming comedian returns to the Festival and if you don’t go and see him we won’t talk to you again. We mean that too.

Paul F Taylor – Odd Paul – Paul F Taylor is back with another mad cap hour of ingeniously written jokes and acts of lunacy despite getting older he refuses to grow up according to his PR people, and hey, we believe them!

Eleanor Tiernan – Another comedian we’ve only seen thanks to NextUp, her show on that is superb, and I’ve no doubt this will be too.

There Will Be Cake – An improv group that includes Rachel Parris, which should be enough for you to want to buy tickets asap.

While we’re also very fond of the following:

Steve N Allen – Is at the Fringe this year “with an entertaining, and sometimes hard-edged, guide to be Better Than. Find out why introverts are sexy, what rules in society are the best ones to break and everything you wanted to know about the unexpected side-effects of very, very low level fame. Most importantly, in a time when you can’t do right for doing wrong, Steve takes a look at how hard it is to be better. When you want to be PC, right on or woke, it can be tough. Be better than a Weinstein. Be better than an angry Twitter egg. Be better than you. “Allen hits the mark, with an effusive mix of biting satire…” ★★★★ Three Weeks. Details for the Edinburgh run and London previews are here:

Amnesty’s Secret Policeman’s Ball – Is going on tour for the first time ever, with a show in Edinburgh in August and then they’ll be another as yet unannounced one later in the year.

Daniel Audritt: Better Man – Daniel takes a look at Toxic masculinity, “meninism” and the aggressive language on his moisturiser as he asks ‘Can we all be better men or this As Good as it Gets?’ A punchline heavy debut hour from the hotly tipped, award-winning stand-up comedian, writer and co-creator of Comedy Central’s Modern Horror Stories. It’s on at Just the Tonic @ The Caves, Up the Stairs, 1:05pm, 1st – 25th August (not 12th), for further info and tickets please click here.

Rob Auton – An acclaimed comedian who’s new show is apparently his best yet, according to the grapevine.

Bad Aunts – by Eloïse Poulton & Elinor Lipman – Subverting the Saturday night staple, meet your hosts Maz, Jo and Dee: three women on the wrong side of forty – or so they’re told. The Bad Aunts extend a warm and wacky welcome to their living room: the set of their live sitcom chat show! Friends and neighbours from all walks of life join to offload their agonies on the sofa. The Aunts also play host to different Surprise Guests, stand-up performers from the UK’s comedy circuit who play the Postie, Jo’s love interest. Ding-dong, you’ve got fe-mail! Maz, Jo and Dee have plenty of their own trials and tribulations, too. Maz is trying to get back into work after a long hiatus; Dee is trying desperately to write The Play of Our Time; and Jo just wants some time alone with her vibrating toothbrush… Bad Aunts is about the power of intergenerational collaboration; smashing prejudice through sharing ideas and information; and laughing at f*ck-ups and foibles. A marvellous mixture of chortle-packed scripted comedy and audaciously hilarious improvisation, audiences will never see the same show twice. Celebrating all the sunshine and the sh*t of living in a community through inter-generational japery, Bad Aunts is Graham Norton crossed with Ab Fab with a splash of Some Mothers do ‘Ave ‘Em and a sprinkle of Sex and the City. It’s on at the Gilded Balloon, from 31st July – 25th August at 18.45pm, further information and tickets can be found here.

Jenny Bede – Jenny Bede The Musical – The self-appointed ‘Greatest Showman’ of Musical Comedy, Jenny Bede always worried that her classical training in musical theatre stopped her being seen as a proper comedian, serious actor, or decent human being. However, musical theatre is having a bit of a moment, and Jenny wants in on the action. Join the award-winning musical comedian as she attempts to double down on her musical roots, write her Hamilton, and seal her fate. She’s on at Just the Tonic @ The Mash House, The Cask Room, 5:05pm, 31st July – 25th August (not 12th), and for further info and tickets please click here.

Clara Bijl – Internationally Unknown. Critically unacclaimed across the whole wide world, Internationally Unknown French American stand-up comedian Clara Bijl brings her 2nd hour of brand new stand-up comedy back to Edinburgh, talking about life in America, about being a somewhat decent example to others, cats, children, refugees, dating and cursing. She may even talk about ketchup. Clara’s comedy is clever, hilarious and always original. French-American comedian based in LA, Clara talks about everything from life in America, cats, children (hers and others’), to dating and cursing. ‘An engaging and confident presence” – FringeReview. It’s on at Just the Tonic at the Mash House, Just The Bottle Room, Thu 1 – Sun 25 August (not 12) at 2.10pm, for further info and tickets please click here.

