Interview: Travis Jay

travis day interview
Travis Jay is a stand-up, actor and radio presenter who has been performing on the comedy circuit since 2009, and after winning the Jumpoff TV Comedy competition in 2012 he went on to perform for BBC 1xtra and made an appearance on BBC Radio 4’s Stephen K Amos’ Life: an Idiot’s Guide. A creative, animated, and intelligent performer, Travis has built a reputation as being an entertaining and sometimes controversial story teller, and both of his comedy specials ‘The Funny Thing Is’ (2014) & ‘Travis Jay: One Night Only’ (2015) were a sold out success. Here he talks about his new show “Funny, Petty, Cool”, how he’s changed since his first ever gig, the time an audience member passed out during his show, and how if he hadn’t become a comedian he might have been a boxer.

Comedy To Watch: How would you describe your comedy to someone who wasn’t previously aware of your good self?

Travis: I would describe myself as an energetic story teller, creatively childish but in a smart way. Hot with a bit of cold. Ultimately, I’d like to say it’s funny

CTW: And what can you tell us about your Edinburgh show?

Travis: I’m really excited about this run, this show will be a real introduction to my world. I’m definitely going to take the audience on a journey.

CTW: What are your favourite things about the festival?

Travis: I’m looking forward to meeting other comics who have the same passion for comedy as I do.

CTW: And are there any aspects you don’t like?

Travis: I’m probably not going to enjoy a relentless amount of small talk I may have to endure but hey.

CTW: When it comes to stand up, how do you feel you’ve evolved since your first ever gig?

Travis: I think the approach is different, I’ve gone from ‘I really hope they like me’ to ‘I’m just going to be myself’ and I think that has allowed me to connect with my audience a lot better. We are all more alike than we are unalike and it’s beautiful finding those commonalities through comedy.

CTW: What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you since you started performing?

Travis: This is surprisingly difficult to answer, but once a man laughed so hard at one of my shows he passed out. People then gathered round with first aid etc., he then came back around laughing hysterically as if nothing had happened. That was definitely a moment.

CTW: If you could change any element of the stand up scene, what would it be?

Travis: I’d like to see a fairer distribution of opportunities, there are so many talented comics from different demographics that we hardly get to hear much from.

CTW: If money were no object, what would you like to create?

Travis: I’d create a gigantic speaker the size of earth that allows my voice to be heard by every human on the planet and also translates languages to all dialects so everybody could hear and understand me clearly. I’d say ‘I have a major announcement, everybody please follow me on Twitter for more info’ just to see my following hit the 6 Billion mark. That would be pretty cool, then I’d cure world hunger straight after.

CTW: And finally, if you could interview yourself, what question would you most like to ask? And what would the answer be?

Travis: If you weren’t a comedian what would you be? To that I’d say I’d be trying my hand at a career in boxing, I absolutely love the sport. I’ve actually fought on a few occasions in the ring and I’m proud to say I won! There is no adrenaline rush quite like walking into a ring when you’re about to fight, you’re like a Gladiator. I actually have a boxing podcast I run with my fellow comedian KG Tha Comedian called ‘Undefeated Podcast’ lots of boxing and banter so if that’s up your street, check it out!

Alex Finch.
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