Comedy Snippets: 07/03/2019

comedy snippets

This Time With Alan Partridge Series 1 Episode 2
For some reason this lost a third of it’s viewing figures with it’s second episode which doesn’t make any sense at all as it’s one of the best British comedies of the last decade and Partridge is an iconic comedy character who’s so funny I can’t understand why people would stop watching it. Revolving around the death of the regular host and Alan attempting to mourn his loss, all the while with an eye on replacing him, it was deliriously funny and packed with sight gags that made me burst out laughing, the level of detail in the show is truly impressive. If I was to be picky it could be suggested that after writing out the word “Cocksucker” he might not be brought back, or there’d be a forced apology at the very least, but otherwise this is close to perfection. And as an added bonus Piers Morgan hates it, and anything which upsets him is obviously a good thing too.

Frank Skinner On Demand
This iPlayer only talk show was essentially an advert for the BBC’s streaming service, but it allowed for a really laid back chat between Frank Skinner and various guests about the tv they love and it’s disappointing that it’s no longer on air, Skinner makes for a great host and gets the best out of those who joined him. Some episodes aren’t essential viewing (Martin Kemp’s choices weren’t that fascinating alas) but at it’s best it was a great insight in to some of the best television around, and it wasn’t always about current tv either. It’s no longer on the service but if you happened to go to the NotAPanelShow subreddit it’s possible you might find a great selection of episodes there, and I’d especially recommend the ones featuring Sally Phillips, Alex Horne, Lee Mack and Katherine Ryan.

Girlfriend’s Day
Bob Odenkirk made this film in 2017 for Netflix, though at 65 minutes it’s barely a proper movie. It feels like a mix of the fluffier side of The Coens in the 90s and Hal Hartley’s Amateur-era work, as a greeting card’s writer is fired and now must struggle to make a comeback. It’s certainly a fun piece, with a strong sense of style and it uses it’s urgent soundtrack effectively, whilst the characters are appealing and likeable, but ultimately it’s just too short to really love. Still, it suggests that Odenkirk’s still got it when it comes to comedy writing and I hope he creates another film soon.

Comic Relief
Because I’m seemingly a rather old man I can remember when Comic Relief used to be great, when you used to tune in as there was a sense that anything could happen, and also included special shorts from all of the best sitcoms around. So it’s a disappointment that this year’s looks pretty grim stuff, as we’re going to get Sir Lenny Henry, Paddy McGuinness, Emma Willis, Romesh Ranganathan, Rob Beckett, Alesha Dixon, Clara Amfo, Zoe Ball, Joe Sugg and David Tennant hosting it, and only three of them are actually funny (I’ll leave it up to you to guess who I might mean there) while there’s also set to be a brief appearance from Alan Partridge, Jennifer Saunders’ take on Mamma Mia, a Bodyguard spoof, comedians (and celebrities) doing University Challenge, the Four Weddings And A Funeral reunion and a performance from the cast of Only Fools And Horses The Musical, and only Partridge and Saunders interests me out of that lot. I just wish they’d boot the celebrities from the show (they do have Children In Need for that sort of thing after all) and only include comedians and it might be watchable again, which might help increase viewing figures and even more money could be raised.

Youtube Video Of The Week
This week’s clip is of Peter Cook, Stephen Fry, Josie Long and John Sessions on Whose Line Is It Anyway? back in 1989, which is fun because a) it’s bloody Peter Cook and he’s nearly always great, b) You get to see Stephen Fry in his underwear, c) John Sessions does a great impersonation of a British war film, and d) Josie Lawrence acting in a porn movie. It’s not the best of Whose Line, but it’s still enormously enjoyable.

Alex Finch.

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