Isa Bonachera – Is performing her show The Great Emptiness at the Edinburgh Festival this year, which is the real-life story of 2018 BBC New Comedy Award finalist Isa Bonachera and her quest to go to space. Join Isa for a thought-provoking and unapologetically dark hour of offbeat comedy about the universe and broken dreams. 2019 is a great year for space enthusiasts; seeing the first image of a black hole, in July we’ll celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing, and Elon Musk is sending more junk into orbit than ever before. In 2019, the World Health Organisation recognized burn-out as a legitimate diagnosis. Isa explores why humans and stars ‘burn out’, and the blurred lines between ambition and delusion. The show is at the Old Tolbooth Market (Top), Gilded Balloon at 16:45 from the 31st of July – 25 August 2019, and ticket info is here:

Joe Bor – Is performing his latest show, The Story of Walter and Herbert, at the Carnival at Espionage at the Edinburgh Festival from Aug 1-25 Aug at 3.45pm. It sees the award-winning comedian tell the story of the friendship between his grandad – world-renowned town planner Walter Bor – and his grandad’s best friend – world-renowned comedy actor Herbert Lom – and their journey from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia to the UK. Described by The Guardian as “A promising comedian, truly finds their voice” and “Warm, funny and very, very charming ★★★★” by Broadway Baby, tickets and more info can be found here:

Harriet Braine – Harriet’s back at the Fringe with her latest show “Les Admirables” which is at the Gilded Balloon at Old Tolbooth Market (Top) at 6pm from 31 July – 25 Aug (not 12). Les Admirables is a historical feminist coming-of-age musical comedy show where Harriet brings forth a team of rebellious women from the history of science to help her wage a battle against ignorance, patriarchy and her inner demons. She also looks back over her career as a performer – from school plays to now – presenting her achievements alongside those of renowned inventors, healers and technological pioneers. Or, as Harriet puts it: “Bold move, idiot.” The Metro commented that “If you like musical comedy with a twist, Harriet will have you howling” and Beyond The Joke said “Her songs are delightful, smart, bubbling with wit”, I can’ wait to see it, and details of previews are here: while tickets for the festival are here:

Basil Brush – Is doing an adult show called “Unleashed” at the Edinburgh festival this year.

David Callaghan – Dance Like No One’s David Callaghan – David Callaghan strips back from his typical high-concept hours in a show that blends confession with high quality gags. ‘Far more original than many big comedy names’ ★★★★ Ed Fest Mag.

Caitlin Cook – Death Wish – Since she was seventeen, Edinburgh Festival Fringe newcomer Caitlin Cook has lived by a code: if something scares her, she has to do it. Or, as she says, ‘It’s better to face your fears than fear your face.’ LA-born, NYC-based, Oxford-educated, hyphen-addicted raconteur, Cook masterfully combines witty one-liners, bathroom graffiti and scintillating storytelling with hilariously irreverent musical comedy and projected visuals to demonstrate why asking yourself ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’ isn’t the worst way to make things happen. Caitlin Cook has taken the stages all across the US, Canada, Europe, and Oceania at top-tier venues such as Meltdown in Los Angeles, Union Hall in Brooklyn, and the Bill Murray in London; comedy clubs such as the Stand in New York, ACME in Minneapolis, and the Comedy MIX in Vancouver; festivals including the New York Comedy Festival, HBO’s Women in Comedy Festival and Skankfest; theatres, such as the Theatre 99 in Charleston, the Lyric Hyperion in Los Angeles and the Throckmorton in the Bay Area; to dimly lit bar basements, strangers’ living rooms, and even a houseboat once. “Caitlin Cook is seriously talented. Do not miss this show” – Natalie Palamides, Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Award Winner, Best Newcomer, 2017 & Best Comedy nominee 2018. It’s on at Just the Tonic at the Grassmarket Centre, Just the Meeting Room, Thu 1 – Sun 25 August (not 12), 5.50pm, for further info and tickets please click here.

Huge Davies – The Carpark – Stand-up musician Huge Davies (as seen on Comedy Central at the Comedy Store) makes his hotly anticipated solo debut. The Carpark will feature dark humour, surreal jingles, melodious punchlines and, of course, carparks. An unusual musical comedy show in which the darkly surreal routines are accompanied by an eclectic score, complete with one-of a kind, full size wearable keyboard. It’s on at the Pleasance Courtyard, Bunker Three, 8:15pm, 31st July – 25th August (not 14th), for further info and tickets please click here.

Laura Davis – Better Dead Than A Coward – Not many do it better than Laura Davis for crafting beautifully smart comedy that warms the soul and Laura is going to do it once again in a show that celebrates the hero in all of us. ‘You’d be a fool not to buy a ticket…she’s doing it better than anyone else’ ★★★★★ Herald Sun.

Kevin James Doyle – A master at combining sincere storytelling with side-splitting stand-up, Kevin James Doyle returns to Edinburgh 2019 with soul-searching solo hour Loud Blond Bald Kid. First kisses, weird hairs, the cool group: navigating adolescence was a challenge for everyone. Kevin shares painfully relatable stories of growing up that will make you thankful you never have to go back – and surprised that we actually made it out OK. Doyle’s brutally honest debut hour The 30 Year Old Virgin won audiences’ hearts in 2017. Since then, Kevin’s delved the depths of his teenage secrets to bring us Loud Blond Bald Kid which is already garnering praise stateside; crowned Best Solo Comedy at New York City’s FRIGID Festival March 2019. He’s performing at Bar 50 at the Laughing Horse (Marquee) at 13:45 from the 1st -25th August (Not 13th), and ticket details are here:

Will Duggan – Class Two – Middle class midlander Will Duggan (Funz and Gamez) has been sure since birth that he was destined to become an icon and he’s absolutely livid that hasn’t happened. During an odd and turbulent time in very recent history, he decided to talk things through with his four oldest friends and try to figure out where it all went wrong. The problem is that Will hasn’t spoken to these friends for 25 years. And also they are entirely fictional. It’s at the Pleasance Courtyard, Bunker Three, 3:15pm, 31st July – 26th August (not 12th), and for further info and tickets, please click here.and for further info and tickets, please click here.

