Comedy Snippets: 14/03/2019

comedy snippets

Corporate Season 2 Episodes 9 and 10
This Comedy Central show wrapped up it’s second season this week, showing two episodes back to back. Episode 9 was a decent episode but not the show at it’s best, possibly because it wasn’t quite as bleakly cynical as it normally is. Based around various employees heading off on holiday and having to pretend that they had a great time just because everyone else did there were some lovely moments, with the revelation that everyone had had sex with the same woman the best of these, yet it did drag in a couple of places. Also weak was the subplot about Jake (Jake Weisman) sharing an office with a creepy weirdo while Matt (Matt Ingebretson) was away which didn’t really deliver, which is surprising as Jake is my favourite character in the show and normally can be relied upon to make me laugh a lot. Perhaps it was because it came after the astonishingly good eighth episode where Hampton DeVille reacted to a national tragedy which was shockingly dark but incredibly funny as it attacked the way people respond to such a thing on social media, but this particular episode wasn’t as funny as the series usually is.

The season finale was the show back on form though as Christian DeVille (Lance Reddick) tricked the staff in to thinking the world was ending, leading everyone to talk about what they would do if such a thing did take place, with Matt quitting the firm and deciding to set up a record label, much to the mockery of John (Adam Lustick) and Kate (Anne Dudyek), and when he realises the music industry is all but dead he changes his mind about his future for yet another bad idea. Meanwhile Jake is promoted and given the job of creating a secret internet, and Christian is using the fear of the end of the world to increase profits, all of which was beautifully funny, and though the eventual pay off wasn’t a surprise it was delivered perfectly. I’ll genuinely be upset if Comedy Central don’t give the show a third season, to the extent I’d write at least three or four angry emails.

The Harry Hill Movie
It’s got a 3.7 rating on Imdb but surely with a supporting cast including Julian Barrett, Johnny Vegas, Julie Waters, Sheridan Smith and Jim Broadbent it couldn’t be all that bad, could it? And in short, no, it’s not in the slightest, indeed it’s fairly funny stuff and maintains a high energy level throughout. Simon Bird has a fairly large role and camps it up a bit too much, and some of the jokes fall flat, whilst the big finale’s messy (the dated Jurassic Park parody especially), but it’s nowhere as near as bad as the majority of the reviews suggest, it did make me laugh a good few times, and deserves an imdb rating of 7.15245721 in my opinion. Maybe even 7.15245722.

A kid’s comedy from Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons, Kung-Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer director Stephen Chow, made back in 2008 I’ve got to confess to being a tad disappointed by it. My expectations were admittedly high, being a big fan of Chow’s, and whilst this is quite fun in places it’s also a little pointless. Sure, there’s a central message which is hammered home over and over again (Don’t cheat, don’t steal, study so that you don’t end up in a shit job) but everything surrounding it feels a little limp. It’s basically an ET rip off except that the alien in this case is a weird part green blob part sort of dog thing, who lights up the life of a poor lad with little going for him, and while there are some cute moments (the dream sequence being the highlight of the film) and occasionally fairly amusing dialogue, it’s very predictable and despite an 88 minute running time could have been half the length.

The Day Shall Come
Chris Morris’s second feature film has had it’s premier at the SXSW festival with the critics mostly being very, very positive about it. For more information about the film and a summary of the reviews published so far, check out Chortle’s posts about it here:

Youtube Video Of The Week
This is absolutely definitely and without doubt the Sonic The Hedgehog movie, already somehow online. Sure it’s only four minutes long, and, er, slightly odd, but I’m convinced this is what’s going to be released in to cinemas very soon. And if that is the case, it’s a masterpiece, and the best video game movie ever made.

Alex Finch.

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