Tv Review: Jon Glaser Loves Gear Season 2 Episode 10

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Back in January when I reviewed the first episode of season two I commented “The inventiveness in the show is astounding…It’s a rare show where there are no negatives” and suggested that when compared to the first batch of episodes “Somewhat miraculously this season looks like it’s going to be even better”. And that’s turned out to be the case, so all hail Jon Glaser, for he is the new King of Comedy.

And yes, yes, I know I gush about this show to an almost sickening level, and if this has caused you to vomit all over yourselves I’m sorry (and I’d also suggest a trip to the doctor’s as that’s just not normal) but over the past nine weeks it’s proven to be a completely unpredictable, shockingly hilarious show which has gone in directions even Nostradamus couldn’t have predicted (mainly as he was rubbish at doing such a thing, admittedly), but you get the idea. From worrying that his son might be the anti-gear (ie his version of the anti-christ) to taking part in an orgy with his wife Leslie (Miriam Tolan), to being terrified that his friend Steve (Steve Cirbus) may try to kill TruTv executive Daniel (Bhavesh Patel), and then Jon himself (and deservedly so), Jon’s also offered to suck stranger’s penises in exchange for gear, discovered the joy of tucking your genitals between your legs in public and annoyed disabled basketball players, and that’s just a tiny selection of all the inspired madness that has taken place.

Now this season finale sees Jon possibly about to take part in Skydiving, or will he? Throughout the whole episode he changes his mind constantly, at first seemingly desperate to avoid doing so, and talking about how if he was to die he’d end up in a mushy mess which could not only screw his family up but also put them off eating the similarly looking oatmeal for life, with the latter the biggest concern on his mind in what’s the funniest moment of the episode. And it looks like he’s going to definitely pull out when he tries a virtual reality dive as even though he’s just writhing around on the floor he’s still horrified by the prospect of doing it. But then after he takes part in a trapeze act his confidence builds, and on the day itself he arrives at the airport ready to say goodbye to both his real and fake family.

The whole episode bar the final few minutes is a fantastic one, packed with truly hilarious moments including yet more flirting between Gear-i (John Hodgman) and Drone-i (Greta Lee), Jon insisting to the Skydiving instructor he’ll be tandem diving that “I’ll be offended if you don’t get a boner” when they dive together, Steve hiring “The Chicken Shits”, who are two men in chicken suits who follow him around making clucking sounds until he agrees to do the jump, while Jon’ farewell speech to both of his families also made me laugh hard. It really is suspenseful as throughout the whole episode I had no idea if he would actually do it, and his fear comes across as very real and genuine. Which is why I feel really let down by the ending.

Because despite everything Jon decides against the dive at the very last moment, and I have to confess to being a little disappointed that he didn’t go through with it. The final scenes were still fairly amusing, and Gear-i’s reaction to doing the jump instead had a lovely pay off, but I can’t help but feel that if he had it would have made for a better ending. Even better would have been if he had died (the character, not Jon Glaser himself, I’m not that evil) as it would have been a bleakly dark way to end the show and I’m a little surprised they didn’t go down that road, or at least pretend Jon had been severely injured and had to present the next season in a full body cast. There could even have been a plot where he got a fake Jon to do it, which would have tied in with his fake family, but alas it wasn’t to be.

Still, despite this minor complaint as a whole it was a very funny and likeable episode, it wasn’t the best of the entire season but then the level of quality has been so high that it would have had to be amazing if it were, the show’s a thing of beauty and is easily one of the best series of the last few years. If TruTv don’t renew this amazing piece of work then it’ll be an enormous shame, right now there’s a huge amount of fantastic comedy on right now in the form of This Time With Alan Partridge, Jerk, Corporate, Fleabag, At Home With Amy Sedaris, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Hot Streets, Now Apocalypse, Bob’s Burgers, You’re The Worst and Better Things, but this has made me laugh the most and I’ve no doubts in years to come it’ll be considered an absolute classic. 

Alex Finch.

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