Harriet Dyer – The Dinosaur Show – The world is a serious place right now and that’s why the timing is right for someone to do a show about dinosaurs. Put on your khakis as Harriet Dyer invites you to her own Jurassic World. ‘A bundle of whimsical hilarity… will have you in stitches’ Broadway Baby.

Edinburgh Comedy Gala 2019 in aid of Waverley Care hosted by Josh Widdicombe and Joel Dommett – 2019 marks the 13th year of partnership between Off The Kerb Productions and Waverley Care, Scotland’s biggest charity providing care and support to those living with HIV and Hepatitis C, and they are delighted to announce that the annual Edinburgh Comedy Gala returns in 2019! Two of comedy’s hottest properties, Josh Widdicombe and Joel Dommett take up hosting duties this year and will joined by a supreme line up of comedy talent – once again making this one of the biggest and best nights of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Don’t miss it on Tuesday 20thAugust 2019 at the EICC. Special guests confirmed include Dara O Briain, Jon Richardson, Suzi Ruffell, Marlon Davis, Jamali Maddix, Susie McCabe, Rosie Jones, Christopher Macarthur-Boyd and Nigel Ng with more to be announced. It’s at the The Pentland Theatre, Tuesday 20th August at 7.30pm –

Jayne Edwards – Is Top Body Builder Brian – Jane Edwards makes her Edinburgh debut as Top Body Builder Brian in what will no doubt be making waves in this remarkably daft caricature of small town life of Rhyl. ‘A multi-layered spectacle of comedic talent’ – Just Another Magazine.

Nick Elleray – Big Nick Energy -Bringing the mellow thunder from Down Under, Nick Elleray has been trying to find the joy in life, but only found inner rage. Still Nick will still delight you with man’s inability to ever change. ‘Final verdict: time and money spent on Nick Elleray is time and money well spent. He’s great’ ★★★★ Ed Fest Mag.

Olaf Falafel – Is returning to the Edinburgh Fringe, back once again like the renegade master, assuming of course that the renegade master told surreal jokes, went ‘fishing for insults’ and had a performative dance piece that involved both Jiffy bags and Brexit. Knitting With Maracas is the follow up to last year’s award-winning* show There’s no i in idiot and is a celebration of all things stupid. In this new hour, Olaf asks the audience to forget about being grown-ups, with all of their important things to worry about like switching energy providers, and, for just one hour, regress into a childlike state of blissful ignorance. *Best Poster 2018, that counts as award winning. He’s at the festival from the 1st to the 25th August (not 13th) at 2.50pm, at the Laughing Horse at The Pear Tree, and tickets can be bought here:

The Guilty Feminist – This great podcast can be seen live regularly, and they have also announced a show at the Royal Albert Hall:

Craig Ferguson – Is performing stand up in the UK for the first time in 25 years at this year’s Edinburgh Festival –

Paul Foot – We’ve not seen him for a couple of years now but he used to be superb, and surely still is –

Lucy Frederick – Famtastic – Three years ago comedian Lucy Frederick was picking herself up from the floor and ordering a gin and tonic; now she is picking up dirty socks and ordering fish fingers and peas. From disaster queen to model step mum – Famtastic is a stand up show about Lucy’s journey towards becoming part of a modern blended family, avoiding its wicked pitfalls and navigating the alarming world of parenting. Lucy is becoming known in Edinburgh for her ‘eye wateringly honest’ shows about the human condition. Famtastic is a show about accidentally falling into a modern family arrangement – second marriage, stepchildren, dogs, dirty socks and… sobriety. She’s Edinburgh Fringe veteran: This will be her 6th year at the Festival, having had acclaimed runs with Even More Naked in 2018, Positively Livid in 2016 and others. Praise for Lucy’s previous shows: “A genuinely gifted performer ★★★★” – The Scotsman, “Strong and diverse ★★★★” – Three Weeks. It’s on at the Underbelly Bristo Square, Clover, Wed 31 Jul – Sun 25 August (not 14), at 2.50pm, for further info and tickets please click here.

Dominic Frisby – The highly acclaimed comedian is back at the Edinburgh Festival this year with his show Libertarian Love Songs, which is at the Banshee Labyrinth (Cinema) from August 3 – 25 (except 15) at. 17:10. From the ‘outstanding’ (The Times) creator of YouTube smash 17 Million F*ck Offs – A Song About Brexit come comic songs, stories and stand-up for people who think the government should stay out of it. As well as reviving the protest song with such daring ditties as F*ck The Government, I’m Secretly In Love With Nigel Farage and Maybe Donald Trump Is Not All Bad, Frisby, the world’s only financial writer and comedian, creates an entirely new musical genre: passive aggressive hip hop. Further details are here:

Stephen Fry – Is taking his book Mythos, a retelling of Greek legends, on tour this year, starting at the Edinburgh Festival and then heading off elsewhere in the UK. The performance has been split into three separate shows and audiences will help Fry choose which tales he will tell. More details and ticket links are here:

Ed Gamble – Is at the fringe for just four days, doing a work in progress which will no doubt be a lot of fun.

