Interview: Caitlin Cook

caitlin cook interview
Caitlin Cook has performed all across the US, Canada, Europe, and Oceania at top-tier venues such as Meltdown in Los Angeles, Union Hall in Brooklyn, and the Bill Murray in London; comedy clubs such as the Stand in New York, ACME in Minneapolis, and the Comedy MIX in Vancouver; festivals including the New York Comedy Festival, HBO’s Women in Comedy Festival and Skankfest; theatres, such as the Theatre 99 in Charleston, the Lyric Hyperion in Los Angeles and the Throckmorton in the Bay Area; to dimly lit bar basements, strangers’ living rooms, and even a houseboat once. Described by Natalie Palamides (of Nate fame) as “Seriously talented. Do not miss this show”, that should be all you need to know that Caitlin should be seen as soon as possible, and here he she talks about her new show “Death Wish”, how she wishes there were more diverse perspectives in comedy, how she’s changed from her first gig, and what happened when a horny pug took to the stage when she was performing.

Comedy To Watch: How would you describe your comedy to someone who wasn’t previously aware of your good self?

Caitlin: Well, a drunk girl in Texas once described me as such: “Oh my god, you’re like a female Adam Sandler because your songs are hilarious and also, like, you’re Jewish!” Also, one time an MC at a comedy show describe my act as “Julie Andrews, if she sung songs about dicks,” but I don’t know if you can print that one.

CTW: And what can you tell us about your Edinburgh show?

Caitlin: It’s an hour of comedy, music, and bathroom stall graffiti art that focuses on my life philosophy (if something scares me, I have to do it), where that code has lead me, and why I live my life by that dictum.

CTW: What are your favourite things about the festival?

Caitlin: It’s comedy camp, but it’s specifically like comedy bootcamp. I love that not only to I get to work on my show every day for a month, but I also get to watch some of the best, funniest, weirdest, most off-the-wall shows in the world! There’s nothing else like it.

CTW: And are there any aspects you don’t like?

Caitlin: It’s MASSIVELY expensive. And I love you Scotland, but Haggis is disgusting.

CTW: When it comes to stand up, how do you feel you’ve evolved since your first ever gig?

Caitlin: Well, I had debilitating stage fright for a long time, so it’s a miracle that I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t get the shakes and my brain now goes, “You’ve got this,” rather than what it used to do, which was more like, “Oh no, this got you.”

CTW: What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you since you started performing?

Caitlin: Last month, a small pug named Potato started humping my leg while I was performing, but I was in the middle of a comedy song and playing guitar, so I just sort of had to start sashaying around the stage, still singing and playing guitar while this little horny pug chased me.

CTW: If you could change any element of the stand up scene, what would it be?

Caitlin: It’s getting better, but I’d like to see more diverse perspectives in comedy make it onto more major platforms. Also, America, can you start paying comedians for spots? It’s always a fun treat doing shows in the UK and getting compensated, but really, it should be standard.

CTW: Apart from what you’ve already done, is there anything else you’d like to do in the comedy world?

Caitlin: Oh, a million things. First, since my show is extremely visual (I mean, it involves a projector), I’d love to get it filmed as a special eventually. Also, I do have a TV show idea based around my show (which, I know, is very Fleabag of me), but I think it’s really incredibly rewarding to take a solo show and expand it out into a more collaborative, overarching project. There are a ton of other things I’d love to do in the comedy world, but those are what first spring to mind.

CTW: And if money were no object, and you could collaborate with any living comedian, what would you like to create?

Caitlin: Oof, this is a hard one. I’d love to create a musical with Bo Burnham. In fact, I’d love to collaborate with any of the musical comedy greats (Tim Minchin, Flight of the Conchords, Lonely Island, Tenacious D, Weird Al, Adam Sandler, Rich Hall, etc.). I’m also a huge 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt fan, so it’d be incredible to create a show with that whole crew.

CTW: Finally, if you could interview yourself, what question would you most like to ask? And what would the answer be?

Caitlin: Q: Audiences have brought Ari Shaffir weed, Sean Patton cumin, and James Acaster cabbage. If audiences were to bring you something, what would you want it to be? A: Peanut butter. Jars and jars of delicious, crunchy, unprocessed peanut butter. I would get very fat, but it would be delicious.

Alex Finch. Photograph (c) Mindy Tucker.
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