Comedy Snippets: 19/04/2019

comedy snippets 190419

Short reviews of tv and film comedy old and new, and other bits of info which don’t fit anywhere else on the site, updated weekly.

Hot Streets Season 2
A few weeks back I raved about the Adult Swim series Hot Streets and over that time I’ve watched all of the first season and half of the second season and I’m still rather in love with the show. New boss John Wayne Jetwayne Jr., a 700 year old talking plane (Ernie Hudson) is now in charge but there’s hints that all is not as it seems and former boss Soo Parks is investigating him, though it’s not been revealed just why yet. Oddly one of the main characters, Mark Branski, is occasionally annoying and not that interesting but fortunately the rest of the characters are fantastic, and I’m still worryingly crazy about the sort of talking dog Chubby Webbers (voiced by Rick and Morty’s Justin Roiland) who is perhaps the most adorable comedy creation of the last couple of years and definitely a very good boy. The story lines are inventive and crazy and mad and things like that in general and given the set up (Hot Streets are a team who investigate unusual, supernatural and alien events) there’s no reason why it couldn’t run for years, and I’ll be greatly saddened if it doesn’t.

Lazor Wulf Season 1 Episode 1
Created by Henry Bonsu this is another animated comedy from Adult Swim, with a cast of wacky characters including Stupid Horse, God (yep, that one) and the Lazor Wulf of the title. After getting kicked out of a restaurant they want to rebuild it in their home, and save Lazor Wulf from dying, while God’s all pissy that his food order hasn’t arrived so there’s a lot going on plot wise but despite it sound interesting somehow they manage to make it bland. I like the majority of Adult Swim’s fare (and no, I don’t smoke illicit substances though it’s been alleged that most of it’s audience do) but this just seems a bit random and not particularly smart, while the animation is extremely basic and so visually it’s quite the boring piece too. At eleven minutes it won’t exactly take up much of your time but this first episode disappointed and I’d be amazed if it ever develops in to anything that great.

Tacoma FD
Another TruTv comedy, this is set in an area which rains a sod load, making the lives of the fire department rather tedious. Most of the time they rescue animals (an Alpaca in the opening episode, which spits all over it’s supposed rescuers), or waste time taking part in daft activities like “the frostbite challenge” and “The most piss challenge” as they fight over a gift voucher given to them by the Alpaca’s owner. Meanwhile the mayor’s demanding that the Chief take his role more seriously but he’s struggling as he’s losing the friendship of the men, and though it’s likeable stuff it’s basically yet another workplace comedy with wacky characters and so far doesn’t offer up anything particularly original or innovative. It’s only the debut episode so perhaps it will improve but right now there’s nothing to suggest that this motley crew of mostly manly men will develop in to something which is worth watching, I plan to give the show one more shot but if it doesn’t improve after that I won’t stick with it.

The Tick
Ignore what I said last week, yes the second season took a little while to get going but the second half of the season was fantastic, packed with a lot of great jokes and ideas and is a definite must watch.

Safety Last
A big part of my enjoyment of films this old is the insight in to life from almost one hundred years ago, onscreen at least it’s often a simpler and more charming time with what appears to be genuine naivety that you couldn’t get away with in this cynical era. This sees Lloyd trying to make it in the big city, and fooling his girlfriend in to thinking he’s the manager of a department store rather than a lowly clerk and there’s a superb set piece based around a half price sale which is not only extremely funny and well timed, but also shows that shop customers were just as entitled and horrendous ninety four years ago as they are now. Which is bleak. Anyway, it’s shockingly charming and fun stuff with one of the most memorable endings in film history and if you have any interest in classic comedy at all it should be sought out.

Game Of Thrones
Isn’t a comedy of course, but Andy Daly is one of the funniest men alive and is recapping the series for Vulture, so even if you only have a passing interest in the series it’s a must read:

Video Of The Week
Back in 2011 The American Cinematheque made a tribute to Robert Downey Jr. and this was their opening film where Garry Shandling, Jamie Foxx and Mel Gibson are talking about how they reluctantly have to say positive things about Downey Jnr. Mel Gibson is of course one of the worst human beings in Hollywood, and I’m sure you’re aware of just how many horrendous types there are in the film industry, but this video’s a must watch as it’s one of the last things Garry Shandling wrote. There’s much mockery of Downey Jnr’s acting, cocaine use and how he shouldn’t have played a black role in Tropic Thunder, while the cast send themselves up too and in general it’s very funny stuff.

Alex Finch.

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