Dave Green – Guest Bed – Dave Green grew up with two beds in his room but never knew why. Guest Bed is an absurdist larger than life tale packed with well crafted jokes. ‘Fantastically Original Gags’ Beyond the Joke.

Anna and Helen – This superb duo are previewing their Edinburgh show at the moment, and will of course be at the festival too.

Nick Helm – Another Edinburgh preview we failed to make due to illness, Nick is always a fantastic comic to see and so of course you bloody well should!

Amy Howerska – Serious Face – She’s at it again, another show from this bloody trooper, will she ever learn. So what next? Comedy has got so serious now, with all Howerka’s peers talking about, like, proper serious shit. As an immature dickhead at heart, and maybe not wanting to plunder the depths of her own to despair for a comedy show (she got into comedy to avoid all that), Howerska wonders how to find her Serious Face. Through a terrible accident (Love) Howerska has found herself happily married and living in California. Which has totally ruined her stick anyway about being a female londoner desperately chasing cock…not that she was ever confident enough to do that anyway (It was just fun to say). It’s on at Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters, Gothic Room from Aug 1 to 25 at 19.30, further information and tickets can be found here.

Radu Isac – Good Excuses for Sociopaths – Debut from leading Romanian stand-up Radu Isac who has taken i nto account the growing sensitivity of people, with total disregard. – ‘sharp and quirky comic mind’ Chortle.

If It Didn’t Matter – An original piece by Siofra Dromgoole. Following last year’s acclaimed Walk Swiftly and with Purpose, playwright Siofra Dromgoole has been especially commissioned by St Edwards School Oxford and The North Wall Arts Centre to create If It Didn’t Matter, a tale of loss, friendship, rebellion, self-destruction and finally, realisation. Produced and performed by emerging young company Cup and Dagger, If It Didn’t Matter is a dynamic, moving and funny new play exploring timeless themes of the teenage experience through a vibrant, moving and often comic modern text. It’s on at The Space @Niddry Street, Mon 5 – Fri 9 Aug, 3.05pm, for further info and tickets please click here.

Alex Kealy: Rationale – Political comedian and ‘marvellous stand-up’ (The Skinny), Alex Kealy is back with a new hour of comedy about the emotional roots of our rational thoughts. All served with ‘a reservoir of memorable gags’ (The List). We prize rationality in life, in argument and in politics. But that’s not really how we think – we’re all prejudiced, sentimental bell-ends who see politics through emotional prisms and personal connections…and then tack on a rationale for those gut decisions after the fact. Rationale reveals that, among other things, stink bombs and German classical music can, subconsciously, impact our political choices. And who better to explore all this than Alex Kealy? A man with strong political convictions undermined in any argument by his massive cowardice and need for absolutely everyone to like him all the time, always. Fortunately, ‘this is clever comedy…one of those shows where you come out feeling like you’ve done yourself some internal damage from laughing so much’ (★★★★ Shortcom). You can catch it at The Caves (“Just Up The Road” room), Just The Tonic from the 1-25th August at 18.40 (Not 12th).

Shappi Khorsandi – Comedian, author and, most recently, idiot who agreed to be tortured on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!, Shappi Khorsandi is a woman of many parts. But live comedy is where she’s in her element, and now she returns to the embracing arms of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for a limited run following a spring 2019 UK tour. Packed full of sharp-tongued gags and cultural observation, Skittish Warrior…Confessions of a Club Comic is Shappi’s warts-and-all journey of the 90s comedy scene, breaking through on telly and letting it all slip away. You can catch her at The Stand, Sunday 4th – Saturday 10th August, at 1.40pm and further details are here:

Konstantin Kisin – Orwell That Ends Well – Kisin, who made international headlines by refusing to sign a ‘safe space’ contract for a university gig, offers a fiercely intelligent, uncompromising look at identity, freedom of expression and ‘wokeness’ in his debut hour. Informed by his experiences of growing up in the Soviet Union, which his grandfather fled to avoid state censorship, Kisin dives head-first into the heated debate about the limits of free expression and the role of political correctness, safe spaces and trigger warnings in shaping British society. Ticket details are here:

Lovely Girls – Chess and Cristina are the multi award-winning duo The Hiccup Project, but are often introduced as the lovely hiccup girls. At first, they didn’t think any of it, because women are supposed to be lovely after all. But then they started to wonder what else they could be… Lovely Girls uses their powerful blend of dance, theatre and comedy to delve into the ridiculous and limiting contradictions, clichés and expectations of being a woman today: be sexy, but don’t be a slut; strive for a career, but make time for everyone else; be curvy, but not fat; be assertive, but not bossy…. what more can we hope for a woman to be, when we still value women by their beauty and ‘loveliness’? A poignant, hilarious and truthful journey, Lovely Girls imagines a world where women can be – and do – whatever they want. Cristina and Chess take their audience on a poignant, hilarious and truthful journey where they imagine a world where women can be – and do – whatever they want. A celebration of two women, reclaiming their power. An engaging and uplifting show, it is an insight, a celebration and an ode to being a woman in the 21st century. It’s on at the ZOO Southside, Main House, Fri 2 – Sat 17 August, 8.50pm, for further info and tickets please click here.

