Comedy Snippets: 26/04/2019

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Short reviews of tv and film comedy old and new, and other bits of info which don’t fit anywhere else on the site, updated weekly.

Barry Season 2 Episodes 2 – 4
In my review of the first episode of this new season I had quite a few concerns, mainly revolving around the fact that after killing a very sympathetic character at the end of the first series it was hard to be fond of Barry anymore, or even like him vaguely. Fortunately the series has addressed this as Barry has begun to wonder if he’s actually evil, and Hank is fluctuating between wanting Barry to work for him and wishing he was dead. Meanwhile Fuches has been tied to some of the deaths that Barry has committed and may well be responsible for his eventual capture, and everyone else in his life is so caught up with their own (mostly) petty issues that they fail to notice just how screwed up everything is for him. Bill Hader’s performance has once again been astonishingly good, to the point that I now really care for the character which I wasn’t sure was possible after the first season finale, Stephen Root’s always amazing but he’s especially great here, and the same applies with Henry Winkler’s self-centred Gene, who now seems to have got over the death of his girlfriend all rather quickly in what’s my only complaint about the show. I’m sure they’ll come back to that though, and I’ve now a lot of faith that the series will continue to not only be very funny but also thoughtful and fascinating stuff.

Bonding Season 1 Episode 1
Like “I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson”, Bonding is another Netflix show where the episodes are pretty short (16 minutes, including credits) but this is pretty different as it’s a sex obsessed show about Tiff (Zoe Levi), a dominatrix who works under the name of Mistress Mae, and who asks her best friend Pete (Brendan Scannell) to be her assistant / bodyguard. He ‘s also an aspiring stand up comic, she’s studying to be a psychiatrist, and both have complicated lives, but most of the humour comes from the extreme situations that they find themselves in due to her job, the best of which is a bit of initially reluctant small penis humiliation that Pete finds himself getting in to until it ends in an unpleasantly sticky situation the likes of which you can probably guess. It’s not exactly subtle stuff but it is pretty damn amusing, and at only seven episodes long runs for about the same time as the average film so won’t exactly take up much of your time. The first episode is strong and the characters appealing, and hopefully it’ll continue to be enticing tv.

Special Season 1 Episode 1
And yes, I have signed up for Netflix recently, how did you tell? And yes, this is also another short series, with the first episode only just over thirteen minutes. Created by Ryan O’Connell who wrote it and also stars in it, like Tim Renkow’s BBC series Jerk it’s about how he deals with having cerebral palsy, and they have a fair bit in common as they both are very open about what it’s like to live with the condition. It’s not quite as twisted as Jerk where Renkow revelled in the fact that he can be twattish towards people who treat him badly, and it’s not quite as funny as that show either, but Ryan O’Connell has made a very amiable show and it has a sharp edge where it’s very frank about how awful some human beings react to those with disabilities.

Repo The Genetic Opera
A strange and bemusing film, it’s a vaguely camp sort of goth opera set in a grim dark future where organ transplants are all the rage. Unfortunately it’s expensive and one evil corporation runs the whole thing, and if you don’t keep up repayments then they’ll send a repo man to rip out the organ, no matter where or how vital it is to stay alive. It was the cast which drew me to it, as it stars not only Anthony Head, but also Paul Sorvino, Sarah Brightman and Paris Hilton, and the latter is actually quite good too, though the rest have the more interesting roles and are the reason it’s so worth watching. The songs are a little similar and none of are amazing, but as a whole it’s prety unique and if you like alternative musicals you’ll probably be extremely fond of it.

Video Of The Week
Entitled Cabin Pressure, this is a really cute stop motion animation where a man on a plane begins to panic when the plane hits a bit of turbulence and takes the advice of the passenger next to him who’d previously irritated him a lot. It’s short but very sweet, and very funny too.

Alex Finch.

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