NextUp Review: The Worst Of Dr George Ryegold

the worst of dr george ryegold

Dr George Ryegold is the creation of the comedian Toby Williams, and a disturbing and possibly evil invention at that, though it can’t be denied that he’s an incredibly funny one. Ryegold’s the kind of Doctor that you’d hate to be treated by as he clearly cares very little about his patients, but he’d be great to have as a friend if only for his laissez-faire attitude to prescribing drugs and giving advice as to how to get your GP to give you any and all kinds of medication.

A fair part of the hour is made up of tales about his life as a doctor, including how he toys with the emotions of patients and out of pure selfishness he prefers to let cancer sufferers find out that they’re ill for themselves rather than being the bearer of bad news. So yes, this is fucked up stuff indeed, but his nonchalant delivery makes it extremely funny, and his delivery of the line “Now my favourite tumour…” was one of many which had me laughing hard, and the routine became even funnier when the description of the tumour turns out to look like Noel Edmonds if he were dropped from a great height “for a prank”.

He also has a segment where he lists a selection of doctors who have been found guilty of killing their patients but who are somehow still practicing medicine, which is about as dark as you can get while still generating laughter, though almost equally as bleak is his thoughts about abortion and how if anything the limit should be raised to five years, which he just about gets away with by casually throwing away the line “Ah, but you can’t say these things out loud” right at the end of it.

As you might have guessed it’s certainly a show with a lot of grim imagery, as he also talks about a guy who suffered from having a double urethra which meant that he couldn’t ejaculate very far, the ways that women defecate, modern pornography, and what happened when he needed the toilet on one particular day, but all of them made me laugh a lot as he has such a great way with words. And there is the occasional lighter moment, like his routine about cocaine and how rather than snorting it off of a dirty toilet he likes “to do mine off the head of a new born baby”.

He’s clearly not going to be a comedian that every one loves, if you’re not fond of abortion jokes or gags about eating children he’s definitely not going to be your cup of tea. I’m not a huge fan of comedy which is edgy for no good reason either, but thankfully that doesn’t apply with Ryegold / Williams, and though it’s about as twisted as comedy can get if that’s something that appeals then you’ll find yourself laughing at this show a great deal.

Alex Finch.
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