Madame George by Keir McAllister – Following last year’s acclaimed debut of Keir McAllister’s The Bench, nominated for a Scottish Arts Club Award, the playwright is back with his new show Madame George, a dark comedy starring Scottish celebrated comedians Jojo Sutherland, Jay Lafferty and Paul Sneddon (Vladimir McTavish). Madame George is a play about a psychic in a slump – a satirical examination of isolation and delusion with a subtle nod to the social and political stramash of ideas about identity in contemporary Scotland. The cast features McAllister’s long-term collaborator, actor and comedian Paul Sneddon who also co- starred in The Bench, top radio/TV comic Jay Lafferty and actor and comedian Jojo Sutherland in the title role. The production will also feature a live score, composed and performed by the celebrated Scottish multi-instrumentalist DaveBeMac. The show is directed by Scottish theatre director, performer, dramaturg and award-winning playwright Jen McGregor. The resulting collaboration is a dynamic, relevant, necessary and poignant echo of the current times we are living in. It’s on at the Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose, Doonstairs, Wed 31 – Mon 26 August, 1pm, for further info and tickets please click here.

Archie Maddocks – It’s all getting a bit serious init? Political instability, social politics making people less social – you can’t even have a finger of Nutella no more without feeling guilty – that’s what life is now, guilt, followed by shame. However, what is life, if nothing but a distraction until you die? Archie Maddocks returns to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019 to tackle the struggles of being alive in his latest hour of provocative, exhilarating and *crucially* HILARIOUS stand up. As heard on BBC Radio 4’s New Comedy Award and BBC Radio 4 Extra’s Comedy Club, Archie’s natural stage presence, quick wit and confident, cheerful, provocative stand-up comedy has made him one of the most in demand comics on the British and international comedy circuit. You can see him at Just The Tonic, The Mash House, Thursday 1st August – Sunday 25th August (not 12th) at 4.50pm –

Frisky & Mannish – Are yet another act at the Edinburgh Festival who should be seen, as I’ve heard great things about their new show and enjoyed their previous work a lot. They’re also previewing the show right now, and details for all of their gigs are here:

Naomi McDonald – Copycat – One of the few female comedy impressionists, returning to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe after last year’s wildly popular debut show Stardumb, comic impressionist Naomi McDonald brings a whole host of new celebrities to this year’s festival with her pitch perfect new show Copycat, combining her singing, acting and improvisation talents for another fun, fast and exceptionally entertaining hour of comedy and impressions. Naomi promises to delight fans wanting to catch a glimpse of her guest celebrity host Fearne Cotton who’ll be introducing some of her own delightful guests, including Adele crooning over custard creams, Nigella Lawson defrosting meals in her bathtub, Melania Trump replacing Posh Spice for their long-awaited reunion or Katie Price discussing Brexit with her mother Amy and much more. Praised by Rory Bremner, Chris Barry and Terry Mynott for her impressions, Naomi is also a busy voice over artist for several video games, movies and series, including Thunderbirds, the multiple BAFTA award winning series The Amazing World Of Gumball and the BAFTA nominated CBeebie’s series Go Jetters. “…the show always lifts when there’s a song – and there are plenty of them, from all the one-name stars… They are a mix of rewrites (Queen Bey’s Halo becomes about hoovering) or stylistic spoofs, but they all performed with verve and aplomb’ Steve Bennett, Chortle praising 2018’s show Stardumb. It’s on at Just the Tonic at the Caves, The Fancy Room, Thu 1 – Sun 25 August (not 12 & 19) at 8.50pm, for further info and tickets please click here.

Erich McElroy – With politics moving to extremes and into every aspect of our lives, Erich McElroy (Newsnight, BBC Breakfast, Good Morning Britain) finds another way. The only true centrist comedian at the Fringe, Erich is rising up to demand incremental change and reasoned debate. These days everything makes a political statement. Politics are personal – What kind of dog should you get? How do you teach you kids woke values? Can you even cross the street without causing offence? Erich thinks it’s time to fight for the middle ground. He’s going to cross over the left/right divide in a way that’ll make you stop – or at least slow down. “The pace never dips and the jokes land every time.” ★★★★ The Wee Review. Eldrich’s at the Laughing Horse, Bar 50 from 1-25 August (not 12) at 14:15 –

Titania McGrath – Award-winning comedy actress and character comedian, Alice Marshall has been cast to play woke icon Titania McGrath in the forthcoming Edinburgh Festival Fringe show Titania McGrath: Mxnifesto at the Pleasance Courtyard (Pleasance Above) between 31 July – 25 August at 9pm. Alice appeared alongside Ciaran Dowd in the acclaimed 2018 Edinburgh Comedy Award-winning show Don Rodolfo. Prior to this, Alice’s debut solo show Alice Marshall: Vicious played to sold out houses at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe and received four and five star reviews across the board. Her follow up show, Blood, won the Best Comedy Award at the 2017 Brighton Fringe. Alice was recently cast as Atalanta in Mindy Kaling’s forthcoming Hulu TV adaptation of Richard Curtis’ Four Weddings and a Funeral. MXINFESTO takes the form of a confrontational lecture in which Titania guides her audience through the, often bewildering, array of terminology and concepts that constitute 21stcentury “wokeness”. New words such as “manterrupting”, “microaggressions” and “heteronormativity” often leave the general public bemused, particularly if they don’t read The Guardian. Having conquered the world of social media, Titania is now generously bestowing her wisdom onto a live audience. Her step-by-step guide will enable her audience to become the woke people they need to be in an increasingly progressive world. In a non-patronising manner, Titania will explain where exactly they are going wrong and how to be more like her. Ticket details are here:

James McNicholas – The Boxer – A debut show about a comeback – a true story about boxing told by someone who’s never boxed. Bringing together physical character comedy and stand up, James McNicholas (BEASTS) takes his audiences on a hilarious, nostalgic journey weaving together a self-deprecating personal narrative and a dramatised tale of the audacious man he called simply ‘Pop’. It’s on at the Pleasance Courtyard, Bunker Two, 4:15pm, 31st July – 25th August (not 14th), for further info and tickets please click here.

