Review: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Episode 14

crazy exgirlfriend s4e14index

And so we’re back for the final run of episodes and then that’s that, the rather epic story of Rebecca Bunch will be over with forever. I’ve no doubt it’ll be an emotional moment too, and it’s a series I’ll miss an enormous amount, there was a little bit of filler earlier on in the season but overall it’s been incredibly strong stuff and these last four episodes have been the show at it’s very best. You can feel that everything’s being wrapped up too with the various plotlines coming to a close, from Paula (Donna Lynne Champlin) becoming a lawyer to Greg (Skylar Astin) finally finding his passion in life and opening a restaurant, it looks like Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz) is about to get married, Daryl’s finally happily coupled up (even though I’m gutted he didn’t end up with White Josh) and only Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) hasn’t quite worked out what she wants to do with her life just yet.

That said there were some pretty heavy hints as to the direction she’s going to go in within this episode which was not only one of the funniest yet but also one of the sweetest. Carrying on from the story in the previous episode it saw Rebecca taking part in a musical revue featuring the works of the supposedly much loved (but clearly fictional) writer Elliot Ellison, while the men in her life continue to circle her, with Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III) taking on a role behind the scenes and Nathaniel (Scott Michael Foster) getting a role in the revue as it was blatantly obvious that the director fancied him. Only Greg wasn’t constantly throwing himself at Rebecca this week as he was tied up with the opening of his restaurant, but he managed to do so right at the end because it seems Rebecca’s love life is going to be complicated right until the very end.

With a pretty obvious theme of our beloved characters trying to follow their dreams, Paula being interviewed by various other companies while Daryl (Pete Gardner) looked on jealously was the flimsiest but it still had a genuinely sweet pay off and was lovely to see how far Paula has come, so it wasn’t an issue in the slightest. And everything else was even more fun, from Greg coming to terms with the fact that he doesn’t hate West Corvina, he just thought he did as he used to hate himself, while Valencia’s wish to be proposed to was affecting and touching, and best of all was the main storyline with Rebecca having to deal with the fact that the song she’s asked to perform is painfully sexist and offensive, yet when she wished to perform a rewritten version the director of the revue shut her down immediately. And despite containing many laugh out loud moments, most importantly was that when it all went wrong Rebecca didn’t spiral, and the answer to her quest as to what to do with her life became glaringly obvious even if she hasn’t quite realised that yet.

The series is currently more playful than ever, with a very funny scene where Josh chats with one of his fish being one of the many highlights, which also included a trumpet player making inappropriate sound effects, a reappearance from a now surprisingly adult Chris (Jacob Guenther) and Paula realising just how much she’s now worth, both financially and to the world in general. But the intentionally terrible songs supposedly by Ellison were a fantastic example of the show at it’s very best, with Tim singing the blandest ever song about apples and still making it a delight, Valencia beautifully trotting out a worryingly misogynistic number about being married to a pirate king, while Rebecca’s number where she’s a brothel madam looking desperately for a man to marry was hilarious stuff due to it being oh so wrong, and Rachel Bloom’s pained performance of it was one of the best pieces of acting she’s done, and boy has she done a lot. Witnessing Nathaniel (briefly) perform it was joyous too, an unselfish act which is the result of him trying to change his ways throughout this season and an illustration of why Rebecca should end up with him. Even if not everyone might agree with me on that front.

There were also a number of lovely little moments as well, including the revelation that Nathaniel played Jesus in two musicals in college, Rebecca’s happiness at being given “I’m The Local Lady Of The Evening” to perform because “Michelle Obama sang it on Glee”, and the way they skipped a few weeks with the Tickety Tock song, it’s a series which is clearly firing on all cylinders and while I tried to think of even a tiny thing which didn’t work for me I came up blank. We’ve now only got three episodes to go before everything is wrapped up (with the 18th episode being a live concert from the cast) and I don’t want it to end. In the past I’ve suggested it’s time and it should come to a close before it outstays it’s welcome, but I was wrong and considering how amazing it is right now I’ve no doubt I’ll be in tears when the curtain finally closes. And I only hope the CW channel or another network give Rachel Bloom as much money as she wants to make something else, as a world without her musical talent would be a bleak place indeed.

Alex Finch.

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