Live Review: An Audience with Yasmine Day

an audience with yasmine day live review
The Albany, Great Portland Street, London, 21/07/2019.

On paper I shouldn’t be fond of the comedy and music of Yasmine Day at all, if only because she adores the music of the eighties and beyond, beyond being until 1989 at least, whereas bar a few exceptions I can’t stand it and hated growing up as a teenager in that particular decade. But this live show where the world’s no.1 Bonnie Tyler tribute act belts out slightly altered covers of eighties songs as well as a good few songs of her own turned out to be fantastic throughout.

Taking to the stage while singing Total Eclipse Of The Heart she has two dancers on hand to help recreate the famous video that accompanies the song, and though the prop budget was probably under a tenner she does so with aplomb, and in an extremely funny manner too. After this she introduces herself to the audience and explains just how this show came to be – which involves the story of her career along with a bizarre dream where she was a Gladiator, plunging a sword in to Bucks Fizz star Cheryl Baker – in a segment that’s packed full of laughs and is pleasingly surreal at times.

The rest of the show follows along those lines where we get some superb songs along with tales from Yasmine’s life. Almost all of it made me laugh hard and it’s inventive and charming throughout, even during rare occasions it takes a dark turn, such as when her producer died just before she was about to record a song that everyone else thought was way too fast to enjoy. We get to hear said song and they weren’t wrong, but that doesn’t stop it from being gorgeously funny, as are her celebrity anecdotes, with one involving Madonna and a ketchup smothered limousine making me laugh the most, but all are a delight and I’d loved to have heard many more.

As well as the original songs there’s a couple of covers, but all are performed in Yasmine’s unique manner, such as a version of Eternal Flame where she only sings the vowels, or a take on Tiffany’s I Think We’re Alone that she sings to one audience member while wearing a crisps box over their heads. As good as they are it’s Day’s own original tracks that made me laugh the hardest however, with a Eurovision entry being truly hilarious, and she ends the show with a selection of tracks from a forthcoming musical that I truly hope she does one day perform in full.

Day has a stunning voice and is never less than a pleasure to listen to, but it’s her absurdist, daft and occasionally bizarre sense of humour that really made me fall for this show. If you like your musical comedy to be bombastic, beautifully over the top, completely unpredictable and the kind of thing that will make you giggle over and over again then Yasmine Day will be someone that you’ll wish really had been around since the eighties, and that you’d caught her live each and every year since.


Alex Finch.
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