Robin Morgan – Is performing his show What A Man, What A Man, What A Man, What A Mighty Good Man (Say It Again Now) at the Edinburgh Festival this year. Morgan’s a father to his son and a son to his father. But what makes a good male role model? Robin thinks it’s his Dad, Kevin. Yes, it’s a ‘dead Dad’ show, except Kev’s not dead. Phew. It’s a love letter to him, a man who has never seen Robin do stand-up, a man he’s never been able to say ‘I love you’ to, and the whole show is essentially emotional blackmail to get Kev to come along. What A Man… is about being a ‘young, woke dad’ (not Robin’s words, the words of a drunken audience member in 2018), calling out the double standards that sets the bar so low to be a ‘good dad’, about the societal gender roles forced on our children from conception, how male friendship can be improved by occasionally kissing your best friend, and how men need to do better. It’s at The Pear Tree (Laughing Horse) from the 1st -25th Aug (not 12) at 4.05pm. Details for previews can be found at his site: while tickets for the show at Edinburgh are here:

Scummy Mummies – The duo behind the hit podcast and book, Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn, are at Edinburgh this year and all of their live info is here:

Rhys Nicholson – Following a recent smash hit sold-out run at Melbourne International Comedy Festival, award-winning critic and audience favourite RhysNicholson is delighted to return to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2019 with his highly anticipated brand-new show, Nice People Nice Things Nice Situations. Nice People Nice Things Nice Situations is a killer hour of stand up from Rhys, who at 29 is more assured than ever but is still facing the uncertainty of adulthood and everything he hasn’t quite got round to figuring out yet. Spitting jokes like pips at breakneck speed this high energy set is one of Rhys’ best shows yet. It’s on at the Underbelly Bristo Square, Thursday 1st – Sunday 25th August at 8.40pm –

Pamela’s Palace – Pamela’s Palace, where all your beauty dreams come true. A very funny, fun and silly show, completely new work devised by the company and choreographed by Stephen Harper from Told by an Idiot and Aiotor Basauri from Cirque du Soleil. An all-singing, all-dancing comedy with cheeky, tear-jerking humour touching on themes of self-empowerment, beauty and ageing. ‘An outstanding sitcom comic creation’ ★★★★ The Scotsman. It’s on at Assembly The Box from Wed 31st of July – Mon 26 August, (not 13) at 10.40pm, for further info and tickets please click here.

Matt Parker – Humble Pi – Stand up mathematician, Matt Parker makes his solo debut with a rigorous comedy show exploring the greatest mathematical mishaps involving planes, trains and autocorrect. Humble Pi is the live comedy show to accompany Matt’s book of the same name which was the first ever book about maths to be a #1 Sunday Times Best Seller. It’s on at the Pleasance Dome, 10Dome, 8:20pm, 31st July – 26th August, for further info and tickets please click here.

Sunil Patel – The White Knight – It’s time to relax as Sunil Patel performs a show about the need for balance in our lives and how to achieve. Not that anyone has asked for his opinions or misguided insight. ‘…delivers laughs in buckets’ ★★★★ Short Com.

Samantha Pressdee – Covered – Directed by Phil Nicol, anarchic comedy activist and #Freethenipple campaigner Samantha Pressdee turns her guns to mental health provision, the benefits system and social cleansing. Born and raised in the Black Country, and always writing from personal experience with a political theme, previous shows’ themes range from social cleansing; poverty, female sexuality and body equality (performed topless). In 2014 following the death of her father, Samantha was hospitalised due to a mental breakdown, spending 2 days in a police cell for her own safety until a bed became available on the NHS. The journey through the welfare system was a rough ride and getting mental health needs met in austerity Britain felt like a game of Russian roulette. Covered is about her journey back to sanity, following a long battle with the state to get her needs met and challenges with social stigma, trolling, stalking and further brushes with the police. Samantha Pressdee is now covered, but in the current economic climate not everyone will be. Covered is part of her wider mental health project Pulling it Together, featuring blogs, podcasts and a booklet will feature contributions from fellow artists with mental health issues including Laura Lexx, Juliette Burton and Dave Chawner, as well as interviews with local women who guided Samantha’s mental health recovery. “A lot of comedians talk the talk when it comes to demanding social change, but Samantha Pressdee walks the walk.” Steve Bennett, Chortle, “The most endearing political activist I have ever met.’ Kate Copstick”. It’s on at the PQA Venues @Riddle’s Court, Q3, Fri 2 – Mon 26 August, 4pm (relaxed performance Thu 22 Aug), for further info and tickets please click here. 

The Rebirth Of Meadow Rain – Award winning theatre company On The Run return to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with their third show The Rebirth of Meadow Rain, written and performed by the company’s Artistic Director Hannah Moss. The show is a dark and comic tale which explores themes of emotional abuse and coercive control. Actor, comedian and theatre-maker from London, and trained at Ecole Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq, Hannah Moss has toured nationally and internationally with her theatre company On The Run. Her previous production So It Goes received rave reviews across the board and was part of the British Council Showcase in 2015, touring to venues such as the Southbank Centre, Shoreditch Town Hall, The Crucible (Sheffield) and the New Wolsey. Hannah is an alumnus of The Soho Theatre Cabaret and Drag course and is the Producer and Host of regular Drag King night Bling It On at Above The Arts Cabaret Club. It’s on at the Pleasance Bunker One, Wed 31 July – Mon 26 August, 1pm (not 7 & 14), for further info and tickets please click here.

Phoebe Robinson – Sorry, Harriet Tubman – Star of hit podcast turned TV show 2 Dope Queens, best-selling author, actress and comedian Phoebe Robinson makes her UK stand-up debut. Phoebe Robinson, like many black Americans, has a life that is light years away from her ancestors had to endure. What Phoebe has done with freedom has mostly been… trash. From being a failed wannabe activist to using a food delivery app to pick up the morning after pill, she analyzes all the ways she has not lived up to the legacy of Harriet Tubman. It’s on at the Assembly George Square Studios, Three, 6:45pm, 12th – 25th August, for further info and tickets please click here.

The Delightful Sausage – Ginster’s Paradise – The North West Best Alternative Act are back with another barmy adventure to give audiences the ultimate staycation to remember. ‘One of the best adverts for modern alternative comedy you could ever wish to see’ ★★★★ Ed Fest Mag.

Scream Phone – A Spoof horror musical – think Scream meets Clueless. Based on the retro classic game Dream Phone, Scream Phone is a dark musical comedy written by 2 Become 1 creators and company co-founders, Natasha Granger and Kerrie Thomason and directed by the acclaimed Tom Parry of Pappy’s. A classic 80s American-movie sleepover gone wrong, featuring an oversized pink phone. A killer journey back to the 80’s with an infectious and original soundtrack* based on female hits of the era. *Songs that are, like, totally all original, so you won’t (you might) recognise some of your favourite 80s hits. After the runaway success of their debut show 2 Become 1, this is Swipe Right Theatre’s second, brand new, deliciously dark musical. Only a cold-hearted fun-phobe could fail to be won over by this horror-pastiche romp – and only a liar would say it doesn’t leave them yearning for those innocent days of the Dream Phone! ★★★★★ To Do List. It’s at the Gilded Balloon Downstairs, Wed 31 July – Mon 26 August, 5pm, for further info and tickets please click here.

Séayoncé – Déjà Voodoo – The legendary ghost-whisperer and baddest bitch in the spirit world is back to summon history’s late and great celebs, breathe some life back into the dead, and dish out some spiritual sauciness along the way. Séayoncé’s triumphant debut hour at the 2018 Fringe was all about opening our third eye (and our legs) to tap into the celestial wisdom of past superstars and find out why today’s millennials are so shit at love. This year, Séayoncé is hell-bent on making contact with the darkest of demons, plunging into the spiritual depths to make sense of good and evil as it’s been seen throughout the ages because, really, only Séayoncé is brave enough to let the Devil come inside. With personalised spiritual readings, sharply written jokes, singing, dancing and a peek into the underworld in this unforgettable séance, the show promises to leave audiences with the powers to #namaslay. “Great fun to be around, and it’s almost impossible to avoid getting caught up in the ridiculous, camp fun.” – The List. It’s on at the Assembly The Blue Room, Thu 1 – Mon 26 August at 10.20pm, for further info and tickets please click here.

The Secret Policeman’s Tour with Amnesty International UK and The Guilty Feminist– Amnesty International UK and comedy star Deborah Frances-White of hit podcast The Guilty Feminist are delighted to be launching a brand-new Secret Policeman’s Tour with three shows to hit the road throughout 2019, including one night at the esteemed Edinburgh Playhouse on Saturday 24th August – a must-see show for the final weekend of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe! More than forty years since Amnesty’s first ever Secret Policeman’s event, the newly-revamped 2019 Secret Policeman’s Tour will see a host of comedians, musicians, actors, activists and inspiring speakers come together for three electrifying nights of comedy, music and discussion, all in support of human rights. Joining Deborah Frances-White at the iconic Edinburgh Playhouse will be a supreme line up of guests including Rachel Parris, Nish Kumar, Phoebe Robinson from 2 Dope Queens, Sindhu Vee, Desiree Burch, Rosie Jones, Steve Ali, Hollie McNish, Saoirse-Monica Jackson and Siobhan McSweeney from Derry Girls with music from Jess Robinson and Grace Petrie – more to be announced in due course. It’s at The Edinburgh Playhouse, Saturday 24th August at 7.30pm –

Maria Shehata – Hero – Award winning Egyptian-American comedian Maria Shehata returns with a brand new hour of charmingly intimate and brutally honest comic storytelling. After her transatlantic move for love fell apart (embarrassingly quickly), Maria found herself starting over with two trash bags of stuff and a £10k credit card bill. This is the hilarious story of Maria’s attempt to be her own hero as she makes a home for herself in the UK. It’s on at the Gilded Balloon Tolbooth, Bottom, 5:15pm, 31st July – 25th August (not 13th), for further info and tickets please click here.

Ross Smith – Crying/Shame – After last year’s inspired debut about accompanying a bunch of strangers on a boozy boys weekend in Hamburg, Ross Smith follows up with a show about how his inability to cry even when the emotion calls for it. ‘Smith keeps his comedy smart, keeps the crowd entertained and keeps the dull moments at bay with an impressive show that has one thing few Fringe shows do: a truly unique story’ ★★★★ Ed Fest Mag.

The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society – We’re big fans of this group of eclectic comedians and recommend checking out their Edinburgh shows – they regularly gig in London too:

Vikki Stone – Song Bird – Making her return to the Fringe with her first full run since 2014, Vikki Stone is back with a fantastic new set of silly and hilarious songs. ‘Musical comedy genius’ Absolute Radio.

Tea?….(With Milk) – ‘Are you part of the 51% that is told to change almost everything part of your natural body? You should cover up those bags under your eyes, Ewww, that spot on your chin – Rub acid on it. Get rid of the moustache! Armpit hair – gross. Laser off all your natural hair below your eyebrows. Cover yourself in expensive products… because you’re worthless!’ In a world consumed with the search for perfection, two university-aged friends try to figure out what feminism means to them, discovering through their podcast the importance of Solidari-tea. Edinburgh Festival Fringe newcomers Everybody’s Story’s show Tea?…(With Milk) is a fast-paced, fun and dark piece of theatre, commenting on what it is like to be a woman today, the importance of female friendships and how we are stronger together. Stressed out? Put the kettle on, because everything is easier after a cup of tea. Edinburgh Festival Fringe newcomers, Niamh Callan and Elisha-Grace trying to figure what feminism means to them via their feminist podcast. A fast paced, fun and dark commentary of what it means to be a woman today. It’s on at The Space @ Surgeons Hall, Haldane Theatre, Mon 12 – Sat 24 August, 3.25pm, for further info and tickets please click here.

There She Is – by Gabriela Flarys. When a whale beaches on the London Underground, all hell breaks loose and communication abruptly ceases. A humorous one woman’s surreal trip through the unintelligible babble of London as a beached whale breaks down all communication, There She Is by Gabriela Flarys is a show about language, displacement and recreation of oneself. From impressive physical theatre and contemporary dance, through uncanny impressions of London’s denizens, Flarys’ Edinburgh Festival Fringe first full month run is both poignant and funny. With an original script based on a series of interviews with people of different nationalities who live in London and speak English as a second language, anyone who’s ever lived in a city will recognise the cabbies, the jobsworths, the depression and the optimism – the journey of self-obliteration before we create our identities anew. A comical, poetical and political combination of movement with spoken-word by Brazilian actor, writer and director abriela Flarys, who holds an MFA (distinction) in Creative Practice: Transdisciplinary from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London. The show has been in development for 3 years from a university PhD dance research with scholar, dancer, performer, choreographer, teacher, dramaturg and Andrea Maciel, who has 15 years of practice on physical theatre (Grotowski technique) training for dancers and actors. It’s on at PQA Venues @Riddle’s Court, Q1 from Fri 2 – Mon 26 August (not 14), at 8pm, for further info and tickets please click here.

A Wake In Progress – by Joel Samuels. A new play about death exploring language, expectations, grief, and the celebration (or lack thereof) of life, combining scripted and improvised scenes through audience interaction to offer a humorous yet moving tale of love, death and funerals. A warm hug and surprising celebration to leave audiences laughing, crying and truly uplifted. A Wake in Progress asks us to detach ourselves from the morbid fear of death and to instead celebrate these conversations. Funny and heart-wrenching, the final scene differs each night based on the input of the audience during the performance. A Wake in Time was recently performed at the Vault Festival, part of the programme Let’s Talk with Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. ‘A truly special show that doesn’t shy away from the reality of death, but instead portrays it in all its glory and all its tragedy. Don’t let the topic put you off. You may shed a few tears, but I promise it will be worth it.’ ★★★★★ A Younger Theatre. It’s on at the Underbelly Cowgate, Belly Dancer Thu 1 Aug – Sun 25 August (not 12), at 3.10pm, for further info and tickets please click here.

Seann Walsh – Recently seen on BBC News, Sky News, ITV News, Fox News, Conan and ITV’s Bad Move, join Seann Walsh as he recounts the week following 6th October 2018 during which he was famously under-marked for his Paso Doble. After This One I’m Going Home is an edifying story of what it is like to be slap bang in the centre of a media storm and the turbulent time he experienced while appearing on the biggest show on television, Strictly Come Dancing. Following on from his smash-hit spring UK tour, Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee, 2018 Strictly Come Dancing contestant and self-proclaimed ‘Lie-in King’ Seann returns to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August with his new stand-up show After This One I’m Going Home at the Pleasance Dome from Wednesday 31st July – Sunday 25th August (not 12th), 8.30pm.

We’ve almost undoubtedly forgotten to include someone we love an enormous amount, so this piece will most likely be updated again soon.

Alex Finch.
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